Looking up Your Straight Talk Wireless APN Settings

In this article, I’m going to show you how to look up your Straight Talk Wireless APN settings online at straighttalk.com and explain some things you need to now.

Lookup Up Your APN

Follow the steps below or watch the video to see how to look up your APN.


1. In your web browser, visit straighttalk.com
2. Under the search bar in the top right corner, Click Data Settings
3. Enter Your Phone Number or SIM card number.
4. Click Operating System
5. From Select the Operating System:. Select Android (I recommend you just select Android)
6. From Select the OS Versions:, (I recommend you just select Android 4.0)
7. Click Search

Your APN Settings should be displayed on the bottom left side of the screen. As of August 2016, Straight Talk’s APN settings are as follows.

Straight Talk AT&T Compatible SIM Card


You can click on the image to enlarge.

Straight Talk T-Mobile Compatible SIM Card

You can click on the image to enlarge.

Straight Talk CDMA LTE Compatible SIM Card (Verizon)

Straight Talk does not offically provide the APN settings for their Verizon network. You can find them on smartphonematters.com here: Straight Talk APN Settings

Straight Talk APN Settings

Below are the APN settings for Straight Talk Wireless. Straight Talk AT&T Network The APN settings for Straight Talk's AT&T Network are below. Enter these values into ...


Once you know your APN settings, you’ll need to enter them into your smartphone’s Settings app.

Setting Up The APN for Your Phone

The exact steps are different depending on which phone you have and which software version you have. To learn more about setting up the APN on your phone, you can follow Straight Talk’s instructions. APN Instructions should be displayed on the bottom left side of the screen.

The instructions displayed here are for Android 4.0. To ore specific instructions for your phone, repeat the steps above for your specific phone.
1. Click Handset Manufacturer
2. From Select the Handset Manufacturer, select your Brand
3. From Handset Model, select your Model
4. Click Search

The APN Instructions should be displayed on the bottom right of straighttalk.com. Note that smartphonematters.com, has a number of articles that show you step-by-step set up the APN for a number of different phone models.

I Can’t Find the APN Settings On My Phone

Nobody really wants to have to set the APN settings on their phone. All of this should just work automatically. On many phones today, your phone figures out and sets your APN settings automatically. Unfortunately, in many cases when they do this, the APN setting page or options are hidden from you. This provents you from viewing or setting the APN settings yourself.

I Got An Error or No Results

Sometime you may uses this feature and see this error message.

Using Straight Talk’s BYOP Program with the Verizon or Sprint CDMA networks

Sometimes you’ll see the error message, The Phone Number or the last 15 digits of the SIM card you entered does not belong to our GSM Bring Your Own Phone Program. Please note there is no need to update your APN Data settings if you have a Sprint or CDMA phone.

For some reason, straighttalk.com’s HOW TO UPDATE DATA SETTINGS feature only works with phones that use Straight Talk’s Bring Your Own Phone(BYOP) program and use one of Straight Talk’s GSM Networks (AT&T and T-Mobile). According to Straight Talk, you don’t need to update the APN settings for these phones.

If you are using Straight Talk’s BYOP Program with their CDMA LTE compatible SIM card (Verizon network) you can find the APN S settings here. I currently don’t know the APN settings for Straight Talk’s Sprint network. Note, that for Straight Talk’s Verizon and Sprint networks, your phone should set up the APN automatically and if you are having problems with your cellular data, MMS picture messages, or group text messages the problem could be the APN or something else.

Using A Straight Talk Phone

Straight Talk says theHOW TO UPDATE DATA SETTINGS feature only works with phones that use Straight Talk’s Bring Your Own Phone(BYOP). Some people using Straight Talk smartphones on their GSM AT&T or T-Mobile networks report they are able to look up their APN Settings, others not.

straighttalk.com issues

While writing this arcticle, straighttalk.com’s HOW TO UPDATE DATA SETTINGS feature was not working correctly when I tried to use it from the browser on my Mac. Other readers have occasionally reported problems too. Usually Straight Talk corrects any problems with straighttalk.com within a day.


