Reader Help with Straight Talk Data and MMS on a Verizon iPhone 5

A Reader, Patrick asks,

I have an iphone 5 purchased from walmart that I’m currently using with straight talk. It’s a CDMA and works off of the Verizon towers. I’m running IOS 7.1.1. I haven’t been receiving notifications when someone leaves a voicemail since I got the phone. Straight talk had me to reset my phone completely. After doing that, not only do I still not receive notification of voicemail, my data and mms are not working. I have talked to multiple people at straight talk and apple. No one seems to be able to fix the data. I have researched and tried multiple techniques and still can’t seem to fix the issue. I’ve tried several different sim swap methods that I saw for older IOS but I can’t find any info for IOS 7.1.1. I’m 19 days outside my warranty with apple. Please help

Hi Patrick,

Sorry to hear your data and MMS are not working. With iPhones using the Verizon network, you don’t set the APN settings in the Cellular Data Network page yourself. The settings are supposed to be pushed to your phone over the air when you activate your phone.

You mentioned that Straight Talk support suggested you reset your phone completely. I am not sure what they had you do. I don’t know if this will work, it is what I’d try.

Tap Settings->General->Reset->Reset Network Settings. Test your data and MMS. If it doesn’t work,  follow the activation instructions from the Straight Talk web site.

Follow the  steps under 5. How do I activate my iPhone?

I’d try dialing  *22890 and if that did not work, try all the steps listed there.

Let me know how it goes.




  1. David | | Reply

    Hi Bob, Up until last week I am no longer receiving notifications for new Voicemails. I have an Iphone5 on at&T with ST. For the past year I have always gotten the alert and the bubble next to the voicemail icon. Now the icon no longer works to dial voicemail or gives me a bubble to alert of a new voicemail. All it says when I tap it is “no voicemail”. Straight talk just tells me they do not support visual voicemail. I told them that it worked before. I insisted that they at least try to reset my voicemail and they claim they did. I am skeptical that they did because I didn’t lose my messages like they said I would after the reset. Do you have any ideas for me? Thanks and keep up the excellent work on the website. Its very helpful.

      • David | | Reply

        Bob, I did try to reset the network settings, it did not help. Still no change.. Any other thoughts?

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          This is what I’d try.
          Change your voicemail password and see if you start getting notifications again.
          If that didn’t work, I’d stick another SIM in my phone (doesn’t need to be active) then restart the phone by holding the home and lock buttons. let the phone restart and then swap your original sim back in.

          I can’t say it will help, it’s what I’d try.

  2. Jackie | | Reply

    I have went through all that as well. Same issue and so far the APN that they reset has not worked either. The tech said it may take 24 hours, however the last time this happened (after iPhone updated to IOS 7.1.1) Walmart associate called straight talk and had it fixed in about 20 minutes and he said he didn’t change anything, that straight talk had to send program to phone . Not liking this at all !!!

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Jackie,
      Unfortunately, I don’t know another way to force the update. My suggestion. Find that same Walmart associate, or try the online chat with straight talk, and see if you can get a rep that can knows more about the issue.

  3. Patrick | | Reply

    They had me reset my network settings multiple times. Nothing changes. The error message says “Could not activate cellular data network.” I work out of town. I spoke with them again a few minutes ago and they said I need to call back from the same zip code that I activated the phone in originally. Maybe that will work, but I have my doubts.

    Two days ago, they fixed the data problem and then they transferred me to apple support to try to fix the voicemail issue. Apple had me reset again and now neither of them have been able to fix the data. I called from the exact same chair in my office today and ST told me I need to be within the same zip code.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Patrick,
      When you say you called do you mean dialed the activation number?

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