My Amazon Shopping App Doesn’t Work with Cellular Data

A reader, Minnie, asks..
I have a straight talk Galaxy S4 that runs off att. I used you advice for the APN and now my phone is able to send photos. Thank you. I cannot connect to Amazon App using mobile data only Wi-Fi. Can you please help me bob?

Hi Minnie,
I am not sure what the problem is.

Start by checkin if you have background data disabled for the Amazon app.

In your settings, find Data Usage. Then find the Amazon Shopping app. Tap it, and check if Restrict Background Data is turned on. If so, turn it off.

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  1. Jeff | |

    If you have a VPN app try tunneling the app outside the VPN, i have Nord VPN and that is how i was able to get mine to work.

  2. Minnny | |

    Hello Bob, Good information but that isn’t the problem. What I found out later is that the phone itself will not keep the correct APN. It will go to the 1st original APN and unclick the Bobs APN. I restored the phone to factory settings. Even reset the APN. The old one will not delete nor can I modify the old one. When I tried to put in your APN it was working fine. When I restarted the phone the APN I put in was gone. Now I am unable to send photos. I am going to re-enter the APN (make sure I save it). This phone has been kicking me off the right APN. Now it seems to be not keeping a APN. Can you please help again Bob? Thanks again in advance 🙂

    • Bob Thompson | |

      So I was wondering if you could send me screenshots of the following.

      1. Do a Reset to default
      2. take a screen shot of the default APN
      3. edit the active default APN to view it. Take some screenshots of it
      4. Create a new APN. Enter your ST APN information. Save it. Make sure you Save it using the save option.
      5. make sure to set it as the active APN
      6. take a screen shot.
      7. test your data and mms.

      OK so now, were you able to set the Straight Talk APN as active? When does the APN change back to the default?
      Here is how to take a screenshot

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