  1. Daylyn | | Reply

    Here is my situation, and as crazy as it sounds I have been using a Verizon phone with an a straight talk sim card that uses the but network – everything was working find but about a week and a half after starting this my phone got a message saying I had used up all of my data and would be lowered to 2g . So I called them …. three times, three different representatives, three different responses over the course of a two hour period. One lady I talked to totally understood what I said and was going to call me back on another number so we could make sure the apn settings were correct but never did . Maybe she took down the number wrong or something idk but I need help with these apn settings. Can anyone help?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      I assume you mean you are using a Verizon phone with Straight Talk’s AT&T network, not the “but” network. Your APN and how much data you use are not related. Text usage to 611611 to see how much data you have used. What type of phone do you have? are you also using WiFi when available? Do you listen to music or watch a lot of video on your phone?

  2. Patricia Morrisett | | Reply

    Received note 4 from friend. Former verizon customer. Runs Internet extremely slow and switches from 3G to 4G all the time. Help

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Are you using the phone on Straight Talk’s Verizon network as a BYOP phone? The APN doesn’t control whether or not you get a 3G or 4G connection.
      How slow are your data speeds? try measuring them? Using SpeedTest to Measure Your Internet Speed?

      Text usage to 611611 how much data have you used in this billing period?

  3. paula pendarvIs | | Reply

    how to find apn on Verizon cdma phone

  4. Karra Autumn Hixenbaugh | | Reply

    I have a LG G2 that I’m currently using on the straight talk BYOP CDMA Verizon service. Everything was fine until I had to reset my phone, losing my APN settings. I had a ton of trouble previously finding the correct setting, and I lost the paper I wrote them on. Please help!

      • Karra Autumn Hixenbaugh | | Reply

        I tried to text the 611611 and received an error code of 1586890-b69 saying ” Service not available, please try again later” , I also tried all the APN settings on that page just to humor myself, and all with no luck

  5. Gavin | | Reply

    I have been looking for a solution for the last couple of hours to no avail. I tried https://www.straighttalk.com/wps/portal/home/support/apn which told me my phone doesn’t need an update. I tried the iapnupdatevzw link (which is dead) and the smartphonematters version you posted (my phone downloads it but then says ‘no application on this device can open the file.’)
    My problem started when 611-611 texted me ‘you will need to have the latest iOS version to receive your updated apn settings. you will need to delete any existing profile before updating…’

    I deleted the profile and now I’m stuck with my thumb up my rear with no data!

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Are you using the Safari browser on your iPhone, Chrome, or some other browser?

    • Jillian | | Reply

      Same thing here but I entered tracfone.vzwentp in the profile and it worked

  6. Tammie Lynch | | Reply

    I have an HTC Droid DNA. Which is cdma lte. Every month after refilled auto pay I have to call straight talk in order to have data. This is very frustrating. Takes a long time. Any ideas how I can maybe do something myself to avoid this every single month? Seems I pay and it should work properly. Oh well…Thanks.

  7. Jenn | | Reply

    Need help with IOS 9.3 APN settings.

  8. Marissa | | Reply

    I’m having problems with the internet. It won’t work while my bf is on the phone talking to someone . He has an iPhone 5s and the apn settings does not require towards him regarding I purchased the phone from Walmart straight talk . Have any idea how I can fix this issue ??

  9. Kevin D | | Reply

    I have an IPhone 5 that was Verizon and my internet and mms stopped working. I tried to update my Apn with straight talk but it wouldn’t work. What can I do to make it work?

  10. Ashley | | Reply

    The website says my phone does not belong to our GSM Bring Your Own Phone Program , what does that mean ???

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      It means you are using Straight Talk’s Verizon or Sprint network or you bought your phone directly from Straight Talk, or you aren’t a Straight Talk customer.

  11. Abby Rae | | Reply

    Help. I have a Verizon phone and I got a text saying I need to update my apn but I don’t know how.

