MetroPCS Plans and Features for September 2018

Today, I wanted to check out the latest metroPCS plans and features for September 2018. It’s been a while since I took at look at Metro so lets see what they have to offer.

About metroPCS

metroPCS is a prepaid wireless service that uses the T-Mobile 4G LTE network. If you use your phone in an area where T-Mobile has good coverage, metroPCS migh be a good choice for you. In fact, T-Mobile owns metroPCS, they bought the company several years ago to combine metro’s wireless spectrum with T-Mobile’s to improve T-Mobile’s network coverage. T-Mobile also kept the metroPCS brand alive and it is focused solely on prepaid wireless plans.

MetroPCS Features

MetroPCS offers four different prepaid wireless plans ranging in price from $30 to $60. MetroPCS says that plan price is exactly what you’ll pay each month and that all taxes and regulatory fees are included. In 2018 though several readers have told me that metroPCS was charing them taxes and fees so I am looking to hear from more metroPCS customers about this.

Unlimited Nationwide Talk and Text

All four metroPCS plans include unlimited nationwide talk and text.

Mobile Hotspot

All Metro PCS plans except the $50 plan include Mobile Hotspot. With mobile hotspot, you can share your phone’s cellular data internet connection with your laptop, tablet, or other Wi-Fi enabled devices. With the $30 and $40 plans you can use up to your plans limit of 4G LTE data with mobile hotspot. However, the $50 Unlimited data plan does not include Mobile Hotspot. Finally, the $60 Unlimited plan includes up to 10GB of data for use with mobile hotspot.

Wi-Fi Calling

All metroPCS plans have Wi-Fi calling. With Wi-Fi calling, you’ll be able to use your phone service with an active Wi-Fi connection rather than their cellular network, so you’ll have coverage even if you have a little or no cellular signal at your location. To use Wi-Fi calling your need a phone that supports the feature on the T-Mobile network.

Voicemail or Visual Voicemail

All metroPCS plans include visual voicemail on phones that support it, that’s iPhone and select Android phones. If you phone doesn’t support Visual Voicemail you’ll still have regular voicemail.

Scam ID

All metroPCS plans include ScamID. With Scam ID, MetroPCS will identify, flag or block fraudulent and scam callers.

Other Calling Features

All metroPCS plans also include Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling, and Premium Directory Assistance

Data Speeds

All metro PCS plans either include fixed or unlimited high speed 4G LTE Data. Unused data on the fixed plans expires at the end of each month. For fixed data plans, if you exceed your monthly limited of data you’ll still have internet but at significantly reduced speeds. On the unlimited plans, if you exceed 35GB of high speed data per month, metroPCS may reduce your data speeds due to prioritization. metroPCS defines reduces speeds for fixed data plans as XXXkbps but does not detail what reduced speeds for unlimited plans are.

For 4G LTE data, metroPCS does not have an enforced maximum download speed.

Data Maximizer

metroPCS provides Data Maximizer to help you conserve your high speed data when watching video online. Data Maximizer reduces the amount of data consumed to watch HD videos by reducing image resolution from HD quality to SD quality. metroPCS says that Maximizer can reduce the amount of data used by one third and that it optimizes the image quality for smartphone screens. MetroPCS doesn’t state whether you can turn this feature on or off though. On a fixed data plan, this could be considered a feature as it will help prevent you from running out of data. However on an unlimited plan, it really helps metroPCS save data, not you. That is unless you are concerned about reaching the 35GB limited per month on the unlimited plans.

Music Unlimited

All MetroPCS plans except the $30 plan include Music Umlimited. With Music unlimited you’ll get unlimited streaming from Apple Music, Spotify, and other supported music service. The data you use for streaming is not deducted from you data limits. You’ll still need to pay for your own music subscription.

MetroPCS Plans

All the feautures above are included on four plans listed below.

$30 Plan with 2GB Data

The $30 plan includes 2GB of high speed data. This plans does not include Music Unlimited. This plan does not qualify for a multi-line or family plan discount.

$40 Plan with 25B Data

The $40 plan includes 5GB of high speed data.

$50 Plan with Unlimited Data

The $50 plan includes unlimited of high speed data. This is the only metroPCS plan that does not include Mobile Hotspot.

$60 Plan with Unlimited Data

The $60 plan includes unlimited of high speed data and 10GB of data for mobile hotspot.

Multiple Line or Family Discounts

All MetroPCS plans except the $40 plan qualify for a family plan discount. When you add up to four additional lines, you’ll save either $10 per month off the additonal $40 plans, $20 per month on the $50 plans, and $30 per month on the $60 plans.

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