Not Receiving Straight Talk Voicemail Notifications on My iPhone

A reader, David, asks…

Hi Bob,
Up until last week I am no longer receiving notifications for new Voicemails. I have an Iphone5 on at&T with ST. For the past year I have always gotten the alert and the bubble next to the voicemail icon. Now the icon no longer works to dial voicemail or gives me a bubble to alert of a new voicemail. All it says when I tap it is “no voicemail”. Straight talk just tells me they do not support visual voicemail. I told them that it worked before. I insisted that they at least try to reset my voicemail and they claim they did. I am skeptical that they did because I didn’t lose my messages like they said I would after the reset. Do you have any ideas for me? Thanks and keep up the excellent work on the website. Its very helpful.

Hi David,
Change your voicemail password and see if you start getting notifications again.
If that didn’t work, I’d stick another SIM in my phone (doesn’t need to be active) then restart the phone by holding the home and lock buttons. let the phone restart and then swap your original sim back in.

I can’t say it will help, it’s what I’d try.

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