My Straight Talk or Net10 TMobile Network Data Stopped Working!

A Reader, Diane writes

I have an Iphone 4s using a tmobile sim on Straight talk on IOS7. I updated about 3 months ago. For the last week and a half it stopped working. I do not have access to data, MMS, picture messages. i tried the guide using each apn to see which would work with no success. when I do the first two apns, and check the connection, I get redirected to with a blank screen and for the wap.tracfone apn I get redirected to and it gives a tmobile message saying “your data plan does not work on this device” and it has a link for me to upgrade my tmoble data plan.

Please help, I have been trying over and over and nothing seems to be working. I cannot download attachments, send or receive iMessages or get access to the internet (without using wifi).

Hi Diane,
Sorry to hear your data connection is not working. I don’t know what is causing the problem nor do I have a solution. I can share with you what I know and make some recommendations.

In the last week, I have heard from 4 or 5 readers all having similar problems using Net10 Wireless’ T-Mobile network-compatible SIM. Straight Talk Wireless customers are also having the problem as well
You are the second person to specifically mention trying to load a web page and getting redirected to the page.


1. Call Net10 / Straight Talk support.
Tell them your phone is working with the wap.tracfone APN profile installed from the Net10 / Straight Talk website. Tell them it is connecting to this T-mobile site so clearly your phon is on the T-Mobile network. Ask them to fix it. Ask to escalate the issue. Call Tracfone executive resolution if support isn’t helping. (Tracfone, Net10, and Straight Talk are the same company).

2. Transfer your service to a new Net10 / Straight Talk T-Mobile network-compatible SIM.
Sometimes transferring your service to a new SIM solves these types of problems. I don’t think the problem is with the SIM, I think that in the process of transfering your service to the new SIM the problem gets corrected on wireless company’s side.

3. Transfer your service to a new Net10 / Straight Talk ATT network-compatible SIM.
Currently I have only heard from readers having this problem with the T-Mobile network-compatible SIM. Moving to an AT&T network-compatible SIM should solve the problem.
Before doing this:

  • verify the AT&T network works, where you live, work or plan to use your phone.
  • Check that your phone is compatible with the AT&T network
  • Make sure your phone isn’t locked and can be used with the AT&T network

I’ll update this post, when I find more information.

Other readers, are you using the Straight Talk or Net10 Wireless T-Mobile network compatible SIM? Are you having problems connecting to the network? If so, leave a comment here and share your experience.


  1. Aaron | | Reply

    We purchased ur internet last nite
    With a 50 dollar card plan , it worked for 3 episodes of Netflix, then today , Nothing

  2. Amber | | Reply

    I have the Galaxy s5 through tmobile have already reset to net10 still cannot get on the internet 4g only E and no setting work please help

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Amber,
      If you are using Net10, Look up your APN and let me know if it is wap.tracfone, att.mvno, or tfdata.
      Looking up Your Smartphone’s Net10 Wireless APN Settings

      Also could you let me know the model number of your S5? Was this a BYOP phone? or did you buy it from Net10? If it was a BYOP phone what carrier were you using before hand.

  3. Diana Campbell | | Reply

    I had a LG smartphone for a year with Net 10 service. I eventually had to send it back n get a refund. I purchased a AT&T smartphone and kept my old sim card to use in the AT&T phone. I haven’t been able to get mobile data to work and now it givinge other problems ilike i cant send pictures through texting, network errors, etc. Should I call net 10 to have them set this phone up? Or what is your suggestion?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Diana,
      You need to set up the APN on the ATT phone, what type of phone is it? You may also need to transfer your service from the current SIM to a new Straight Talk BYOP SIM. Do you know which network your current SIM is using?

  4. stephen graber | | Reply

    I have a google phoneMotorola G version the phone work first few or WiFi and areas outside of WiFi areas. How are now when I’m outside wifi area the Internet simply does not work

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Stephen,
      I assume you mean your cellular data isn’t working? What wireless service are you using?

  5. Diane | | Reply

    Hello Bob,

    I ended up calling the next day and insisting someone fix my phone since I was not willing to wait over the weekend without a phone and after talking to three people, She got the service working. The data was not working so I called back the next day and someone fixed that. Now my picture messaging is not working. I am looking for the fix for that on this webpage since I can’t call them until later this evening. Thanks for your help!

  6. Roopy | | Reply

    I went to my local Apple store and had one of their technicians check my iphone5 just to rule out anything wrong with my phone. He said it was definitely something wrong with the carrier (net10). He put my sim in his phone and the same thing happened. I will call net10 tomorrow and see if they’ll send me a new sim. I won’t hold me breath as they have been completely useless in the past. Rest assured, the problem is not with our iPhones, but net10!

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Can you go to settings general about and tell me what your value for carrier is?

