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  1. Stephanie | | Reply

    Hello I have net10 services and would like to switch it to a factory unlocked Verizon iPhone 6 and have read that I could take my current sim card and put it in and it work but it requires a nano sim and my current sim is a micro! What do I do?

      • Stephanie | | Reply

        Ok thanks! One last question but I have 3 other sim cards in the pack where my sim was and 1 of them is the other at&t sim card and the other 2 are T-Mobile would either of those possibly work instead of having to pay for a another sim package?

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          If the other ATT in the pack is a nano SIM you can use it.

  2. Doug | | Reply

    I just bought a nexus 6 today. It should be here soon. Do you think my straight talk sim card that I use in my moto x 2014 will also work in my nexus 6?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      ST ATT or T-Mobile networ yes.. ST Verizon, possibly. But you should transfer your service because you’d need to register the phone.

      • Doug | | Reply

        my moto x 2014 isnt registered now, only the serial number on the sim card is on my account. This is why I thought I could just swap out the sim card.

        • Doug | | Reply

          Worked. Swapped out the sim card from the Moto x 2014 and put it in the Nexus 6 and it worked great. MMS works, text, data and voice.

  3. DC | | Reply

    Okay so I got a blu energy x2 phone and I had a straight talk sim card taken out of a droid razor x. Well after inserting the sim card in slot one I started up my phone. When my phone came on it shows in the service area no service circle with a slash and the #1 and then in settings>dual SIM setting, the switch in off position it says Vodafone NL.. Also in on position.. Wassup with that fam? Hit me bac soon for real!!p.s. I wanna complain that y’all didn’t allow people to put photos in here. Who wanna text all this mess for sum answers

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Well that is some weird shit. Is it possible you put the wrong SIM in the BLU? The fact that it shows no service and Vodafone would lead me to beleive you have a Verizon SIM in your BLU.

  4. Shelly | | Reply

    So I have an IPhone 6. My data is turned on the same as it’s always been, everything else works that needs internet,but when I try to use safari it says my phone isn’t connected to the Internet ??? Help?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      If your cellular data works for other apps but not Safari, check to see that you have cellular data turned on for Safari in Settings > Cellular in the list of apps under USE CELLULAR DATA FOR. If that isn’t the problem, try Resetting Network Settings on Your iPhone

  5. Rhonda | | Reply

    I just bought a brand new galaxy S 3 it will not let me send or receive picture messages says mms network not available I use the 45.00 plan and have unlimited pic message what do I needto do for this to work???? ,THANKS A BUNCH

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Do you know which Straight Talk network your phone is using? What is the model number of your phone? Did you buy it from Straight Talk?

  6. Sarah | | Reply

    I have a Blu 5.0c… I just had to do a hard reset and I was trying to add in the new APN and I type it all in and hit save…. And when the screen comes bk up, its not on there… Just the o e that was one there to begin with. What can I do? I have reset it, turned it off and bk on, took battery out… All this and still will NOT let me add a new APN…

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Sarah,
      I think I know the issue you are taking about. Are you using a Straight Talk AT&T SIM? From the APNs screen do a reset to defaults. Afterwards how many APNs are in the list? Try each of the default APN’s and see if they work. Let me know.
      I don’t have time for a longer response today. Maybe this weekend. If you can’t get any of the default APNs to work try editing and changing your APN.

  7. Timothy Coleman | | Reply

    How do you update the browser..My phone is already slow. Help would be appriciated.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      If you have an iPhone you don’t update the browser, it comes as part of iOS. If you have an android phone, it depends on what browser you use. You can update chrome browser from the google play store

  8. douglas wise | | Reply

    I just got this LG straight talk and can’t get on my Google sometimes and it won’t send pic messages

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Doug,
      without knowing exactly want model phone you have its hard to make any recommendations.

  9. marianne rosenberg | | Reply

    I presently have a smartphone and use straight talk. I plan purchasing the newly released iphone 6s but wonder if this phone can be used in Europe. What should I be aware of before my investment. I will continue using straight talk.

    Thank you.

  10. Deb | | Reply

    Hi Bob,
    I was going to hold off downloading iOS 9 for my iPhone 5 after reading the comments about the APN issue (I use ST), although I did put it on my iPad. Today I was deleting a bunch of photos because my cloud was almost full, and all of a sudden noticed my phone was downloading iOS 9.0.1. I now see I have the choice whether I want to actually install it or not. What should I do? I see that the new iOS includes fixes for the APN issue, and I’m checking with you first. Thanks!

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Deb,
      Long time, I just updated tonight, I tested my data and MMS picture messaging and did not have any problems. So for me, no immediate problems with Straight Talk iOS 9 on my iPhone 6.

      I just returned from traveling in China, so I did not want to update until I got back. I’ll be updating this article,Updating To iOS 9 later tonight with the details.

      So in short, iOS 9 is working with Straight Talk for me so far and no one has left any comments reporting a problem.
      Nice to see you are still checking the site.

  11. Lance Meier | | Reply

    I have been using factory unlocked iphones on Straight Talk’s BYOP program with the ATT sim for a couple of years. I am looking at purchasing an iPhone 6s but have found out they will not release the “sim-free” version for a couple of months.

    Question: If I purchase a T-Mobile iPhone 6s, will it work with my current ST ATT sim?


    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi lance
      That has been the case on the past. I did that for my previous iPhones. The Verizon one should work too as it is sim unlocked. I cant say 100% it will work, as this topic always is debTed on different forums.

      I’d myself might buy the T-Mobile or version if I choose to upgrade myself.
      So I think you’ll be good to go if you can side the model you want

      • Lance Meier | | Reply

        Awesome! I appreciate the help. My only hesitation was that for resale in the future I may not be able to advertise as “factory unlocked” thus decreasing resale value. Is that a valid concern?

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          I’d say if you bought a tmobile or Verizon phone and used it with an att sim, the phone is unlocked. If I were selling it on eBay, I’d advertise the phone as unlocked and state in the description that I bought it full price.
          I don’t think It will decrease the value at all.

          • Lance Meier | |

            Makes sense, thanks!

  12. Tia | | Reply

    I currently have an LG306G tracfone. I was given a Samsung GalaxyS3 by my niece who moved to Alaska. She had Straight Talk. I would like to transfer my tracfone number to the Samsung and buy tracfone airtime. Is this possible? When the Samsung starts up a window comes up that says a division of tracfone wireless and it has the tracfone symbol on the back. The samsung model number is SCH-S968C.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      What is the model number of the S3?

      • Tia | | Reply


        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          Hi Tia,
          That phone is a straight talk phone that uses the Verizon network. You might be able to use it, but even thought they are owned by the same company the often restrict using phones on from one network on the other.
          Start be checking the phones eligibility on this page.

  13. Kelly | | Reply

    I purchased an LG G4 from Net10’s website(uses AT&T). It arrived already set w/net10 SIM installed. I transferred my current net10 number to the new phone. Everything works great but I’m not able to send or receive picture messages. Text messages, wifi, & 4g LTE work. Under APN, Net10-tfdata is listed. Is there something I’m overlooking?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Kelly,
      Try editing that apn. What is your apn type set to?

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