My Straight Talk Wireless Transfer Is Still Not Working

A reader, Jerry, writes..

Well I transferred my number from one straight talk phone to the other on the ST website lastnight! Its been almost 24 hours and Both the New and the Old phones are Not working!! I’ve been on the phone with them throughout the day and those Dummies working there are Clueless morons! I have a Business using my phone and probably lost calls today, all day from potential customers! They said they are Porting my number…..but again it’s just a number transfer from one ST phone to another one! I will be quitting these idiots when this is all fixed…hopefully. Then I will have my number ported to a different co. Been with ST for over 6 years too!

Hi Jerry,
Sorry to hear about the problem with your phone.

I seem to recall that the last time I did a service transfer like this, I needed to log into my Straight Talk account and click a button to complete the transfer. When you log into your Straight Talk account what does it show as the status for your current and new phone? Does it show either as active? I’d start there.If that doesn’t help, and your service still isn’t working, I recommend escalating the issue by calling the Straight Talk executive resolutions department at 1-305-715-6500 or 1-800-876-5753. It’s available Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST.

As for leaving Straight Talk over the incident, you have every right as a customer to take you business elsewhere. Straight Talk offers low prices on cellular service. There unlimited plan offers the most high speed unlimited data for the money. (3GB for Straight Talk phones / 5GB for BYOP phones). Many readers have told me about their issues with Straight Talk support. Long wait times on hold. Service representatives that are unable to solve their problems. More recently I am hearing more people tell me they were disconnected during service calls. There is a lot of anger and frustration out there.

All that said, we vote with our wallets. We could all use ATT, Verizon,Sprint or T-Mobile. These services cost more, but the customer support experience is better. You can go into any mall and usually find a store for your company and have them fix the problem in person. These companies also offer less expensive prepaid plans, which in general, offer less data that Straight Talk, but you then have the advantage of using the support network mentioned above.

If you decide to change wireless companies, please let me know what company you choose. Or if you want to discuss that more, feel free to leave a reply below. I encourage all smartphonematters readers to make informed choices when choosing a wireless company


  1. Tyler | |

    Both Net10 and StraighTalk have arbitrary foolishness.

    Net10 lost my number and in an attempt to reclaim it (Note: My number came with me when I came to Net10 BYOP.) Changed my number repeatedly over a weekend. I was without service..and ended up loosing my business number!
    Now Straighttalk is telling me if I correct the location I am listed..again they will change my number!


    • Bob Thompson | |

      I’n not really sure I understand the last part of your comment.

      Both Straight Talk and Net10 allow you to port or transfer your number to their service. I’ve done this a number of times for myself, family members, and others.

      However, I am aware of occasions where they lose people’s number when an activation goes wrong. I know this happened to me with Net10. When this happens the customer service representatives on the phone will tell you it’s lost and you’ll need to accept a new number. I suspect that the first level CSRs don’t know how or have been told they can’t recover number. If your number hasn’t been assigned to a new customer you need to contact their Executive Resolution department and you should be able to find a rep to get your number back. I did.

      None of this is an excuse on their behalf. They shouldn’t lose your number during a port. Snd if they do, the CSRs that answer their support line should be able to help.

  2. Sam | |

    You need to do a factory reset on sprint phone before Straight Talk will work on it. My son transferred to a Sprint iPhone last night and ran into same problem, when he factory reset and turned phone back on Straight Talk load up no problems.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Thanks for sharing. Do you know if he tried a network reset first. The factory reset erases everything on the phone.

  3. Nicolas | |

    I refilled my iPhone with a 45 dollar card and it says it went thru and gave my number an experation date but when I use my phone for a call it still doesn’t work

    • Bob Thompson | |

      You should contact support.


    I’ve tried for a solid week to port my number over from verizon. Tried myself online and get error message. I’ve called customer service several days in a row and told the same info to them daily and they get the same error message . Each time they give me a ticket number and each time I call back I get the same , keep getting error messages. Straight talk must not want customers if they can’t do better than this.

