My Straight Talk Wireless Data Connection is Slow…

A reader, Eddie V, writes..

I sadly fell victim to straight talk data suicide 2 months ago. Being a Verizon wireless customer for so long I was easily loired into the fantasy of unlimited everything (especially data) for under 50 bucks a month. Needless to say SURPRISE I have no data after a week or less of the monthly data restart date. I can’t even load a Google search suggestion and as far as playing a game or downloading anything of any size from anywhere… Its absolutely impossible. Straight talk won’t help because my data is not technically gone, its just sooooo slow that it’s useless. My Question is… How if any way can I get around this or be my own customer service rep and look into seeing if I have a virus or a missed wired device. Thanks

Hi Eddie,
While Straight Talk Wireless offers Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data Plans they will reduce your data speeds from very fast 4G data speeds to very slow 2G data speeds after you use 5GB of data in your monthly billing period. Straight Talk’s Unlimited Data is set up so that you’ll always have data during the month, but after you reach the 5GB limit your connection will only be good enough for very limited things like checking email rather than the things you might normally do like watching video or listening, streaming music, or whatever you normally do on your phone.

But in practice many people say their cellular data is completely unusable at these speeds. I don’t remember ever hitting the limit myself, but I do know how bad slow unresponsive 2G data speeds can be.

Normally your cellular data speeds should only be reduced from fast 4G speeds to slow 2G data speeds if you reach this 5GB limit during the month and should return to 4 GB after you renew your plan. The most common issues I hear about from readers are their internet speeds:

  • were reduced before they have not reached their 5GB limit
  • were reduced after reaching the 5GB limit, but never returned to 4G speeds after the next billing cycle.
  • were mysteriously reduced after a billing cycle

There are a few things you can do to better understand how much data you are using and how fast or slow your data is. To check how much data you have used during the month, text USAGE to 611611 and you’ll receive an automated reply telling you how much data you have used. To learn more see Checking Your Straight Talk Wireless Data Usage. To understand exactly how fast or slow your data speeds are you can measure your speeds using Speed Test. To learn more see Using SpeedTest to Measure Your Internet Speed

Your Straight Talk data speeds could be slow for other reasons too. You might be in an area where you are only getting a slow 2G network connection or your phone is set to use a 2G connection.

If your data is very slow there is little you can do yourself. You can contact Straight Talk Executive Resolution and ask them to look into the problem for you and they might be able to fix it. Executive Resolution is more effective at resolving problems then Straight Talk’s normal technical support. You can contact them by phone or email at

In 2020, you have a lot of choices for prepaid wireless service. You may be able to save $100s per year and get the features you want such as Wi-Fi calling, Mobile Hotspot, and Visual Voicemail. Sound good? to learn more see, Is Straight Talk Your Best Option in 2020?


  1. Sam miller | |

    It really sucks I pay a lot 4 my WiFi and its really slow I mean I refill when it’s empty I’m about 2 go with somebody else it shouldn’t be that slow

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Another carrier, or using another network towers may be a better option. What plan and phone are you using? and do you know which towers your phone is using?

  2. Mario | |

    My mobile data is really slow even in a place where I get good service and it feels like I’m using it in a place with really bad service and nothing loads

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Did your high speed data return?

  3. J | |

    My high speed data worked fine but it lasted about a week. I
    I only used a little over 3g. When I passed 3g the internet stopped working all together. I had to restart it which allowed me to use social media sites at slow speeds and text but not much more. Also I had a slight issue after the data ran out where it wouldn’t connect to Wi-Fi for a few hours as well

    • Bob Thompson | |

      The WiFi problem shouldn’t have anything to with Straight Talk. I heard one other similar report. Not clear what causes it. Are you on the $45 or $55 plan?