  12. Raeanne Mono | | Reply

    I believe my phone is a Verizon byop. I need my apn settings please, and thank you 🙂

  13. Beth | | Reply

    Using straight talk Verizon byop and can’t configure data vpn

  14. Rheana | | Reply

    I need help setting up my apn for my cdma verizon unlocked s6 edge. I’ve already activated it.its worming I just can’t habe internet when there’s no wifi available or my data isnr working

  15. Chris | | Reply

    I have a LG-AX260 the scoop from Alltel. So it’s on Verizon’s network. Now Verizon wouldn’t let me keep it last year so I switched it off to ST. It’s a unlocked phone so I can program the full NAM1 and NAM2 not just diagnosis but I can’t seem to get anything more tha talk and text. No MMS or data. I called them and they had me dial *22891 to update OTS PRL that did not work and they said they can’t give me the MMSC settings for it or the WAP – DATA – SPL is unlocked by default so idk I have to input the setting mysllf like I did while I’m Canada and used it there. But it’s not even a 3G device it’s a Evdo 2.5 G basically and I was wondering if u knew the settings for Data menu WAP menu and MMS menu on this.

    • Britt | | Reply

      Hey! I have a Sprint Galaxy Note 2. After fighting with Straight Talk to get the thing activated, and then another fight to get data, I have a phone again. However, I can only use data on 3g. I have to change my data settings to CDMA instead of LTE/CDMA. I know it’s a trivial problem, but if I can get 4g/LTE, I sure would like to have it! Any help would be appreciated.

        • Britt | | Reply

          No sir. I bought an activation code from straight talk to register it then spent forever on the phone with them to get it actually registered.

          • Bob Thompson | |

            I am not familar with the Note 2 specifically. You’ll need a Straight Talk Verizon compatible SIM card to get 4G LTE. I’m not sure why they had so much difficulty activating it for you. Did you use this phone with Verizon? Did it have a SIM card in it?

            You should be able to order a ST SIM card and get it activated. Did they say anything about mailing you a SIM?

          • Britt | |

            Well, it is a sprint phone. No slot for a Sim card.

          • Bob Thompson | |

            right. Sprint. Sorry. do you see an ICCID number under the cover?

          • Britt | |

            There is an fccid!

  16. Nancy Stoddard | | Reply

    I have a Droid Ultra that i love.. BYOP from Straight talk and it’s been working fine. that is until my 1 year old niece got her hands on it. Im not sure what she did or how she did it but now i have no mobile internet. I have tried looking here and seeing if i could fix it myself. but i don’t have a + sign on my APN page.. it will let me enter one field only.. any ideas?? Any help at all would be great!!!!

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      well, its hard to believed she changed the APN. Did you look in the settings to make sure she didn’t turn cellular data off, or more likely turn airplane mode on?
      maybe she turned airplane mode on and wifi on.

  17. Ashlie | | Reply

    I have an iPhone 4s CDMA Verizon running 7.0.1 can’t get data! Help

  18. Frank | | Reply

    I have a IPhone 5S I master reset my phone lost profile straight talk website does not recognize my phone number can’t find profile that’s up-to-date

  19. Mallory C. | | Reply

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It is a Verizon unlocked phone and I used the BYOP from Straight Talk to transfer my number to this phone. It took multiple tries to get it to activate properly and now that it finally has the mobile hotspot feature does not want to work. Is there anyway to change this? As I often have to use my phone as a hotspot in the area that I live.

    The APN is as follows:
    1) No way to add a new APN
    2) Verizon Internet
    TRACFONE.VZWENTP —If you tap this one the only thing it allows you to change is the name under the APN heading

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Straight talk does not offer hotspot. It’s against the terms of service. Some people are able to get it to work on their phones. Others not. Some people say straight talk will detect if you are using hotspot and shut you down.

      You might have better luck using hotspot if you were on straight talk att, is that an option for you?
      Let me know.

