I Saved $155 A Month Using Net10 Wireless

Well, not me personally, but a  reader, droMac74, writes.

I moved all mine over from A*&T. I paid 800.00 to get them all of contract but have saved that since. My bill was 315.00 for four iPhones. Now it is 160.00. That is real savings! The only issue I had was with MMS. I had downloaded the NET10 profile and could surf the web and send pics via iMessage but no MMS. I visited this sight earlier this year but never followed the instructions. Wish I had done it earlier. It is so easy!!!

With Net10 and Bob’s information for MMS settings, you will save big!
We know have the following phones on the plan 1 x 3GS 3 x 4S’ 1 x 5

Call forwarding does not work for me either though. If you need that, check with Net10. I do not think they offer it. Other than that…$$$ Plus, I can change phones or carriers whenever I want.

All are obviously now unlocked. All were done for free except the 5. I paid a company to do a factory unlock in 24 hours as A*&T said up to 2 weeks and my daughter was a teenager so… 🙂

Hi droMac74,

Wow, first thank you for sharing your story with smartphonematters.com. That is an incredible savings! I know that readers appreciate and value the comments and stories from others that have visited the web site.  I myself don’t use call forwarding. I am going to look into that. One of the things I have tried to do with smartphonematters.com is help readers make an informed choice for prepaid cell service, and call forwarding is a feature people wouls  want to know about!



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    I need to set up my Apn

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