  4. Paul D Phillips | |

    the 5gb limit thing to slow you down is bunk. I have used well over 30gb in a month several times and still get 25mbps with no problem.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Back in 2016 when Answered this question, the $45 straight talk plan only included 5GB of data. After, that, they slowed your data to “2G data”. In 2019, the $45 plan comes with 25GB of high speed data. Also back in 2016, download speeds Straight Talk’s Verizon towers were max 5Mbps, they lifted that restriction in 2017, I made a video about it. After, that, they slowed your data to “2G data”.

  5. Patrick | |

    Oh well it seems that my data is faster during early morning hours at arround 3am to 8 or 9am. Thats cool and all but i pay money each month for that speed through out the day. I wonder why they throttle it during the day like that.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      You really need to run some speed tests to make sense of it. If possible compare the results to someone using the underlying network you are using with postpaid. You may find post paid customers in your area using the same network are getting the same results. With the speed test comparisons I’ve done, prepaid and postpaid speeds are comparable, but the overall speed varies greatly depending on how busy the network is. Depending on your phone it may be possibile to transfer your service to a different ST network if that network has better coverage.

  6. Patrick | |

    I’m having REALLY bad data speeds. I always buy the 55$ plan with supposed unlimited data… And I renewed it not long ago, with my data recently being really slow for no reason. I usually have 2 or 3 bars of connection which has never been an issue before. Also I’m connected to the right phone tower and everything. I contacted the customer support to verify it’s correct and it is. I don’t know what to do… Their customer support reps dont seem to know what they’re doing or anything. I dont know how I’ll ever get this fixed. Hopefully someone here can help.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      I usually tell people to use the Speed Test app to find out what speeds you are actually getting. Try using your phone in a different area where you are on a different tower and / or a different time (very late at night or very early AM) to see if the speeds change. Swap SIMs with a friend and see if your SIM has slow data in their phone and your phone is slow with their SIM. These options will help you better isolate the problem. If the problem doesn’t clear up, various resets on your phone may help. In the past, a number of my readers eventually transferred their service to a new SIM and for some that solved the problem. In the past, I’d occasionally get really slow data but the problem would clear up with a restart or reset of the phone. I’ve had readers that were plagued with this but I haven’t heard similar stories for a couple of years.

      their 1st level customer service reps are off shore and not equipped to solve these problems. What phone are you using an which ST towers?

      • Patrick | |

        Well Bob. Unfortunately I can’t test the data in different areas because I have went to many of them. Also i’ve been at places that give me full reception bars and even with that I still can’t even load a youtube video… I really think that they may be throttling my data. I already checked at different times and it’s still verry slow. I already got a new SIM and even the old SIM had slow data so the issue still applys. (P.S. I’m connected to the Verizon towers, and my phone is an LG Stylo 4) I hope this is enough information

  7. Linda Fussell | |

    I have 3 close towers here, don’t know who the carriers are, but my phone data is bad no matter what with Straightalk, they have me a discount of 52.25 per month if i have it drafted each month for the 55.00 unlimited everything and to my surprise they draft out 56.27 this month,,,imagine that…. they didn’t inform me of a raise in price!

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Obviously I can’t comment on what the 3 towers near you are. But you may be able to fix your data issues. First what do you mean by really bad? You can measure your data speeds using an App called Speed Test see Using SpeedTest to Measure Your Internet Speed. Next, what phone do you have? Which Straight Talk towers are you using? If you don’t know as Straight Talk via their online chat. Just say “hi, my number is XXX-XXX-XXXX, can you tell me which towers my phone uses?” It may be possible to change towers, but don’t ask them about that. Do you know if Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile works well in your area?

      As for the price increase, you didn’t say how long you were using Straight Talk for? At one point they had a three month promotion with a larger auto-refill discount. I think it was $5 and then after three moths it dropped to $1. Look carefully at your billing history in your account and you can see what changed. Look closely at the bill and you’ll see the plan cost, the discount, your state tax, and the government fees.