  20. S. Smith | | Reply

    I have iPhone 5 Phone on CDMA from Verizon. I have no APN. I keep getting text messages to update internet connections. With the CDMA all this is very confusing. What do I do?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Yes. It is very confusing. I don’t use ST’s Verizon network myself. I use the ST ATT network. Would you be willing to send me a screenshot of these text messages.
      Taking a Screenshot on the iPhone

  21. Courtney | | Reply

    Galaxy note 3 verizon straighttalk keeps on saying searching for service what do I do

  22. Audrey | | Reply

    I have a samsung galaxy s4 straight talk phone, assuming it is at&t since that’s what my voicemail goes through. I have had intermittent issues sending (not receiving) mms and my internet connection is ridiculously slow. I cannot alter my APN settings and when I try to add a new apn it will not save. I am at my wits end trying to fix this stupid thing… help…

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hmm. Do you mean not save as in it won’t save and you cant leave the edit screen or it saves but isn’t present in the list of APN?

  23. Katie Acord | | Reply

    I am running iOS 9.2.1 on my 5s and just switched my phone number to this phone from my old iPhone 5. I receive the cellular data message every time I open safari and have no cellular data. Please help me!

  24. Luke | | Reply

    I have a droid maxx even when I refill my bill I have no data. I can’t change or update VPN access. Please help.

  25. Abb | | Reply

    Hello, I too am having an issue with my daughter’s phone. She has a Samsung galaxy s3 om Verizon network with straight talk. I cannot change any APN settings because there aren’t any. When I go to settings the only thing listed under mobile networks is mobile data. APN is no where in the phone. I tried updating the information in Textra, It finally received one picture but it too 10 minutes and it still had an error message in the notifications window stating to check the apn settings. I’m addition I don’t get 4GLTE. Can you please assist me???

  26. Brittany | | Reply

    okay so my i phone 5 is on the byop program through straight talk and up until my 5 gb of lte speed internet ran out my phone worked fine. i called straight talk yesterday and the woman gave me a reference number because the department i needed wasnt in on sunday. so i called my today and the man didnt help WHAT SO EVER. lol. okay so my data is the only thing that isnt working on my phone. i tried following your steps but between vpn and reset my iphone 5 has a “regulatory” option. i reaaaally need my internet as i look at my weather often because i dont have television and i need to know if i need to call work to get a ride to and from due to snowy weather. PLEASE HELP MEEEEE D:

  27. Andrew Tyler Jr. | | Reply

    Okay, I hope one of you are out there with the phone i’m using. I have purchased the Blu Studio XL, and for some reason my APN just doesn’t work. I’ve tried everything and straight talk can barely help me. That and the fact i can barely understand them(no offense, they just either talk too fast or it sounds like they’re mumbling half the time). I have a T-Mobile service sim in it, only because they are the only towers near me to work for data. For some god forsaken reason, it just does not want to work. If someone is out there, ANYONE with this same phone that managed to get their data working on T-Mobile towers, please reach out to me. I don’t want my data to go to waste, and I want it to work.

  28. Amy | | Reply

    I have a Nokia Lumina 822 windows phone with Straighttalk, CDMA using the Verizon network. I can’t find the correct MMS APN settings. Can you help?

      • Amy | | Reply

        No, none of them worked. Any other ideas?

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          Is data working? or just not MMS?

          • Amy | |

            data works, no MMS

          • Bob Thompson | |

            did you just sign up for ST and transfer your number? Are you able to send pics, but not receive? or neither send or receive work.

          • Amy | |

            I’ve had straight talk for a while. I had a byop windows phone. the mms stopped working recently so when I contacted them, they said because of a recent update in their system/service, I needed a CDMA activation kit with a new sim to make it work. I activated that new sim card yesterday and same thing…no luck. I was guessing maybe it was the MMS APN. Had that problem a long time ago and changing it fixed the issue.

