iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Pro ESR Glass Screen Protectors

I recently bought a new iPhone 12 Pro. I picked up some ESR Tempered-Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 12/12 Pro [3-Pack]

While the ceramic glass on the iPhone 12 Pro is supposed to be strong, I decided to use a glass screen protector anyway, just as I have for my iPhone X and all the previous iPhones before.

I didn’t have an iPhone 11 but I read reports that the screen scratched easily. From what I understand, the glass made for smartphones tries protect against both scratches and shattering, but what makes the glass more resistant to one makes it less resistant to the other.

iPhones are expensive, and no one wants to replace a shattered screen or live with scratches across the screen on a phone that cost hundreds or maybe even over $1000!

I ordered a three pack of iPhone 12 ERS Glass screen protectors from Amazon for about $15. The kit contains three glass screen protectors, 3 cleaning kits, and a plastic alignment frame. With three protectors you’ll have two spares or at least one for a “do-over” if you screw up the install.

I always put on my screen protectors when my phone is new and in the case right out of the box before I even set up the iPhone!

I don’t think I ever used ESR Screen Protectors before but so far it has been great. Install was extremely easy using the alignment frame. Maybe the easiest I ever done. And I usually hate installing and trying to align these things. I have had the ESR on the phone for a couple of days it feels great on there.

Check out my video below.