Net10 Wireless 3GB Unlimited $40 Plan

If you are currently a Straight Talk Wireless customer using the $45 5GB Unlimited Plan and your not using all that data you might be able to save some money by switching to Net10 Wireless.

Before getting into the Net10 plan details, Let me tell you a little about Net10 Wireless. It turns out that Net10, Straight Talk, and Tracfone are all owned by the same company. Think of these three services as different brands owned but the same company. The wireless service itself on Net10 Wireless is identical to Straight Talk and Tracfone. You’d really can’t tell the difference. The differences between the two companies are the plans, pricing, and retail outlets.

Net10 Wireless is a prepaid wireless brand available at a number of retailer such as Target, Best Buy, KMart, CVS, and many other stores. Straight Talk was created as an exclusive service for Walmart which is why the service is only available in Walmart and online.

The plans and pricing are a similar but historically Straight Talk has been a little less expensive than Straight Talk. But recently Net10 has changed their plans a little bit and opened up some price points.

Net10 has a $35 500MB, $40 3GB, and $50 5GB plan. All plans have unlimited talk and text. The $50 plan is more expensive than Straight Talk, but the price drops to $45 with Auto Refill. Straight Talk’s 5GB plan is $45 and $44 on auto refill. Net10’s $35 plan only comes with 500mb of data, but the price drops to $31.50 on auto refill. Straight Talk does not have an equivalent plan.

Now the interesting plan is the $40 3GB plan which drops to $36 with auto refill. If your on Straight Talk’s $45 plan but using 3GB of data you can save some money by switching to Net10. I ran some calculations and figured out I would save $6.91 per month on the Net10 Plan and $82.88 per year by switching. That savings would pay two months of service.

I have the $2.50 auto refill discount. Straight Talk currently offer a $1 discount. In that case the savings would be $102 per year.

Of course the savings here comes from switching to a plan with less data, but why pay for data you are not using. I am sure there are many people on the $45 Straight Talk plan that are not using more than 3GB per month.

Now I know some people will say there are less expensive plans than this or you can get more data for the same or less money. That is true. If you want to use an iPhone and AT&T network both Straight Talk and Net10 are good options because MMS picture messages and group texts will work properly.

If your using the 5GB Straight Talk plan with an Android phone and want to use the AT&T network, you may want to check out H20 Wireless may be a better choice.

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