          • Amy | |

            can’t send or receive MMS. Using my same existing straight talk phone number with the new CDMA SIM

    • Bill Berry | | Reply

      It’s my understanding you use Verizon Wireless’ APN settings….which are quite simple – Either use “vzwinternet” or “internet”. That’s it! I usually use LTE/CDMA not Global Mode and though I think the speeds are being throttled to about 5 megs per second; it’s enough. However, recent developer builds to Windows 10 Mobile have resulted of late no cellular data at all and I’m attempting to find out why. I use the HTC One M8 for Windows. I saw this start happening on the 10586.36 build and upon restart regained my mobile data and then later lose it. I installed 10586.71 and again up to 10586.107 and I have no mobile data at this time.

  29. chris hendrickson | | Reply

    I had a cheap nokia lumnia phone with straight talk (at&t) service which had pretty good service, my son give me his samsung galaxy S4 and i cant hardly get 1 bar to come up now with this phone its pitiful.i still have my old phone and i turned them on in the house one in each hand and if my nokia had 2 bars my galaxy had 0.do i have something wrong? i thought the service and would be the same, “HELP”…..if any one could answer sure would appreciate it dont want to go back to my little cheap phone lol…….

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      What is the exact model of the s4?

  30. Trent | | Reply

    I am in dire need of help, please. I am so frustrated… For almost 2 weeks now I have had hardly any 4g LTE service through the Straight Talk BYOP CDMA. I’ve been w/ ST for over 4 1/2 years but it was always a GSM BYOP until 8 months ago. I’ve never had a problem but now all my Galaxy Note 3 wants to do is sit on 3g, every now & then I’ll get 4g LTE working for maybe 3 minutes if I’m lucky. It doesn’t effect my calls or texts but it does occasionally drop to 1x when on a call. Could it just be my sim card? My wife is 5 feet across the room, same CDMA network,albeit w/ iPhone, but she gets LTE. Straight Talk says the towers aren’t the problem and just to wait longer. I’ve changed from tracfone.vzwentp back to vzwinternet on my APN just to get to 3g. I’ve tried others, but to no avail. Please,can anyone help? I’m pretty good w/ technology and I’ve switched many other phones over using different apn’s before, but I’m so confused why I can’t connect or stay connected to 4g LTE. Please if anyone has any idea or similar problem, I’m all ears, and thank you in advance.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Trent,
      Your APN setting does not control whether or not you get connected to the 3G or LTE network. That said, don’t have a fix for you. For some reason your phone isn’t holding its connection to the 4G LTE network. You can try an experiment. Pick up a SIM card adapter on Amazon or eBay and see if your phone gets a 4G LTE connection in your phone. If you can find a friend with a Verizon phone and a microSIM you can try that too.

      What’s the specific model Note 3 you have. It’s possible verizon made some tweaks to the LTE network in your area and your phone isn’t fully supporting all the LTE bands they use. I assume you have your preferred network set to LTE in settings.

      • Trent | | Reply

        Thanks for the reply. I have the SM-900V. Literally the only thing that I did any different than before was I opened the Settings, and clicked on System Updates to check to see if maybe a new version than Lollipop was available for my device. I knew Marshmallow was far fetched for a phone 2+ years old…..other than that, it’s nothing I did. I thought about using a friends’ sim card in my phone to see if that did anything. It’s just crazy that my wife’s phone is still 4g LTE. Only difference is she has an iphone. Same network. So, what exactly would a sim card adapter do in this situation? I plug it into my phone?? I appreciate your input, and I’m real weary of doing a factory reset since I’ve read that most of the times, those don’t work. I do still get internet, and I can still place calls, although it drops to 1x when I do. MMS definitely goes out slower, and my phone is eHRPD pretty much all the time. I dunno.

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          I’d want to test the phone with a different Verizon Sim. If you wife has an iPhone 5 or later it uses a nano sim which is too small to fit in your phone without an adapter. If you can find someone else with a Verizon LTE phone with a micro sim you can try that for several minutes to see if it gets LTE in your phone and you can try you sim in their phone to see if it gets LTE.

          There are a couple of apps you can install that will tells us what signals your phone is seeing.

          It’s possible that switching to a new sim might help, but at this point that would just be a guess. ill look up the apps and let you know.