      • Roopy | | Reply

        Mine says “Carrier 15.5”

  7. Michelle | | Reply

    I have an iPhone 5 with ios 7.0.4. on Net10 wireless. I have had this phone on Net10 since May but it stopped giving me data access and picture messaging last month. I have been through everything. Before I found your site I tried Net10 online message board and online chat and was told everything should be working. I tried calling them and because I didn’t have a different phone to call from they would not even tell me or email me what the settings should be because they said they had to go through their steps and could not if I was on the phone. I started searching the internet and have tried every variation I have found. I went through your guide at least twice. Weird thing is picture texting doesn’t even work on wifi. I can’t do anything but make phone calls and send/receive text only messages outside wifi.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Michelle,
      Sorry to hear about your problem with net10. In order to try and help you, I need to know which net10 wireless network your phone is using. If you bought your iphone 5 from net10 and you are not using a sim, your phone is using the net10 Verizon network. If you bought a SIM card or byop kit,you are using either the net10 Att or net 10 TMobile compatible network. Let me know which network you are using. Also when you test data, there should be a TFW or home in the status bar. There should also be a network indicator, let me know if you see a LTE, 4G, 3G, E.


      • Michelle | | Reply

        I bought a T-Mobile branded phone and a separate sim kit. It says HOME not TFW on my status bar. 3G is what I usually would see when I am not home and connected to wifi.

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          Hi Michelle,
          There have been a number of reports about Net10 Wireless customers using the T-Mobile SIM.
          I wrote about this My Straight Talk or Net10 TMobile Network Data Stopped Working!

          I don’t know how to fix this and no one has reported a solution. Read the article for some potential solutions. I usually recommend iPhone 5 users get the Net10 ATT SIM. Your T-Mobile iPhone may be locked to T-Mobile though. Make sure your phone isn’t locked and that AT&T has decent coverage.

          I’d also ask you go into settings, general, about, and tell me what your “Carrier” is.
          Let me know

          • Michelle | |

            It has been working, this exact phone with the same service on Net10 since May, then last month it stopped. So it did work it is not new service or a newly transferred phone. If you mean “Carrier” as listed in the settings section, it says Home.

          • Bob Thompson | |

            People using the Net10 TMobile SIM for a whole year are having this problem. In Settings General About what is your carrier?

          • Michelle | |

            In General About Carrier says Carrier 15.5

  8. Ed Marque | | Reply

    Thanks Bob. I followed your advice . Hooked thru WiFi . Opened up safari other than google . Internet up in running thank you.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Ed,
      I am glad I was able to help you.

  9. Charlotte Enloe | | Reply

    I have a Samsung Galaxy 2 with Straight Talk Data plan,automatic renewal, my sim I believe is AT&T. I now have no network on my phone now either. Google has a site to go to but it just shows an error on the site.

  10. Ed. Marquez | | Reply

    Hello I’m using an iphone3GS with net10&their Sim. All had been working 4 months now. Yesterday my bill was due . Phone was disconnected over night . I paid the bill in the morning . Immediately I was able to make&recieve calls as well as out going and incoming text. BUT NO INTERNET.. Can you please help…? Thanks for your time .On the monthly 50 dollars monthly net10 plan .


  11. Renata | | Reply

    Hi Diane,
    I have the same problem with my iphone 4,Did you fix it?if so,How you did?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Renata,
      Did you call Straight Talk or Net10?

      • Renata | | Reply

        I called Net10,but I didn’t get any help.

    • Diane | | Reply

      Hello Renata,

      I did not get it fixed yet. I called the phone company and did not get much help. They basically made me go in and change the apn settings almost like the guide but it did not help. I am going to try resetting it in iTunes to see how that will work. I am trying to avoid buying a new sim since I’ve been using the same phone on the same network with the same sim for about 2 years.

      • Diane | | Reply

        As a matter of fact, using ITunes to reset did not work. I called the company again to complain and that (of course) did not work. I just ordered a new sim and if that does not work I am going to another company! I hope that everyone else is having luck with this.

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          Hi Diane,
          Sorry to hear it is still not working. You should call the tracfone executive resolution. This is clearly there problem. The regular support people work off a script. If they can’t solve you problem following the script, they usually say the problem is your phone.
          If the sim doesn’t work I’d be happy to help you pick another prepaid service.

          • Diane | |

            Hi Bob,

            I am having no luck with Straight talk! I purchased a new AT&T sim and got it today. I switched the sim onto my account and after a restart, it should work. Well, it did not work. My phone says no service, I cannot make calls. I called customer service and the rep kept me on the line as if she was trying to make my call last the remainder of her shift (which was the case) she told me she would have to transfer me to a tech support department but that was the department I called. She then placed me on hold for an extended period of time to say the other department is closed as of a few minutes ago. I am so frustrated. I now have a phone with a new sim and NO service until tomorrow (I hope) I have a feeling it might be longer. If there is a way that I can fix this, please let me know because the girl in customer service and her “manager” were clueless. Otherwise, I would love to get the suggestions you have for other affordable prepaid unlimited talk and data plans compatible with my iphone 4s. Thanks in advance!

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Log into the straight talk website. You should now have two sims listed in your account. Does there web site show your new sim as active and your phone number listed next to it?

            Try to figure out if your in an att dead spot or there was just a problem with the transfer. Try your phone in and area where you know att works.

            You can always try a reset all resettings.

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