Net Buddy Unlimited Home & Travel Hotspot for $60 a Month

Today I wanted to tell you about Net Buddy. Net Buddy offers unlimited home and travel internet service for $60 a month. Net Buddy uses the AT&T’s 4G LTE network. I first heard about Netbuddy after I publised my video on prepaid wireless service and hotspot, See Prepaid Wireless and Portable or Personal Hotspot. Thanks to Mil and Chanse for pointing out Net Buddy.

To be clear, Net Buddy does not offer phone service, just internet. You use Net Buddy with a dedicated hotspot device, not a smartphone. I contacted Net Buddy, and they confirmed you can use the service with either a hotspot or tablet, but not a smartphone. I haven’t tried Net Buddy yet, but they advertise truly unlimited internet service for $60 a month. I’ve contacted Net Buddy to find out if that includes taxes or fees.

When I wrote Prepaid Wireless and Portable or Personal Hotspot I heard from a number of people who are currently using their smartphones and their cellular service as a hotspot to provide internet at home. Many people I heard from told me they live in rural areas with limited or no choices for broadband internet (DSL, cable, or fiber) and have found better speeds and coverage using hotspot. While using your phone’s hotspot for home broadband means you just have one bill to pay, most phone hotspot features do not offer unlimited bandwidth. Net Buddy couild be a real alternative for many as long as you live in an area that has coverage on AT&T’s 4G LTE network.

To sign up for Net Buddy, you’ll need a mobile hotspot device and a SIM card. You can buy a hotspot device directly from Net Buddy. They have models that are meant for home use or travel use. They have hotspot devices ranging in price from $70 to $330. If you are choosing a hotspot device to replace your home router, make sure the check the Wi-Fi support and number of ethernet ports available. The $70 device supports 802.11n but not the newer 802.11ac standards. I assume you can Bring Your Hotspot or Router as long as it is AT&T compatible.

For the SIM card, you can order one directly from Net Buddy or use a Tracfone, Net10, ATT Prepaid, or H20 SIM card (ATT sim) instead.

I may review Net Buddy in the future. I’d expect to see the same 4G LTE speeds I get on the AT&T network at home, which are not great. Right now, I am not sure I want to spend the money for a mobile hotspot device that I won’t ever use, as I only pay about $45 per month for FIOS service at home. I could use my cellular iPad as a hotspot I suppose but I’d prefer to use a dedicated hotspot device.

Does Net Buddy sound like a compelling home internet solution for you? Leave a reply below and share.

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  1. Stanley McCormick | | Reply

    I would like to know why my account was cancelled?


    Net Buddy canceled your automatic payments

    Hello henry mccormick,

    Net Buddy canceled your automatic payments. This means we’ll no longer automatically draw money from your account to pay the merchant. If you have any questions, you may ask Net Buddy about this cancellation.

    Here’s the information:

    Billed to:
    Visa Debit Card XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX

    Net Buddy

    Subscription XXXXXX (Order XXXXX) – Remote Activation of Your SIM Card

    About the automatic payment Net Buddy canceled:

    Amount to be paid each time:
    $65.00 USD

    Billing cycle:

    Payments start:
    MMM DD, 2019


    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Henry,
      I don’t know why your NetBuddy account was cancelled. I have no affiliating or contact with the company. Looks like they had an issue with AT&T and you may need to resubscribe. Check

      I hope you can get your service going again.

  2. Roger Ladon Fossette | | Reply

    I have tried and tried , way too many times I have tried several time to contact netbuddy to approch of problems of seed…. once I had 17mbps now i get 3- 5 with drops off and buffering…. why net muddy will not respond or a phone number to find problem…Roger Fossette

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      I’m not affiliated with NetBuddy and I don’t have any contacts in the company. I get the impression that they are a small company. As they are reselling service on the AT&T network, I doubt they have any control over the speeds you get. My guess is the network has become more congested where you live or your account is being de-prioritized based on your data usage. T-Mobile recently began offering home cellular service. You might want to take a look at that.