          • Trent | |

            So here’s what I did today….I borrowed a friend’s phone, which was a Galaxy S5. She runs on Verizon, & as stated, I’m running on Verizon towers through Straigh Talk. I put my sim card from the Note 3 in her phone, and her phone starts up and stays in 4g LTE. I take her sim card, put it in my phone, and my phone stays in 3g with the up and down arrows, which is eHRPD. So now I’m thinking what in the world could be with my phone?? Can something like the LTE bands just go out on a phone? Every now and then, like I’ve said, I will get 4g LTE…..for a minute or a couple of minutes. My calls or texts don’t get dropped, but pic messages definitely go out slower and surfing the web is definitely slower. Should I do a complete factory reset, and just download all of my apps again?? I’ve read people doing that usually doesn’t help but I’m at my wits end on this matter. I just want my 4g back!! LOL

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Hi Trent,
            It’s possible there is a problem with your phone’s hardware, the software, or both. If it were me, I’d consider doing a factory reset and installing all the software updates. You might get lucky and that fixes the problem. I’d take a little time to figure out the best way to do a full back up, this might help, http://www.tomsguide.com/us/pictures-story/633-best-android-backup-apps.html

            Sorry I don’t have better advice. Let me know if you do the reset and how it goes.

  31. Jason | | Reply

    Mine states APN type default,mms,supl

    Please help.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      What type of phone do you have? What was your APN? What do you need help with?

  32. Leon | | Reply

    Alcatel onetouch

  33. Leon | | Reply

    I’m on Verizon service for my straight talk phone. MMS not working. Can’t send of receive. I’ve even done a hard reboot. No luck.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      what type of phone do you have?

      • Leon | | Reply

        Alcatel onetouch

          • Leon | |

            I believe its the Pop3. From looking at them

          • Leon | |

            And I don’t really know if I can edit them threw the phone… I can manually put them in threw Textra. (Mmcs and mms proxy ports are an option)

  34. Donald | | Reply

    Straight talk byop Verizon CDMA apn settings changed causing me to have no Internet happens every month after new refill card has been entered.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      How do you know the Straight talk byop Verizon CDMA app settings are changing. Do you need to reenter them? Are you able to do that on your phone?
      What type of phone are you using?

  35. Courtney | | Reply

    My husband’s phone will not let him send text or picture messages from his phone. He has the Blu Studio 7.0. The Android 5.0 Lollipop. How can I get this fixed?

  36. Kelly Comfort | | Reply

    Does this info apply to Cricket as well?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      No, are you having a problem with cricket? What type of phone do you have?

  37. Jose | | Reply

    Hello, I have a dual sims Blu Studio 6.0 HD and can’t download images coming via the messaging. I’m using T-Mobil on the Sim one, Claro in Argentina for Sim 2.

    What should the APN be for the T-Mobil? Thanks!

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Straight Talk T-Mobile or TMobile?

  38. Derek | | Reply

    Hello, I have a Verizon Droid RAZR Maxx (XT912) and my data and picture messaging don’t work with Straight Talk. It tells me because I’m a CDMA customer I don’t need to update my APN settings but obviously I do. Can someone please tell me my APN settings?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Can you see the APN setting page in your phone’s settings?

  39. Michelle | | Reply

    I am on the BYOP Verizon program and have a Nokia lumia windows phone. Internet and MMS has worked fine until about a week and a half ago. Can’t access internet or receive MMS but I can send them. Called ST only to be on the phone for over half an hour turning it off and on, taking out and reinserting SIM, etc. Then they proceeded to say that my towers down and to give it 24hrs. Seriously!? Still not working and don’t want to waste my time talking to some “tech”. Especially since the last one told me after 24 hrs and it doesn’t work they’ll have to send me a new SIM and it’s gonna change my phone number. Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Michelle,
      Did you resolve this problem?

  40. Tony Cortes | | Reply

    I have a iPhone 6s Plus from Verizon and for some reason my phone works only on 3G and I tried to find my apn settings but when i go to cellular data there is no setting for apn like there normally would be. I’m not sure if it’s on their side or my side.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      You have a Verizon iPhone 6 and you are using it Straight Talk’s BYOP plan? Do you know if you are using the Straight Talk Verizon or Straight Talk AT&T network?

