Ordering a Free Verizon Wireless Prepaid SIM

Several people have recently asked me how to you sign up online for Verizon Wireless prepaid and order a Bring Your Own Deivce (BYOD) SIM card. Signing up on line isn’t as easy as it and in my video below I show you how.

Start by visiting Verizon Wireless Prepaid online. click here

  1. Click Bring Your Own Device
  2. Choose either I have Verizon or I am not with Verizon
  3. I’ll choose I am not with Verizon
  4. Enter your Device ID (IMEI or MEID from setting or dial *06#)
  5. Click Countine
  6. If your phone is compatible, you’ll see Congratulations! Your device works on the Verizon Wireless network.
  7. Choose between I have a SIM card or I need a SIM card
  8. If you have a SIM card, enter the number printed on the SIM and click Continue
  9. Click I need a SIM card
  10. click Add SIM to cart
  11. click Continue to cart

Now if you look in the cart, you’ll see that they have added a free SIM to your cart. However you are not able to order the free SIM by itself. You’ll need to also choose which prepaid plan you want to sign up for and pay for your first month of service. Verizon has also automatically added the $40 Smartphone Plan to your cart. If you don’t want the $40 plan, click Edit and choose the plan you want.

< !-- Note that the plan descriptions will not show the extra data included in the double data promotion. -->


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