Not Receiving Straight Talk Voicemail Notifications on My iPhone

A reader, David, asks…

Hi Bob,
Up until last week I am no longer receiving notifications for new Voicemails. I have an Iphone5 on at&T with ST. For the past year I have always gotten the alert and the bubble next to the voicemail icon. Now the icon no longer works to dial voicemail or gives me a bubble to alert of a new voicemail. All it says when I tap it is “no voicemail”. Straight talk just tells me they do not support visual voicemail. I told them that it worked before. I insisted that they at least try to reset my voicemail and they claim they did. I am skeptical that they did because I didn’t lose my messages like they said I would after the reset. Do you have any ideas for me? Thanks and keep up the excellent work on the website. Its very helpful.

Hi David,
Change your voicemail password and see if you start getting notifications again.
If that didn’t work, I’d stick another SIM in my phone (doesn’t need to be active) then restart the phone by holding the home and lock buttons. let the phone restart and then swap your original sim back in.

I can’t say it will help, it’s what I’d try.


  1. Mickeynabb | | Reply

    Login to your StraighTalk account online, my account summary, in the quicklink, select “voicemail help” then click “reset voicemail password”. Then, on your phone, go into your voicemail and hold down “1”. It will ask you to setup your voicemail and choose a new password. Virtual voicemail doesn’t work with ST anymore, but you can still access voicemail, just in a different way.

  2. Randy | | Reply

    I have an iPhone 5s with Tracfone, using Verizon network. What I have discovered is that voice mail notification and visual voice mail work with data turned on but not with data turned off, regardless of wifi availability.

    When data is off, I do get a red circle on the phone icon. It shows the number of missed calls. Then if I press the phone icon, the voice mail icon tells me how many unheard voicemails I have.

  3. Dara | | Reply

    Thank you so so much. I have been w/o voicemail notification for months. No help from Straight Talk. The SIM card tricked worked 🙂

  4. Mark Farris | | Reply

    Switched to an old sim card that I had (from straight talk) turned on phone and waited to see the no service message put in the orignal sim card and it worked ! thanks everyone !

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Glad it worked. Which network are you currently using?

  5. Kristi | | Reply

    Just this week my visual voicemail stopped working on my iPhone 5. I am on the Verizon towers with straighttalk. I cannot figure out how to fix it!

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      this article isn’t about vvm. But you are not the only one who was told me vvm stopped working. Did you get messages to install a profile or APN update recently?

      • Kristi | | Reply

        Yes, and I was forced to install it back at the end of February. My phone would not work without it. But my voicemail notifications just stopped working this week. After 3 different people telling me they left messages I never received, I decided to call my voicemail…and lo and behold I had SIX messages I knew nothing about…all from March 8 on.

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          Is the problem you are not getting voicemail notifications, or no visual voicemail, or both?

          • Kristi | |

            It’s both…if I understand it correctly. I do not receive notification that I have a voicemail. It also does not show my voicemail messages on the list. I can call my voicemail manually and find my messages. But I have no way of knowing that I have messages without calling it to check.

            It was working fine. And then after the 3rd person this week told me they left a message for me I called my voicemail and checked it. I had SIX messages I knew nothing about.

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Straight Talk never promised Visual Voicemail. Customers on Straight Talk’s ATT and Mobile networks never had it. Customers on the ST Verizon network did. It could be they are phasing it out. As for the notifications, a couple things you could try. The SIM trick, i mentioned. Call into your VM and see if you have notification options in the voice menu. Make sure it’s on. You could also try setting your VM password in Settings->Phone. Don’t know if that will work.

          • Kristi | |

            Thank you for your help, Bob. I will try the SIM trick. I have tried resetting the password through settings and it takes forever and then tells me the “Voicemail is Unavailable. Unable to connect. Try again later.”

  6. Brett | | Reply

    Visual voicemail worked great for me on my Verizon Straight Talk iPhone 5 until a week ago when I was forced by Straight Talk to do a profile update to continue to use data. The SIM card trick has not returned my visual voicemail yet.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      The SIM card trick is not for Visual Voicemail. It’s for Voicemail notifications. That APN update is causing other readers problems too. You are the first person to report losing VVM in several months. Not sure what to tell you. Straight Talk never promised VVM. Only customers on the Verizon network had VVM.
      You could try a network reset and see if the helps. Resetting Network Settings on Your iPhone

      • Brett | | Reply

        I will try that when I get a chance. I am also not getting the notifications.

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          are you able to call into voicemail?

          • JD Ledford | |

            Brett – I had the same problem. I deleted the data profile, then turned off wifi, cut phone off and back on, went to safari typed in, and service was restored and visual voicemail started working again.

        • Kristi | | Reply

          Did you ever get yours working? If so, what did you do? I have the same problem.

      • Rob Long | | Reply

        I am having the same issue…I had VM Notifications prior to the end of February when forced to update data settings via

        Ever since then I get no notifications or visual voicemail..Everytime i go to VM, it says failed to fetch greeting. In addition, i can’t reset my password in settings, its says unavailable.


