Setting the Straight Talk Wireless’ RESELLER APN on your Google Nexus 5 with Android 5 (Lollipop)

This article show you how to set the Straight Talk Wireless RESELLER APN on your Google Nexus 5 with Android 5 also known as Lollipop. My Nexus 5 was using the Android 5.1.1 when I wrote this article. My Nexus 5 just worked automatically when I put my Straight Talk ATT compatible SIM card in the phone. It automatically set the APN to tfdata and added the other settings. I was able to use cellular data as well as send and receive picture messages and group texts. But if your phone is not working for you, or you looked up your APN and its RESELLER, follow the steps below to add a new APN to your phone. If you haven’t looked up your APN first, see Setting Your Straight Talk Wireless’ APN on your Google Nexus 5 with Android 5 (Lollipop)

  1. Tap App Drawer
    0150a 0150b 0150c

    Swipe to right to find Settings if needed.

  2. Tap Settings
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  3. Under Wireless & Networks, Tap …More
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  4. Tap Cellular networks
    0153a 0153b

  5. Tap Access Point Names
    0154a 0154b

  6. Tap Add (circle plus)
    0155a 0155b

  7. Tap Name
    0156a 0156b

  8. Enter Straight Talk Reseller, Tap OK
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    The name you enter here can be any value. It’s just the name displayed in the APNs screen.

  9. Tap APN
    0158a 0158b

  10. Enter reseller, tap OK
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    Scroll down until you see MMSC

  11. Tap MMSC
    0160a 0160b

  12. Enter, tap OK
    0161a 0161b

  13. Tap MMS Proxy
    0162a 0162b

  14. Enter, tap OK
    0163a 0163b

  15. Tap MMS port
    0164a 0164b

  16. Enter 80, tap OK
    0165a 0165b 0165c

    Scroll Down until you see APN type

  17. Tap APN type
    0166a 0166b

  18. Enter default,mms,wap, tap OK
    0167a 0167b

  19. Tap Save
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    Save is under menu (three vertical dots). After returning to APNs, make sure the APN you just created is active (has the dot to the right of the name)

Finishing Up

After setting your APN I suggest you check out, or return to Setting Your Straight Talk Wireless’ APN on your Google Nexus 5 with Android 5 (Lollipop) for additional information about making sure your APN is working properly.


  1. Brandy Martin | |

    I am in need of the correct apn settings for Net 10. I have an LG G3 from Verizon. Can anyone help with this please? I have been on chat with Net 10. I have gotten my internet to work now but still cannot send pic messeges

    • Bob Thompson | |

      If the APN settings page is visible in your G3, try
      Proxy: Not set
      Port: Not set
      Username: Not set
      Password: Not set
      Server: Not Set
      MMS proxy: Not set
      MMS port: Not set
      MCC: 311
      MNC: 480
      Authentication type: Not set
      APN type: default, dun, stdhipri, supl
      APN protocol: IPv4/IPv6
      Bearer: LTE
      MVNO type: None

      What did net10 tell you to do to get your data working?

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