How to use your iPhone 5 with Net10 Wireless

This guide will help you get your iPhone 5 up and running with Net10 Wireless. Net10 Wireless’s Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data plans is an excellent and affordable choice that could save you at least $40 dollars a month on your phone bill.

Switching to Net10 will require a little effort on your part. You’ll need to setup the Access Point Name or APN in your iPhone’s settings or else Data and MMS picture messaging won’t work.  If you are using an iPhone 5, you’ll need a nano SIM card. Net10 doesn’t sell Nano SIMs so have to cut a regular sized SIM card to fit into your iPhone

Note 5/17/2013

I wrote this guide to describe my experience. I have heard from many users that this guide has helped them get data and MMS working. Others have said they still have trouble with MMS. Try the guide, if it doesn’t work, leave a comment and I’ll try to help.


You’ll Need:

  • An unlocked and contract-free iPhone 5
  • A Net10 AT&T-compatible SIM card
  • A T-Mobile SIM card  (needed to help set up picture messaging)
  • a paper clip or SIM removal tool
  • a SIM cutter tool or sharp pair of scissors
  • a small piece of sandpaper or nail file
  • a WiFi internet connection for your iPhone

You can order a SIM cutter on Amazon or eBay.  I ordered the one in the picture below from Amazon. They range in price between $5 and $20 dollars. Using a SIM cutter is like using a stapler or a hole punch.Order one that cuts both micro SIMs and nano SIMs. If you don’t want to buy a SIM cutter,  use a pair of sharp scissors that can plastic. Print out a template nano SIM template to use as a guide to cut your SIM. I found this guide on the Web.

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