        • Rob Long | | Reply

          Has anyone had any luck restoring notifications or Visual Voicemail?

          • Bob Thompson | |

            when I wrote this article it was for Straight Talk AT&T customers, who don’t get VVM. Are you on the ST Verizon network? Did you try the SIM trick?

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          I was reading the comments newest first. Try dialing long press 1 to access voicemail

          • Paul S | |

            Hi, I’m on Verizon network and I’m also having trouble with notification or accessing visual voicemail. I found reason of problem but unfortunately no solution. My iPhone is jailbroken so I’m able to access my cellular data settings. Before Straight Talk force us to download new profile Visual Voicemail APN was “vzwinternet”, profile changed “tracfone.vzwentp”. When I’m turning off cellular data on my phone I start receiving notification about new voicemail. When I’m deleting profile, visual voicemail working but no cellular internet. In new profile visual voicemail field should be blank, this way we’ll receive notification about new message, we’ll have to dial to hear it, no visual voicemail I can live without it. I make numerous calls about it to straight talk, nobody understand, nobody cares.

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Hi Paul,
            Sorry to hear about your problems with VVM. I suspect that part of the problem is that Straight Talk customers on the Verizon network were getting VVM service from Verizon. And now with this APN change Straight Talk and Verizon broke this. I dont think Straight Talk ever intended for you to have VVM. Customers on the ATT and T-Mobile network never have.

            So if you are saying that not having VVM is a deal breaker, switch to Verizon prepaid. You’ll get less data for the money but VVM will work.

            Otherwise the options are to either figure out how to get VVM working again, or just notifications with regular voicemail.

            I was using YouMail with Straight Talk AT&T and it was ok. It’s a freemium service.

            Since your phone is jailbroken, maybe you could try editing your APN. Use tracfone.vzwentp as the data APN. Leave vzwinternet for the MMS APN.
            just a guess at something to try. Also, maybe go into the voicemail settings and setup your password again. Might fix the notifications problem.

          • Paul S | |

            I tried everything. I can’t change APN by myself it is locked. When I’m imputing data by myself with profile or without it (in this case I got Verizon settings) after I’m exiting settings everything returning to original carrier set. Only way to fix it would be fix it profile but I don’t have knowledge how to do it.

          • Bob Thompson | |

            You can’t fix those profile. They can only be used to update the data APN. Turns out those profiles were a security risk.

  7. Margie Carey | | Reply

    When people try to call me it tells them i have not set up my voice mail. I also have not gotten any notifications but I figure it is because no one is able to leave messages. Will this work for that issue as well?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Try long pressing 1 on your phone and setting up your voice mail. Then have someone call you and try to leave a message.


  8. Eric | | Reply

    I would like to report this trick worked… only took 1+hr of talking to straight talk before doing some research online. I have an iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S both with the latest ios 8 software with nofications not working. I had straight talk resetting and deleting my mailbox and they could not figure it out. They are dumb.

    I took a friends Tmobile sim card and place it into each phone for about a minute then put the old sims back in and now voicemail notifactions work. Based on that website my phones had the APN: RESELLER, but I am not going to mess with it anymore. voicemail indicators work and thats all I needed!

    • christy | | Reply

      did you actually set up the new card in your phone? or just put it in and take out after a minute?

      • Bob Thompson | | Reply

        Put it in and take it out. You don’t need to set it up

  9. Winter Laite | | Reply

    Thank you as well! I too got the runaround from the earnest but not exactly omniscient StraightTalk support staff.

    I tried starting the phone with no SIM, which didn’t work, then went hat in hand to my wife and borrowed her SIM. I just got to the point where my phone was “Searching …” and then turned it off, popped in my own SIM. Voicemail notifications are back!

    Again, thanks! You’re a life saver.

    (Off-topic but maybe helpful – it also took three tries to get this link for the APN update:
    This certificate expires in January, 2016.)

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Winter,
      I am glad to hear you now are getting voicemail notifications again. This little trick seems to have helped several people.

      I was wondering if you would mind doing my a favor? Visit
      and enter your phone number. Does this page say your APN is prodata or RESELLER?

      Either way, thanks, and glad your notifications are back again.


  10. George | | Reply

    I have to admit, I was surprised to see changing the SIM card work for my wife’s iPhone 4S, which came off of the ATT network.

    Spent 30 mins on the phone with Straight Talk, trying to explain the problem. A few months ago, everything worked fine. When a call comes in, there is a notification that a call was missed. When they leave a voice mail message, there is a notification that there is a voice mail message. Now, when someone calls we get the notification that there was a missed call, but no notification if they if there was a voice mail message. When you tap on the voice mail icon/button, the phone takes you back to the old ATT Visual Voice Mail Screen. They said they had to call me back on another phone to work on the problem. Waited another 20 minutes for the call back and nothing. Called them back on my phone. Spent nearly 40 minutes explaining the problem again, redoing test after test. Finally, the person said he could not help me and transferred me to someone else.