  3. Rick Cozart | | Reply

    we live in rural area with closest att tower about 10 miles away. grand daughter is in college and needs internet for school. we have 3 tv’s. im interested in netbuddy and would prefer buying equpment from the company. what would be my taotal start up price. We have hughs net now .

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      I think that question would be best answered by net buddy. Check out their site and I think they list the cost of their hotspots. As far as I know there are no startup fees

  4. Wilton King | | Reply

    I have Consumer Cellular on my I phones that use the AT&T network. I travel and need internet where ever I go. All the info I have read says that Netbuddy is a good supplier for unlimited internet. Problem is I have not been able to contact this company to subscribe and get a sim card. I have an unlocked router that has a sim card slot that will support 32 devices. How do you obtain a product if the company is not available to purchase the product?
    I live in a rural area of South Carolina. I have not been able to find a phone number for AT&T s Rural internet program which may not work in a travel situation.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      I’ver never tried their service, I believe they are a small company and have limited contact hours. I hope they succeed in their business, its a interesting offer and I hope it becomes a viable business for them.
      Supposedly you can buy an AT&T SIM from a number of different prepaid providers and activate that online
      Read the instructions here:

      Go Cocks!

  5. Ray green | | Reply

    It sound good I live in the country so I dont have internet just phone

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      I haven’t tried NetBuddy but I have heard from many people that live in areas where cellular is a better option for internet service.

  6. Andy Taylor | | Reply

    How do I get this

  7. Ernesto Ramos | | Reply

    Hello. I live in Puerto Rico will this work here? How can i get your services? Thanks

  8. Ken McDowell | | Reply

    I like to sign up for netbuddy find out how I go about it online and pay for it

  9. Edward Cornett | | Reply

    Yes I have tried numerous times to contact netbuddy with no response back, I know they only work Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, hours 6pm to 9pm, I’ve already bought a compatible router off eBay and have a tower next to my house but I noticed that the Sim cards they sold are sold out, do you happen to know if there still in business? The only way I saw to contact them was an email on their, you know any other way to contact them? Thanks

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      I don’t know. They were slow to respond to me back when I wrote this article. I haven’t reviewed the service as I wanted to find a router with outdoor antennas before trying it. ATT service at my home works, but the speeds aren’t fast enough for home broadband. If you need a SIM card, you can supposedly use any ATT sim you pick up in a store, such as a $1 tracfone sim. I love the idea of their business, I question the long term viability. As far as I know, email is the only way to contact them. If you do sign up, consider it an experiment, to see if it works for you and if it can truly be a long term replacement for home broadband.

    • Net Buddy | | Reply

      Hi Edward his is Netbuddy customer service.
      Buy AT&T compatible (GSM) SIM card from your favorite retailer.
      Purchase Our Remote Activation Service
      Send us The SIM number or picture of the SIM number via Email.
      We activate your SIM card with our data plan remotely.

  10. Gil | | Reply

    I watched the video and APN was greyed out. I didn’t look like the user had the option of turning APN on or off. Where you able to verify if the Netbuddy service could be used with a smartphone, without purchasing a router?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      They told me via email, no. their website has that video in the FAQ and says it can be used in an android phone. Not sure what the purpose of that video was. It showed using the ATT APN “broadband” which in what the FAQ says to use. I planned to do a review in December but the company wasn’t doing activations for 3 or 4 days at the time. Perhaps in January.

  11. Dave Diaz | | Reply

    I have a netbuddy sim that I bought from their site, The sim arrived today. It doesn’t work in a compatible AT&T Samsung phone even though they say it does. Worked on it all afternoon trying to get it to work on the Galaxy S9+.

    I have tried contacting NetBuddy for assistance a couple of times with no luck. I’m under the impression, if you buy the sim, you’re on your own. As of right now, I can’t recommend them.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Dave,
      NetBuddy told me you cannot use their service with a phone. Readers and viewers told me it does work. Have you set up the APN? I haven’t tried the service yet as I want to try in with a hotspot device. looks like the APN is “broadband”. see

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