Problems With Your iPhone’s APN for Data and MMS on Straight Talk’s Verizon Network

Many people ask me me how to set their iPhone’s APN for Data and MMS for Straight Talk’s Verizon network. The problem is you can’t. All Verizon phones hide the APN settings page. Supposedly, your APN settings for the verizon network are configured “over the air” (OTA) when you activate your phone.

One thing you can try is to open this link in the browser on your iPhone Follow the steps to install the APN profile.

UPDATE: Looks like this link doesn’t work anymore. I don’t know if Straight Talk removed the profile from their website, or they are just having a problem. I added the profile here. I don’t know if it still works because I don’t use the straight talk Verizon network. If you try it, leave a reply below and share your results.

So if your cellular data isn’t working or you can’t send or receive MMS there isn’t much you can do yourself. You can try resetting your phone, see Resetting Network Settings on Your iPhone. If that doesn’t work, your best option is to call Straight Talk support. Ask them if they can update your APN settings. Ask them to check your MPN account settings. They will probably tell you they will look into it and give it a day for your phone to work again. And.. well.. maybe they will do something, or not. Its very important to ask them for a support ticket number because you want to call back to follow up.

I encourage you to leave a comment below and share your progress. Many readers ask for help with this. Since I don’t use Straight Talk’s Verizon network myself, I have never had this problem myself. Any information you share will help others with the same problem.

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