  5. Chris | |

    I’ve been trying to transfer my phone over from Verizon to Straight Talk now for a week. They have no clue what they are doing. They de-activated my account with verizon about 4 days ago now, so i’ve had no phone for that time period. I’ve missed overtime option calls from work costing me over $750 at this point because of it, and every time I borrow a friends phone to call them its the same pony show. “the phone is in the process of transferring, we need just a few more hours… Oh wait now its 5 hours…. Oh you again? it will be 24 hours now, and another 24 and another” Its never ending. Every single time I call them, and give them the ticket number they gave me for all my info, they say they have nothing about me or that phone, so I have to give them the IMEI number, the sims card number, the 30 day pin number, the serial number on my phone, and the account number and pin to Verizon…. Ever…. Single…. Time…… Then I have to ask to talk to their supervisor, who is yet another barley able to speak english individual with a very generic american name like John, or Kim but we all know that isn’t their name. As of now, i’m still waiting, with a brand new $750 paper weight of a phone all to try and save a few bucks a month…. The money I missed on overtime would have paid for a lot of verizon payments. I’m very unsatisfied so far, and am worried they have lost my phone number which is attached to every account and bill in my life like everyone else. I can’t even get onto my bank page cause it wants to text me to verify, and I can’t text. Step up your game Straight Talk.

    • CURTIS GREER | |

      was you ever able to get your phone activated and ported from verizon? im having the same issues. call each day and they get an error message, then given a ticket number and told to call back in 24 hours. call back and same issue.

  6. James woods | |

    I bought a blu life xl St switched my service and says its active but I can not change my apn settings due to them being grey it won’t let me click on the option and sim not supported but St says its active plz help

    • Bob Thompson | |

      What version of android is on your phone?

      • James woods | |

        Android 4.4.4

  7. ted/udy finley | |

    My wife and I each have septerate accounts with strighttalk for 3 mo. Question walmart sold my wife a samsung :mode sch-s336c ud or gpsas336cb Can I transfer my service to a verizon samsung modelsch u 680 convoy 3 used this phone a boute 30 day before we changed like this phone best we had verizon 17 years before we changed to strighttalk price was the reason what do i need to do at the phones , They told my wife they could be changed . But no at work knew how to change that day they said ouestion can i change them what do i need to do.

  8. Kevin Hensley | |

    I already have a phone on straight talk and just bought a used Verizon Galaxy s4 and was wanting to know exactly what I need to do to transfer my # and get my new one working, but where I live I need it to work on at&t network. So what all do I need to do exactly?

  9. Brenda | |

    I recently bought straight talk service and used the byop. my phone was oringally thru ATT LG G2. model LGD800android version 5.0.2 to ATT straight talk. after 5 phone calls the phone finally works. HOWEVER, the picture messages cannot be sent or received. even after many desperate attempts to do per their instructions. see below”” I have reset, removed sim, changed messaging apps and still cannot receive a message or send PLEASE HELP

    apn: RESELLER
    MMS port 80
    MMS proxy
    MCC 310
    MNC 410
    APN type default,hipri

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Try APN type
      If that doesn’t work
      try APN type

  10. Candice | |

    So my mother-in-law just purchased a new straighttalk phone and she is giving her old one to my husband. When trying to activate it for him it says that it is connected to another account or is still active. However his mothers transfer went through fine and she is able to use hers. I know I can log on or get her to log on but she never signed up online so what do I do now

    • Bob Thompson | |

      I’d have have your mother in law set up and online account. Hopefully she will she both the new active phone and the old inactive phone and then can remove be it from her account making it available for your husband to register.

  11. Dusten | |

    I’m in almost the same boat. I have an iPhone 4 (previously Verizon with no sim port) on ST and recently purchased a used iPhone 4s (ex-Sprint, requires SIM) and called to have my number and remaining service transferred from the 4 to the 4s. It’s been 7 hours now and my old phone still works and the new one does nothing. I’ve called them a few times thinking maybe there’s an issue with switching the service to the sim but they keep telling me to “wait a few minutes to a few hours” (verbatim) but nothings happening. I tried logging onto my ST account to see if like you’ve said before, there was something I myself needed to complete and there isn’t. One last thing, one of the times I called, the CS REP said the issue is with contacting Sprint to have them process the transfer but that doesn’t make sense to me seeing as how the phone was unlocked from their network and service when I purchased the phone (I did make sure to check this before hand so I didn’t end up wasting my money on a locked DUD), but I’m not to hip and up on this phone stuff so I was wondering if you maybe had suggestions or tips or answers to explain this to my naive mind. Thanks.

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