      I hope this helps…

  8. Kelly | |

    I payed the next month plan two days ago and everything is still so so slow

    • Bob Thompson | |

      This problem was far more common in the past, I don’t hear about it too often anymore. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do. You can turn on airplane mode on for a couple of minutes and then turn it off. You can restart your phone, or reset it. (the kind of reset that doesn’t delete your information). If you ask ST customer service, they will tell you that your speeds aren’t being reduced if your account is current. Sometimes it resolves itself after a couple of days,

  9. Thomas Hodgeman | |

    I just renewed my service after service expired a few days ago and it use to say 4g LTE and it only says LTE now and It shouldn’t be slow it’s only been a day and I’m no where near my limit. I’ve reset the phone and also took sim card out along with putting into airplane mode for a a min

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Sorry to hear this. Unfortunately I don’t have a solution. I’ve heard similar stories before, seems to happen after letting service lapse and renewing.

      If it doesn’t resolve itself in a day or so, you might want to transfer your service to a new SIM. This has resolved the problem for some in the past, kind of a pain to have to do though.

  10. Daniel Mullen | |

    I pay for 10 gigs of high speed data but I don’t get it. After using about 1 gig, my data turns so slow that I can’t view any of my class videos. So I waisted money on their phone and now I have to switch back to net10 so I can have reliable internet again. I’m not happy.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      With Net10’s current promotion you should pay $40 for 8GB of data on auto-refill. Add on data is $10 per GB so its pretty close in price. Before you switch back, you may want to call Straight Talk customer resolution and discuss the issue, you can find the number in this article.Problems with Straight Talk Wireless’ Verizon Network

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Be advised that Net10 and Straight Talk are the same company … tracfone… FYI

  11. S | |

    There are many comments about doing a speed test. However, when your data is this slow, you are unable to even get to a speed test site.
    I reset my straight talk phone to factory settings thinking I had made some kind of change.
    I am now downloading the straight talk “my account” app. It’s not even 50% complete, and it’s been 1 1/2hrs.
    1st month -10 Gb plan, Used 1.8
    2d mth- 2 GB plan, Used 1.5
    3rd mth- 2 GB plan, used all, data slowed at 1.5GB used
    Factory reset
    Paid for another 1GB of data
    No changes to settings
    4G connection available and illuminated
    Other phones/carriers have 4G speeds in the three places I’ve tried this. Clearly NOT a 2G connection on phone or area.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Trying to download an app when you data is slow like that is a painful experience. I’d suggest waiting until you can get on a wi-fi connection.

      I am not sure I am following you. Are you saying you have only experienced slow data in your 3rd month on the 2GB plan, and the data slowed down after you used 1.5GB?

      It’s supposed to slow down after 2GB but some people say it slows down sooner or sometimes there is a discrepancy between the amount of data your phone’s app says you have used and how much straight talk’s system says you have used. It’s possible they have slowed you too soon.
      If you added more data, you should be getting high speed data again. You can try contacting their support department.

      I think its confusing. The way this is supposed to work is you always have a data connection. You get the amount high speed data that comes with your plan, after that the reduce the speed to 2G speeds, they don’t switch you to a 2G connection. They reduce the speeds on their side. This way you’ll still have a connection to send and email, message, or buy more data in the app.

      The problem I have seen with this that the data is latent, meaning there is long pauses and lags making it unusable. I which they would fix it.

      And yes you are right sometimes, you cannot even run a speed test because it won’t connect. The reason I tell people to try is because over the years I’ve had people tell me their data is being slowed down and it turned out they where seeing normal fluctuations in data speeds. Suggesting running speed test helps clarify this, including the case where speed test doesn’t run at all.

  12. matt | |

    I used my high speed data and in my about phone setting it says disconnected under data network. So not only did I get ripped off I dont even get the 2g speed data that I was promised. Customer service said that its part of the 2g plan… What that its disconnected and can’t even attempt to work? Shouldn’t this b illegal

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Without knowing more details about your plan, how much data you used, or what support told you its difficult to say. Many of my readers tell me that they find the 2G unusable anyway. Not only is it slow, but it’s latent, meaning there is a lot of delay. I am not versed in consumer law so I don’t know if what your are experiencing is illegal. While I write a lot about Straight Talk here, I’d be the first to tell you if you are dissatisfied with the service, to consider switching to another carrier. As a consumer, you have the ultimately in charge as you get to vote with your business. There are many other prepaid options out.