    Spent another hour talking with that person who kept reverting back to the same comment that Straight Talk does not support visual voice mail, even though I already know they didn’t, but we did get notifications of new voice mail messages. With the last 20 minutes of the woman, doing nothing but reading from some support script, I just hung up.

    With this fixing the problem, sadly it didn’t happen in time as we finally got the voice mail about a friends passing too late.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi George,
      Glad the SIM trick worked for you. My condolences on your friend’s passing.

  11. mmoore5553 | | Reply

    I just had to post a comment as this worked on iphone 5 . I just put old sim card in and then put new one in. Thank you so much for posting this. It does work. I am glad to have notifications back on my phone.

  12. margaret | | Reply

    hi. I have the same problem but don’t have an old SIM card laying around. Do I buy a cheap one from somewhere? If yes, will any SIM card work? Any advice greatly appreciated. I’ve had no voicemail notification for seven months. It stinks

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      You can try any sim that is the correct size for your phone. Borrow one from a friends phone. You can buy on eBay cheap too.

  13. Rafael | | Reply

    Thanks for the swapping SIM card tip. It worked immediately. My wife has been having this problem with her iPhone 5C for a couple of months now. Straight Talk customer service was no help. I put in an old Verizon SIM and allowed it to be recognized. Powered off the phone. Put in my Straight Talk SIM again and powered up the phone. Voice mail notifications were showing immediately. Thanks! I’m aware of ine more phone with the the same problem, I’ll use the same trick!

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      I am glad you got your VM notifications working. Thanks for taking the time to share the trick worked for you.

  14. Michael | | Reply

    I did not ask this question but have experienced the same problem with my voicemail for months. Changing the password did not work. I put in a old Att sim, did a hard reset,inserted my straight talk sim after it rest and that did the trick! Thank you!!!

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Michael,
      I am really glad to hear you got your voicemail notification back. And thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and let me know that this worked for you. It will really help out others having the same problem.


      • JohnnieD | | Reply

        Another thank you for posting this fix method! Popped in a T Mobile sim in Iphone 6 and after reboot back to Straigh talk sim and presto…voicemails!

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          Hi JonnieD,
          I am glad it worked for you. And thank you for taking the time to share that it worked. smartphonematters relies on readers sharing their results with each other!

          • John Taft | |

            Bob how is it possible that these people are getting visual voicemail?

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Hi John,
            It’s regular voice mail. Not visual voicemail. When you got to voicemail in phone app, it calls voicemail and you enter your PIN and listen. When someone leaves you a voicemail, you have a notification on phone app. Well usually two notifications, 1 for the missed call the other for the voicemail. And that was the one they weren’t getting.

            You can get something like visual voicemail with the YouMail app. I am using it and it works. I’m not a big voicemail user though. I just tried it out to help out a reader. I’m using the Straight Talk ATT network, not sure it works with the mobile or verizon networks.


          • John Taft | |

            Paul W. on YouTube confirmed that some Straight Talk Verizon users have Visual Voicemail. In the video he has Verizon as the Carrier in the status bar and even gets VVM like a regular Verizon iPhone consumer.

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Hi john,
            Yes that is true. Some st customers using Verizon do have visual voicemail. A couple people told me it initially worked for them and stopped working. I don’t think ST ever states they support visual voicemail.

            This article was about refugilar voicemail though. Are you on ST Verizon?

          • John Taft | |

            No I am not no ST Verizon. I was considering switching because I have an unlocked iPhone 5S. I currently have ST AT&T but I get coverage with both. I jist want to give up my AT&T LTE speeds just for coverage and a 5 Mbps download cap.

          • John Taft | |

            EDIT: I meant I just don’t want to give up my AT&T LTE speeds for better coverage and a 5 Mbps download speed cap

          • Dave H | |

            Great discussion here. I have a theory and would like some feedback. I don’t know much about the technical side of mobile services so I may be wrong. From all that I’ve read in forums on the Internet, I wonder if visual voicemail on the ST network is most likely to work on an iPhone purchased directly from Verizon because it is (I suppose?) a locked CDMA phone designed specifically for Verizon. For example, I have an iPhone 5s from Verizon. I switched to ST, and I made the switch by talking on the phone with a ST agent, after buying the activation kit at the local WM store. Visual voicemail works. Also, my phone still shows Verizon as the carrier in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. But, my mom has an iPhone 4s that was on ATT. When she switched to ST, she lost visual voicemail. It was a phone used only on ATT, but now the carrier is listed as TFW (TracFone Wireless). Does anyone think that the origin of the phone makes a difference? Or does it make a difference if a ST agent assists with the activation? Mainly just curious. Either way, I am loving the savings of about $60 per month.

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Its not the phone, it’s the network. iPhone users using straight talk’s Verizon network seem to get visual voicemail. iPhone users using Straight Talk’s ATT network don’t get voicemail. You could use a Verizon iPhone 5 or later on Straight Talk’s ATT network, it will work, but you won’t get visual voicemail.

            Hope this helps

        • Worked for me too | | Reply

          This worked for me too. Super quick fix.

    • John Taft | | Reply

      Hi, may I ask you for your current APN settings on your iPhone and what version of iOS you are running?

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