Problems After Moving Straight Talk SIM To New iPhone

Dana asks

I’ve swapped my straight talk att sim card to different iphones without issue for years but now swapping sim from iphone 6s to unlocked iphone 8 plus is causing numerous issues. First my old phone with no sim card is still receiving notifications while my 8 plus does not. I also have been unable to set up email on my new phone.My new Iphone 8 plus receives calls and texts but so does the 6s with no sim card. I contacted straight talk several times and they say i must get a new sim and that my sim is attached to my old 6s. but that has never been the case before. I went to talk to someone in person at walmart and they had no idea. Also my apple air pods work through my old 6s with no sim installed and hardly work in my 8 plus. is this something new with straight talk requiring a new sim when upgrading iphones with same size sim and same carrier

While moving your Straight Talk SIM from your current phone to a new phone works, I really only recommend it if you are switching back and forth between phones or temporarily switching phones. Swapping SIMs is less of an issue when you are using Straight Talk’s AT&T or T-Mobile SIMs but can cause more problems if you are using the Verizon SIM and phones purchased from Straight Talk.

Sometimes newer SIM cards are required to get the best support and latest features from the towers you are using. Phones using the Verizon towers have their SIM card and the phone’s serial number directly registered to the network. Given the amount of problems that users have reported to me with Straight Talk’s verizon towers, I recommend switching your service to an new SIM.

If I were you, I’d properly transfer your service to a new SIM card. If you bought the phone from Straight Talk, use the SIM card that came with the phone. If not, order a new SIM from Straight Talk for $1. If you don’t have one, create an account on for your number. When ready, visit and choose the option to activate a phone. Follow the steps. At some point, you’ll be asked if you want to keep your number. Choose that option, when you enter your number Straight Talk will recognize you are their customer and transfer your number and service balance from your current phone and sim to the new phone and sim.

All that said, the issues you are describing may not be a problem caused by moving your SIM.

IOS offers a setting that allows you to receive calls on your other Apple devices. If your old iPhone is logged into your Apple ID and connected to Wi-Fi. It may still receive calls. On the iPhone 8 go to Settings > Cellular and Calls on other Devices and see if that option is turned on. You can turn it off.

For messages, iMessage messages (blue bubbles, from other iPhone users) will automatically go to all your Apple devices. SMS text messages will also go to other devices if enabled. Go to Settings > Messages > Text Message Forwarding and disable if you want.

I am not sure specifcally what type of notifications youare receiving on your old iPhone and not the new iPhone so it’s hard to comment on that. Check the notifcations settings on the new iPhone to see if the notifcations you want are enablled. If your old iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi it will continue to receive notifications.

I don’t know what the issue you are having with your AirPods but I don’t see how your Straight Talk SIM would be related.
I’d start by trying this

If reliably pairing is the issue, I’d try turning off the iPhone 6, restarting the iPhonee 8 and see if they connect more reliably, and then turning the iPhone 6 back on.

Good Luck