      Take a look at or leave me a comment if you are interested in switching and I can point you to some other options.

  13. Patrick | |

    My wife used hers a lot and it slowed down. It says you get your regular speed back when you renew your plan. We bought one year cards just over a month ago. Is she going to have slow internet until the year is over or will it eventually reset?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Ok. You bought 1 year cards which are really 12 monthly plans. If you use over 10GB during one 30 day cycle, you should see reduced speeds. When you move to the next 30 day cycle your high speed data should return. Try the Straight Talk app or log in to and see if it shows you your 30 day cycles. I haven’t sured a one year plan so I don’t know. Let me know if you can.

  14. Daniel Lokebol | |

    Hello so I just refill my unlimited data and it got slow since it work perfectly fine before they had to pay for it. Can you help me why my data is slow?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Not sure. If possible try your SIM in another phone.

  15. Cody Guile | |

    I have the ultimate unlimited plan and my data still is slow

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Ok. Care to share more details. Which phone and which network are you using? Did you measure your data speeds? what were they? Was your data always slow or did it suddenly slow down? Did you use the Straight Talk My Account app to check how much data you used this month?

  16. Antonio | |

    I am also currently experiencing this issue. I have called several time and they have said that the connection is fine so it’s either my phone or the tower I am currently connected to. Help

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Did you try running speed test? what results did you get? what type of phone are you using? Are you using Straight Talk’s AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile towers?

  17. Roger | |

    I am the Verizon towers.

  18. Roger | |

    Since straight talk has came out with truly unlimited my service has gotten slower. I have filed a complaint with the BBB.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Roger,
      Have you used Speed Test to measure your speeds? How is it slower?

  19. Monique | |

    I’ve had straight talk for a couple months now. At first it was nice and fast and then slow after 5G. Now I have the 10 G instead of 5G and it seems to constantly be slow. I haven’t used it up yet and it’s always slow. Why is this?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Not sure, but I do hear this from time to time. Do you know if you are using the Straight Talk ATT or Verizon network?

  20. Julie | |

    I have the same issue my high speed has been non existent for a few months I haven’t used 8gbs my phone shows not even 2 seeing 1gb it’s only been a week since I refilled ok let it get shut off pd next day going that would solve it since they told me sometimes it’s gets forgotten when you have a reserve. Idk why I’ve stayed with them seven yrs cause my service is terrible in ask aspects. T mobile I hear offers a good deal with great service think it’s time for a change

    • Bob Thompson | |

      If you are unhappy with Straight Talk you should definately switch. Your other option is to understand why your data is slow. Which phone are you using and do you know if you are using Straight Talk’s ATT, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile towers? What plan are you on and do you rely on using refill cards?

  21. Kevin Graham | |

    I have a similar problem. I have not had fast data for a couple of months. since my phone was a little broken I figured it was that, however after replacing my phone i have not seen an improvement. I cant even send a photo in sms, Facebook has a hard time loading and so on. My data usage is under 2gb a month especially now since its so slow. It seems like since they started offering 8gb / month I am having this problem.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      I have heard this problem before. Some people have solved it by transferring their service to a new SIM card. Not sure why this works… Also, if possible, try your SIM in a friend’s phone and see if it is slow. And what type of phone are you using?

  22. Steve cole | |

    Y is my data service so slow

  23. Johnny | |

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge I bought new, when I payed the phone off, I went to a $55.00 straight talk 12 fast GB Internet is so slow i can’t even use it most of the time. It goes from 1x to 4gb.can someone help

    • Bob Thompson | |

      which model S7 edge and which Straight Talk network are you using.?

