Is Straight Talk Your Best Option in 2020?

Hey Guys,
Are you currentlyusing Straight Talk prepaid wireless service or are you looking to sign up? In 2020, your options for prepaid wireless service are better than ever. I encourage all of you to take a moment t to review your needs and options. I’m saving between $240 to $360 per year after switching from Straight Talk. And, I’m also getting More features, such as Wi-Fi Calling, Mobile Hotspot, and Visual Voicemail too. Does that sound good to you? Read on.

Why I Switched From Straight Talk

I used Straight Talk for years. For a long time, they offered the most high speed data for the least amount of money. when I first started using Straight Talk the $45 plan included unlimited talk, text, and 2GB of high speed data. In 2020, the same $45 plan gets you 25GB of data. Wow!

But, I was paying $45 per month for data I didn’t use. Two things happened. One was Straight Talk kept the plan price the same but kept adding more data. Second, my needs for data dropped. Over time, I stopped traveling as much and spent more time in the office and working at home. I use Wi-Fi at home and work, so I really only need 2GB to 3GB of cellular data.

Your needs may be different. If you use a lot of data or really need unlimited data that’s fine. Just don’t pay for data you aren’t going to use. In 2020, many other prepaid carriers have unlimited data plans at comparable prices to Straight Talk’s $55 plan. More on that later.


the other area reason I switched was for features. Straight Talk doesn’t offer or has been slow to add popular features such as Mobile Hotspot, Wi-Fi calling, and Visual Voicemail . I get questions about Straight Talk and these features all the time. When I Was using Straight Talk, I made the choice to give up these features to get the most high speed data for my money(2 to 5GB at the time). In 2020, I don’t need to do that and it’s nice to have these features.

Should You Switch From Straight Talk?

that is up to you. I answer so many questions here and on YouTube about signing up for Straight Talk and help so many people with problems with Straight Talk. My articles and videos about Straight Talk are the most popular. Even though I’ve been reviewing alternatives for years.

So what do I recommend..

I currently use Mint Mobile. It costs me $15 per month for unlimited talk, text, and 3 GB of data. they have plans with up to 12 GB of data. Mint Mobile isn’t right for everyone. See my review Mint Mobile Prepaid Wireless Review June 2020

Before Mint Mobile, I used Verizon Wireless Prepaid. A little more expensive, than other plans out there. Very reliable service with the features you want. See my review Verizon Wireless Prepaid Review March 2020

My wife used Cricket Wireless for a few years. Uses the AT&T network. I’m not sure that they are as competitive as they used to be. She loved it. Many of my readers still do. See my review Cricket Wireless Summary and Thoughts

I am currently reviewing Visible. Unlimited talk, text, and unlimited data with hotspot for as low as $25 per month. My review isn’t completed yet. See Visible Prepaid Wireless Plans & Features – Unlimited Data as Low as $25 Jun 2020

Other choices…

Did you know that Straight Talk is owned by Tracfone? Tracfone also owns Total Wireless, Simple Mobile, an Net10 Wireless three other brands that might be a better choice for you. These service are very similar to Straight Talk but the plans differ. You may find that one of these brands is a better fit for you.

Check out my Total Wireless review here Total Wireless Review Summary and Conclusions

Check out my Simple Mobile Review here Simple Mobile Review – Thoughts and Conclusions

Check out my latest article about Net10 Wireless here Net10 Wireless Unlimited Talk, Text, & 1 GB Data for $20 – Feb 2019

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