No Cellular Data Using a BYOP Samsung Galaxy S4 With Straight Talk

A reader Markus asks…

Hi, do you still monitor this page, answer questions?
If so, ever heard of this phenomenon?

I have 2 Galaxy S4, Verizon unlocked that I bought on ebay – one was my phone until it fell and the screen shattered, camera sucks but still used it.
Now I got tired of this and got another phone via ebay, again ,Verizon, unlocked – but I get that exact same message you posted about the phone number or last 15 digits of the SIM Card that I was able to transfer just like that.

But no internet connection now, no ability to add an APN and briefly had internet when I switched to LTE/CDMA but only briefly …. now I switched back to Global and am able to send and receive MMS messages (I sent some to myself and assume that works as a test) but I still do not have internet access or can use things like facebook messenger – my upper screen shows 4G signal, weak but there

any thoughts? I’m trying to figure out my android os version for you if that helps.

Thank you!
– Markus

Hi Markus,
Hard to say what the issue is. First, I’d ask if you just moved the SIM card from the old phone to the new one or did you go through the steps to transfer your service from the old phone to the new one. I haven’t transferred service from a phone using their Verizon network to another phone using their Verizon network myself but it you need to check the MEID of the new phone to make sure it is eligible and then transfer your service to it. Straight Talk may also require to to activate a new SIM card rather than just moving the old one.

I used to get a lot of questions about this and people generally had more issues back when more people were using older versions of Android and phones like the S3/S4/S5. I have a page with the Straight Talk verizon APN settings but if you are unable to enter them in your phone that isn’t going to help. See Straight Talk APN Settings

Straight Talk used to say they can “push” the APN settings to your phone, but I haven’t heard that mentioned for a while. Also supposedly, dialing *22890 was a step in activating these phones that would help set the APN.

If I were you. I’d Check the MEID of your phone to make sure its eligible. Checking If Your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S Is Compatible With Straight Talk’s Verizon Network If it’s eligible, I’d use the online chat with customer service as ask what the steps are to move service from your old phone to the new one. You’lll definately need to register the new phone is your account but they should be able to tell you if you need a new SIM.

Hope this helps

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  1. Markus | | Reply

    Hi Bob,

    thank you for your insightful response to my inquiry ….. and I’m pleased to tell you, come this morning everything was up and running up to and incl. the internet connection that was missing last night.

    – Markus

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