Looking Up the APN Settings For Your Tracfone Wireless Bring Your Own Smartphone Account

In this video I show you show you how to look up the APN Settings for Tracfone Wireless Bring Your Own Smartphone Account APN stands for Access Point Name. Your smartphone needs the APN settings to connect to the internet using your cellular data and send and receive MMS picture messages. If your APN isn’t set correctly these feature will not work. If you lucky, sometimes your smartphone sets up the APN automatically. Otherwise you’ll need to go into your phone’s Settings App and enter them yourself. It’s not that hard to do, but the steps are different depending on what type of phone you have.

Before you can set your APN, you’ll need to know what settings to use for your account. You can look them up on the Tracfone website. You can do this using the Web browser on your smartphone, but the website but it’s hard to read on a small screen. You are much better off doing it from a computer, laptop or tablet. Let me show you how.

1. Start by visiting the tracfone web site ,https://www.tracfone.com/apn
2. Next, Enter your Tracfone phone number
3. next click Search
4. select your phone type. you can look for your specific phone or just use Android 4.0 or later
5. now click search

On the left, you’ll see a table with your APN setting. On the right is a list of steps to set up the APN for the type of phone you selected earlier.

You can try and follow those instructions or head on over to smartphonematters.com to look for one of my APN settings articles. Some readers have better luck using my guides.

What if the Web Site Doesn’t Tell Me My APN Settings?
If you entered your phone number and phone type into the website and saw this.

It means your Tracfone Wireless account is probably using the Tracfone Verizon CDMA network. In this case, your phone should be setting up the APN automatically so Tracfone doesn’t publish the APN settings. If your cellular data connection isn’t working, the problem could be the APN or something else. Leave a reply below for help. Please don’t leave them on the YouTube video.

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