      The APN settings on your iPhone will be hidden on either of those two networks and the APN doesn’t control whether or not you get an LTE connection or not.

  41. Carla Phillips | | Reply

    Iphone 5c 9.0.1
    MMSC : http://mmsc.mobile.att.net
    MMS PROXY: proxy.mobile.att.net
    MMS PORT: 80
    APN TYPE: default,mms,supl

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Carla,
      Ok. Where you asking a question?

  42. Joshua whidden | | Reply

    I purchased a unlocked verizon Motorola moto x i have purchased the verizon 4g LTE Sim from straight talk and have activated it I can place calls send text and pics and reciever them but my phone has no internet what so ever I went to change my APN settings but they are all grey except one that states APN I e changed it to every answer I come across on google nothingis working g

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Joshua,
      You are not supposed to set the APN on a Straight Talk verizon phone yourself. If you try the link the Straight Talk web site in this article,the site won’t return any APN values. On most phones using Verizon, you can’t even see the APN settings.

      So what can you do? Try restarting your phone a couple times. Try removing and reinserting your SIM. Redial the activation number. Call Straight Talk and ask them if they can push the APN settings to your phone. Supposedly, the APN settings are set over the air on Verizon phones.

      And yes you’ll go crazy trying to find a fix by googling for this problem, unfortunately, I have never found a clear simple solution to this. Let me know how it goes.

    • Lynda Belltinker | | Reply

      Joshua ~

      I had the same issue with my Moto X Pure, and I lost my data. I spent a couple of frustrating hours on the phone with ST tech, but they weren’t able to resolve the problem.

      I Googled and found an answer; I DID have to change my APN and Preferred Network type to connect to ST Verizon.

      You can see if this works for you (press the + to add):

      Name (put in whatever works for you; I used ST Verizon Internet)
      Proxy: Not set
      Port: Not set
      Username: Not set
      Password: Not set
      Server: Not Set
      MMSC: http://mms.vtext.com/servlets/mms
      MMS proxy: Not set
      MMS port: Not set
      MCC: 311
      MNC: 480
      Authentication type: Not set
      APN type: default, dun, stdhipri, supl
      APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
      Bearer: LTE
      MVNO type: None
      (there are two other items which are greyed out)

      Also, my Preferred network type is set to: Global

      Hopefully this works for you!

      • Bob Thompson | | Reply

        Hi Lynda
        Thank you for sharing this.vmost Verizon phones have the APN settings menu hidden. I a sure this will help many

        • Isaac | | Reply

          I have a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime through ST Verizon. I too lost data last month. I have never gotten near my cap (5gigs) and right now it says I have used a total of 56 megs with only a week left in this billing cycle. I have the mobile data box checked to connect, but when looking at my phone’s status it says I have it set to disconnect. Checking the box again does nothing. I have read every comment here and still have no idea where to find my APN or even what APN stands for.

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Take a look at the article again. Read the text in the box labeled NOTE.

    • Les | | Reply

      samsung galaxy s4, Went threw 3 phones from smartpay.
      With the verizon service, had no data.
      Just found something that worked for me.
      Only thing I was able to change in my APN settings was the APN name
      That worked for me……
      Hoped that helps..

      • John | | Reply

        Thanks Les, tried a half dozen APN settings and yours finally worked!

  43. Walter | | Reply

    Bought a Verizon s4 for the BYOP program, my mobile data will work for 3-5 minutes after booting then it will say disconnected, even though it reads a full signal in the status bar.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Are you using the straight talk att or Verizon network?

      • Walter | | Reply

        Trying to use the Verizon network, key word trying… my phone says it’s connected to Verizon at least

    • Les | | Reply

      samsung galaxy s4, Went threw 3 phones from smartpay.
      With the verizon service, had no data.
      Just found something that worked for me.
      Only thing I was able to change in my APN settings was the APN name
      That worked for me……
      Hoped that helps..

