Problem Receiving Picture Messages on My Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Prime Core

A reader, Rosemarie, writes…

I just bought a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime from straight talk at Walmart and had my number transferred from my other straight talk phone. I couldn’t receive messages at first and then after calling the company it finally worked. Now I can only receive pictures from some people but not from others. I don’t understand why, but I want to be able to receive all pictures. Can you help me figure this please??? I called the company twice and they reset my entire phone but still nothing. The phone came with a sim card already installed.

Hi Rosemarie,
Hmm. I am not sure what the issue is. I’d have to ask a few more questions. When you say you are not receiving pictures from some people, do you mean you don’t get any message? or do you mean the picture doesn’t come through?

Also, do you notice anything in common about who you are not receiving pictures from? For example, people using iPhones, or people using a particular wireless company? Can these people receive pictures from you?

Also I’d like to know what network this phone is using. Do you know if it’s Straight Talk’s ATT , Verizon, TMobile or sprint network? Did you need to install the SIM in the phone? Do you still have the plastic card the SIM came attached to?

Let me know.

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