Moving 2 Samsung Galaxy S4 Phones from Verizon to Straight Talk

A reader, Aleisha asks,

I have 2 verizon galaxy s4 and our bill is 450 a month for only 2 phones which is crazy and we wanna switch to straight talk please help! I was told our phones came factory unlocked and we cud use any carrier and at&t is the best service where I live!

That seems very expensive. Are you running up extra charges or using some special services? Are you using over 3GB of data per person per month? You’ll need to make sure Straight Talk offers the features you need or live with the service they do.

Two lines with Straight Talk should be around $90. If your phones are under contract, you’ll need to pay off the Early Termination Fee. Your ETF should be $350 – $10 for every month completed of your contract.

You can check to see if your S4’s are eligible for use on Straight Talk’s Verizon network. You have to check on their website. The ST verizon network is only 3G. If ATT works well in your area, you might be better off with straight talk’s ATT network as your phones will get 4G or 4G LTE data.

You’ll need to purchase two Straight Talk micro SIMs and transfer your phone numbers when you sign up. You might want to trey moving one phone over to ST at a time to make sure it works well for you.

Figure out what your ETF is and let me know how much data you use a month and we can go from there.

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