  24. isabel | |

    um i have a question.. i bought my new phone yesterday (LG feista) from walmart on the striaght talk 45 dollar plan post to be giving me more data included and 4g but im only getting 1x explain why please and how to at least get 3g to make my phone usable.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      That phone is likely using the Verizon towers. Does Verizon have service in your area? It sounds like you are not getting a LTE data connection. Did you put the SIM card in the phone? You may need to call support and ask them why you are not getting an LTE connection.

  25. Tom h | |

    I am having the same problem. I ran out of high-speed and got a mew card. The LTE icon is coming up on the top of my phone but loading videos Facebook or anything else takes forever Straight Talk says my phone is fine but it’s super slow and I can’t figure it out why?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Not sure what the issue is. Its possible your still operating at reduced speeds even after renewing your plan. Other people have told me about having the same issue. I haven’t heard from anyone in a while. If you are using and iPhone, try resetting the network settings.

      • Tom h | |

        Thanks it’s a droid and still didn’t figure it out

        • Bob Thompson | |

          I have never found a proven solution for this. Some people have solved the problem by transferring their service to a new SIM card. Not a great solution but it works for some. If the problem persists consider Verizon wireless prepaid which has great service. (since you have a droid, i am assuming you are using ST’s verizon network)

  26. Brandie Bebee | |

    How can I speed up my data connection?

  27. Sarah Davies | |

    My data says I’ve barely used 1.5 gbs but is going soo slow. I’m on the AT&T tower for straight talk. Never had the issue before. I normally do use up all 5 gbs but don’t understand why it’s doing this when it says I’ve only used less than 1.5 gbs.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      From time to time people report this same issue. Sometimes it clears itself up if you restart your phone or in a few hours. If the problem persists you can contact ST support. They will probabally just tell you your data is not throttled. Sometimes if you check your data again after moving to a different area it clears up. It might be a good idea to install the SpeedTest app and measure your data speeds just to get a sense of how slow it is.

      • Sarah Davies | |

        I’ve restarted my phone, took out sim, and turned off the data for a little and it still the same speed. I downloaded the app and it says the download speed is 0.06 and upload is 0.05.

        • Bob Thompson | |

          Your options aren’t that great at this point. You can contact Straight Talk support via online chat or phone. Tell them your data is slow, operating like its on reduced speeds, even though you haven’t used up your high speed data. They will likely tell you that they you have used up all your data and are on reduced speed or that you haven’t and aren’t on reduced speed. If you call their executive resolution support you may get better support. If you using iPhone you can try resetting your network settings, waiting for it to come back, which it may on your next monthly refill. In some extreme cases transferring your service to a new SIM or completely resetting your phone. All that is based on previous experience from my readers.

          your other option may be to switch to a different prepaid wireless service. They are many options that may be a better choice for you than Straight Talk in 2017. What type of phone do you have? is it a Straight Talk or BYOP phone? You said you are on the AT&T towers? would you like to continue using AT&T or is Verizon or T-Mobile something you’d be interested in?

          no one has commented that they have had this problem for a while, over a year I think. I can see from the stats a lot of people are still reading this article though.

  28. Bob Thompson | |

    You left a comment on The site is not owned or operated by Straight Talk Wireless. I cannot reset or fix your problem. You’ll need to contact Straight Talk customer service.

  29. Tabitha | |

    My data is not resetting when I add mins at the end of each month. It stays on the same slow speed for a few extra weeks or cuts off completely until it decides to finally work, sometimes resetting the phone works to get the data to come back in but it doesn’t do anything about resetting the data to the 5g speed it is supposed to be at the beginning of each month. Is anyone else experiencing this problem or know what to do about it?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Do you know if you are using Straight Talk’s AT&T or Verizon network?

  30. matt webb | |

    yeah B.S. for sure unlimited my ass and there is a new one out by T-Mobile and if you watch the commercial they make you believe that it truly is unlimited at high speed but when you look into it it’s the same bullshit that straight talk is I can pay an extra $10 to get an extra five gigabytes which will give you 10 GB for the month but that’s still really ain’t enough if you do a lot of surfing

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