My Straight Talk Data and MMS stopped working for my iPhone!

Well, not mine but apparently a number of readers are reporting their data just stopped working. I am looking into this with some readers.

Here are a couple of reasons you data might stop working.

1. You updated iOS on your phone and your didn’t configure your APN.  See this guide to fix the problem:  How to Setup StraightTalk Wireless Data and MMS for your iPhone running iOS 6

2. You exceeded your data cap. StraightTalk as never officially confirmed it but many believe data is capped at 1.5GB


Have you been affected? Find a fix? Leave a comment.


Update 6/27

I did a little Internet search to see if I could find out what exactly these network carrier updates were. Several blogs are saying that there was an update for the Government alert system. your phone can receive alerts in response to emergencies. I have been receiving carrier updates with my Net10 AT&T network iPhone 5 and not lost my data. I haven’t tried MMS recently, I use iMessage for the few picture messages I send.




  1. Angela | |

    I paid for 10 GB and it didn’t give it to me

    • Bob Thompson | |

      what did you get?

  2. Courtney | |

    I can’t get my data to work, I updated my phone turned on my notifications I updated my straight talk profile. I have done everything and nothing is working, what can I do?

  3. Dundee | |

    I just bought a new refill card for my Iphone yesterday, have not used ANY data whatsoever, being that the refill was so recent. It says welcome back and all that jazz, however I literally have ZERO data which makes no sense.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Try this. Resetting Network Settings on Your iPhone.
      I don’t know why you are having the problem, but you are not the only one. I hear from a number of readers that end up with no data or slow data after refills.
      Try the reset and let me know if it works.

  4. Megan | |

    I just bought an iPhone 5, it runs on Verizon straight talk and I can’t get the Internet or iMessage to work unless I’m using wi-fi at my parents house signed in. It won’t work in the car or stores.

  5. Tina kaye | |

    My data isn’t working I don’t know Wats wrong I haven’t used my enternet much at all so I’m fustrated with it

    • Bob Thompson | |

      what phone are you using? Did it ever work? are you using Straight Talk? Do you know which Straight Talk network.

  6. Thornton | |

    Mine to I lost my data now it don’t work and my iPhone is up to date it a 4 and I tryed resat my APN starting nthing so I don’t no what to do plz halp

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Are you using straight talk? Which network? Does your phone have a SIM?

  7. patricia marie witherspoon | |

    my wifi stoped working this is a strightalk phone android 4.4.1 lgc34c an i cant get my 3g fto work eathier

  8. Eddie v | |

    I sadly fell victim to straight talk data suicide 2 months ago. Being a Verizon wireless customer for so long I was easily loired into the fantasy of unlimited everything (especially data) for under 50 bucks a month. Needless to say SURPRISE I have no data after a week or less of the monthly data restart date. I can’t even load a Google search suggestion and as far as playing a game or downloading anything of any size from anywhere… Its absolutely impossible. Straight talk won’t help because my data is not technically gone, its just sooooo slow that it’s useless. My Question is… How if any way can I get around this or be my own customer service rep and look into seeing if I have a virus or a missed wired device. Thanks

  9. Lilly | |

    My picture messaging and group messaging just stopped working! I can send group texts, but can’t recieve anything. Everything had been working fine. I have an iPhone 4S running IOS 8.3. I tried looking for the APN settings, but can’t find it. Nothing comes up when I go to cellular.

    Help! 🙂

  10. Amber C Woodson | |

    I have a iPhone 3GS and already switched in my ST SIM card but still not data service. How can I fix this?

  11. Steve McCauley | |

    I have a 64 GB iPhone 4S that never worked with straight talk before. The tfdata settings never worked on it. Only the wap.tracfone settings but I could never get MMS to work so I switched to Go Phone. Recently I wanted a new phone & tried an LG G3 on Verizon. I hated both the phone & the crappy Verizon service so I decided to switch back to my iPhone & tried straight talk again (AT&T). It took forever to get my # ported but that’s another story. Anyway I worked for hours today to try to get the APN settings to work. I was getting real sick of swapping SIMs. Then I found some useful info on Apple’s forums (surprising I know). This fixed my phone perfectly. Apparently ST had to change their proxy or whatever because of the federal notifications (Amber Alerts etc).

    This is for ST on AT&T…Go to on your iPhone with wifi switched on. Punch in your SIM number. Its the 15 digit number underlined on the card the SIM came in & it’s also on the card itself. Punch in which iPhone iOS version you have (6.1.3 for me) & it will try to tell you you need to “upgrade” but it’ll also list the APN settings you need. This is what worked for me perfectly. Once you’ve swapped to the T-Mobile SIM & see the APN settings on your phone swap back to your ST SIM & wait til you see the signal bars. Then punch in these settings & reboot the phone.

    APN: tfdata
    password not used
    APN: tfdata

    80 is your port & I believe is a separate line with iOS7 up.

    As soon as my phone restarted I went to Safari & confirmed data. Then I sent pics to my son (iPhone) & my dad (Android) & both pics went out immediately. The thing I’ve found about most of the steps for SIM swapping people say you need to do are completely unnecessary. You just go to settings>general>cellular & pop the T-Mobile SIM in until you see “cellular data” appear. Click that & then swap to your ST AT&T SIM. Wait for signal bars & then type in new APN settings. Exit settings & reboot. That’s it.

  12. Erin | |

    I have an iphone 4s using straight talk and all of a sudden my internet and picture messages aren’t working! PLEASE HELP!

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Erin,
      Do you know which Straight Talk network your phone is using? att, tmobile, verizon or sprint?

      • Erin | |

        its an at&t phone.

      • Erin | |

        It is an at&t phone.

          • Erin | |

            I have IOs 6 and the guide really doesn’t help me?

          • Erin | |

            Hi data is back up and running but how can I make my picture messages work now without using the tmobile sim switch?

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Hi Erin,
            If I knew a simpler way, I would have put it in the guide. Why not just do the SIM swap? You can use any T-Mobile network SIM. It doesn’t need to be active. If you bought the Straight Talk BYOP kit when you signed up for Straight Talk, you can use the TMobile network SIM from the kit.

            Try it. Let me know how it goes.

  13. Kim | |

    I have iphone 4 and can’t send pictures or receive group messages. I can text and receive text. I have been able to send pics and do group messaging but just stopped! I didn’t do upgrade or anything!! My phone is jailbroke and running iOS 6 please help!! Thanks!

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Kim,
      If you phone is using a Straight Talk ATT or Straight Talk TMobile SIM card, you may need to re enter your APN settings. Did you jailbreak this phone and set it up yourself or did someone do it for you.

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