      • Bob Thompson | | Reply

        Les thanks for sharing with Walter and Joshua

  44. Sheri | | Reply

    I just got the blu studio 5c dual sim put my original straight talk sim in slot one i had the lg access lte l31g (that is a straight talk phone) before that is there a way to change it to a byop or to get it so i can set up the correct stuff to be able to send mms

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Put the SIM back in the LG phone, and go look at what the APN settings are, then copy them into the BLU phone. On the LG, look in Settings > More > Cellular networks > Access Point Names. Tap on the highlighted APN and copy off the values or take screenshots.
      Taking a Screenshot on an Android Phone

      • Sheri | | Reply

        didnt work at all got a transmition failed notice

  45. Sheri | | Reply

    The Phone Number or the last 15 digits of the SIM card you entered does not belong to our GSM Bring Your Own Phone Program. Please note there is no need to update your APN Data settings if you have a Sprint or CDMA phone. i keep getting this after the first step

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Sheri,
      You can’t get pass that step because you are not using a BYOP phone. The article says this does not work for Straight Talk purchased phones. What type of phone do you have?

  46. Sheri | | Reply

    I can not send or receive pic messages i bought a straight talk phone and its an att network how do i get it so i can get the settings i need to send and receive mms messages?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Sheri,
      Well. What type of phone did you buy?

      • Sheri | | Reply

        I just got the blu studio 5c dual sim put it in slot one i had the lg access lte l31g before that is there a way to change it to a byop

      • Sheri | | Reply

        I just got the blu studio 5c dual sim put my original straight talk sim in slot one i had the lg access lte l31g (that is a straight talk phone) before that is there a way to change it to a byop or to get it so i can set up the correct stuff to be able to send mms

  47. Jeremy | | Reply

    My APN shows as Reseller. I have an iPhone 5 Verizon. I purchased the SIM card from straight talk and inserted it already. My phone is showing no service, however all other straight talk phones have service

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      The straight talk website is broken. Which straight talk sim are you using. ATT, Verizon, or T-Mobile?

  48. Lacey T | | Reply

    I have a Samsung galaxy s3 sprint phone running on straight talks network.
    It does not have a sims card.
    I can not send or receive pic messages..
    I also can not set my apn settings,when I go to mobile networks it gives 3 options
    1- Mobile data ( I clicked the box its on)
    2- Network mode (Gives options to choose LTE/CDMA or CDMA, If I choose the lte option I don’t have service anymore0
    3- Connections optimizer ( gives options Sprint Conections Optimizer or Unmanaged wifi networks.
    Also went and looked up the apn on the straight talk website said my apn didn’t need to be updated wouldn’t show me anthing.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Lacey,
      You cannot set the APN on a Sprint phone yourself. you’ll have to contact Straight Talk and ask them to try to update your APN “over the air”

  49. arlene | | Reply

    Hi Bob,
    Yes, my phone too is saying the same thing. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S3. I however am part of the Bring Your Own Phone thing. My phone is in fact using a SIM card. I would assume that it is trying to use Verizon seeing as how I went from Verizon to Straight Talk. I am also having trouble editing the APN settings. The most I can edit is just the APN name. Would by any chance have any insight as to how to fix this problem?

  50. Laura | | Reply

    When following these instructions my account says the phone number entered does not belong to the GSM byop program. Please note there is no need to update your apn data settings if you have a CDMA phone.

    I still can’t send mms on my LG L41C. Very frustrating.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Your phone is a CDMA phone using Straight Talk’s Verizon network. You can’t set the APN settings on these phone, they are automatically set. What on your phone isn’t working.

      • Devin | | Reply

        I’m having the same issues as Laura I think. It tells me that its not part of the program aswell, So I guess its apart of the CDMA network, however, my Data and my MMS isnt working on my phone although Data and Data Roaming are both turned on

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          Hi Devin,
          what type of phone are you using? Did you buy it from straight talk? Is it using a SIM card? Do you know which network your phone is using?

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