Randomly Losing Straight Talk Verizon Network Data Connection on My iPhone

A reader, Samantha, asks…


I have an iPhone 5 with the iOS 9.02. Recently, my phone will randomly loose it’s data connection and I cannot use my internet unless I have wifi. I can send and receive texts and phone calls, but cannot send or receive iMessages or use my internet.

I have called the customer support center multiple times, including yesterday morning. They keep saying they just need to update my account and then it works for a few days, sometimes a week or two, and then doesn it again.

I don’t know how to to fix it, and I use a Verizon phone through the bring your own phone with straight talk.

I hear from a number of Straight Talk Verizon network customers having similar problems. Unfortunately, I don’t have a great solution for you.

A lot of readers ask for help with this problem, thinking that the issue is the phone’s APN settings. In truth, we really don’t know what causes this problem. One reader I was working with told me that Straight Talk’s Executive Resolution department, kind of an advanced support group, told him the issue was something called the MPN. That the MPN keeps getting reset back to Verizon, and the need to fix it, and then it happens again.

My advice, call support, ask for a case number, ask to speak to Executive Resolution, because this happened multiple times. If they can’t fix it, consider your other options.

If the ATT or TMobile network work well in your area, switch your service to one of those networks. Your iPhone 5 will work on those networks, it will get 3G data, and but that data would be about as fast as the Verizon LTE you are getting.

If the ATT and TMobile network don’t work well in your area, I’d consider switching to a different wireless carrier that uses the Verizon network. Some options are Red Pocket, Page Plus, Total Wireless, and Verizon’s own Prepaid service. Straight Talk’s main advantage is that it offers 5GB of High Speed Data for $45 a month. Last I checked, that is the most that any of the prepaid companies offer. But if your service is unreliable, you might be better off paying for reliability over quantity.

One reader, Eric, tried numerous times to get this resolved, but the problem kept recurring. On my suggestion, Ericswitched to Verizon prepaid and hasn’t had a single problem since. He has a 2GB data plan for $48 a month using auto refill. He seemed to be happy with the trade off.

I don’t use Straight Talk’s Verizon network. The Straight Talk ATT network is the best option for me. If I were you and was repeatedly losing my data connection, I’d try to get Straight Talk to fix in and move on if they couldn’t.


  1. Brad | |

    I have random drops of Verizon LTE signal on Straight Talk and was looking for a solution. What seems to work for me, and I’m not smart enough to know why, is switching the data off for a few seconds and then switching back on. Inconvenient, but not enough that I’ll switch service.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      I think it forces the phone to hunt for a tower when you do that. Speeds up the reconnect. I do that too sometimes.

  2. Bubba | |

    I got a text message saying to have the latest ISO version to update my APN settings. It said I had to delete any existing profile before updating to the latest IOS 1. So I deleted my profile and now I have no internet connection and I cannot update my phone because no updates are popping up.

    • Sandra Rice | |

      I have had Straight Talk for 3 months… 3 times now I have had this problem with my iphone 5s from Verizon. If you chat or call support and get the right person; all they have to do is delete your profile. It takes 2 minutes to do… but you have to get the right tech –they only work 9am-4pm est. I have to try again tomorrow because I tried a little too late in the day and the rep couldn’t do a thing.

      • Bob Thompson | |

        That seems to be the case for some people. thanks for sharing. I use the ST AT&T network myself so I don’t have this problem. if I did, I’d probably switch to Verizon prepaid.
        Signing Up For Verizon Prepaid Wireless

  3. Tiffany | |

    Okay, I’ll call them. Incidentally, I previously had an Android on ST using Verizon towers and had no problems until the phone kicked the bucket. It said Verizon on the screen as you mention in the other article. This one says TFW and has yet to use mobile data. At all. And as I mentioned, loses the network completely at times.
    Thank you for your help with this. I’m especially happy to know I’m not alone with this wacky problem!

  4. Tiffany | |

    This is a true story and a real problem. This has been going on with me for many weeks and happens at very inconvenient times causing me to be without any service at all for hours each time.
    I have spoken to straight talk at least a dozen times to zero avail. There is some obscure software incompatibility that they have yet to admit. There is definitely a correlation between MMS and this event. If I even attempt to send a pic, the phone forgets the network or vice versa. Today it even did it while connected to wifi!
    Sadly, I believe you are correct that the only real resolution is to abandon the iphone/ST combination.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Which iPhone model do you have? Does the att network have coverage in your area?

    • Kelsey French | |

      My problem only happens when i connect to wifi. once i try to go back to cellular data and cant connect and i have to call ST to have them reset the network connection. i have been leaving my wifi off and dont have any problems unless i try to use the wifi again.

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