Setting up Straight Talk Wireless wap.tracfone APN on Your iPhone


This article explains how to set up the Straight Talk Wireless wap.tracfone APN on your iPhone with iOS 8 installed. The steps should also be similar for iOS 7 too. This article is only for the iPhone and Straight Talk’s T-Mobile compatible SIM card. The article is part of a series of articles that explain how to set up your Straight Talk APN on the iPhone. If you not sure what your APN is or which Straight Talk network you are using, see Setting up Straight Talk Wireless APN for Cellular Data, Internet, MMS Picture Messages on Your iPhone Using iOS 8.

Setting Your APN to wap.tracfone

If your APN is wap.tracfone, you can directly enter the APN settings on your iPhone in Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network.

  1. Press Home

  2. Tap Settings
    apguide-102a apguide-102b

  3. Tap Cellular
    apguide-103a apguide-103b

  4. Tap Cellular Data Network
    apguide-104a apguide-104b

    If you do not have the Cellular Data Network option, stop reading this article. Make sure your APN is wap.tracfone and you are using the Straight Talk T-Mobile compatible SIM. Leave a reply below and ask for help.

  5. Scroll to the bottom
    apguide-105a apguide-105b

    Cellular Data is longer than the screen. Scroll to see all the fields

  6. Tap Reset Settings
    apguide-106a apguide-106b

    You only really need to do this if Cellular Data already has values in it. Resetting will clear APN settings

  7. Tap Reset
    apguide-107a apguide-107b

    You only really need to do this if Cellular Data already has values in it. Resetting will clear the APN settings

  8. Scroll to the top
    apguide-108a apguide-108b

    apguide-109a apguide-109b

  10. Enter wap.tracfone
    apguide-110a apguide-110b

    You’ll need this value again, you can copy it now and paste it later.

  11. Scroll to MMS
    apguide-111a apguide-111b

  12. Under MMS, Tap APN
    apguide-112a apguide-112b

  13. Enter wap.tracfone
    apguide-113a apguide-113b

    Paste it from the clipboard if you copied it earlier

  14. Tap MMSC
    apguide-114a apguide-114b

  15. Enter
    apguide-115a apguide-115b

  16. Tap MMS Max Message Size
    apguide-116a apguide-116b

  17. Enter 1048576
    apguide-117a apguide-117b

  18. Tap MMS UA Prof URL
    apguide-118a apguide-118b

  19. Enter
    apguide-119a apguide-119b

    This value is optional. You can choose to enter it the first time you try to set up your APN or leave it out. If your phone doesn’t work after setting up the APN, try it again with or without this value.

  20. Tap Cellular
    apguide-120a apguide-120b

  21. Tap Settings
    apguide-121a apguide-121b

  22. Done
    Your APN is now set

Try Using Cellular Data, MMS Picture Messages, and Group Text Messages

After setting your APN, try to:

  • access the Internet using cellular data
  • send and receive an MMS picture message
  • send and receive a group text message

If you need more details or instructions to check this, or you did but your cellular data, MMS, or group texts still do not work, see Verifying Your iPhone’s Cellular Data Connection, MMS Picture Messages, and Group Text Messages.

Finishing Up

If your cellular data, MMS, or group texts work now, please continue to Setting up Straight Talk Wireless APN for Cellular Data, Internet, MMS Picture Messages on Your iPhone Using iOS 8


  1. Shaitaria Dumas | |

    What if I don’t have the option for the cellular data network but my sim is with straight talk t-mobile SIM card?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Does your iPhone show TFW, Home, or T-Mobile in the top left corner for the network name?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      I think what you are saying is that you are unable to send iMessages to other iPhone users from your phone number. That isn’t a Straight Talk problem. This might help Search Google for iMessage activation unsuccessful to read a number of articles from other iPhone related sites about that

  2. kelsey wyckoff | |

    so i have service on my iphone that is good until 2023, but only has calls & texts covered. i am trying to add data. because for some reason my iphone is tripping out and i will try to send texts but only allows me to send IMessages and only allows me to when i’m connected to wifi. then i try to do reagular texts when i don’t have wifi but it doesnt even go through, the people don’t get them. i also don’t receive any texts from them. i only get to send and receive messages when the other person has iphone for a phone as well.? what do i need to do so that i can fix it.?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Are you using straight talk or tracfone?

  3. Arelee Jordan | |

    I need assistance with getting my phone working.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      You would need to provide more details if you need help.

  4. Peter Gaw | |

    Hello, I do not have a “cellular data network” option on my Iphone 5c. Please help. Thank you.
    Peter Gaw

  5. Samantha ramirez | |


    • Bob Thompson | |

      Help with what?

  6. BG | |

    Do you have this updated somewhere for iOS 11.1? Everything but my mms pics works. I keep getting an error The the uuid is not unique and the config profile isn’t signed.
    I’m on an iPhone 6, Straight Talk, T-Mobile sim.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      It should be the same. Are you trying to install the apn profile or enter the apn settings manually? You shouldn’t see a message about the config profile if you are setting up the APN manually, which you want to do for MMS. You can send me a screen shot of the error. bob at (nameofmywebsite).com

  7. Jason Houdek | |

    Thank you so much. I would of never found out how to do iit till I saw this instruction manual. Now I know where to tell friends to go if they have the same problem. I couldn’t express with words on how much you helped me. Thanks bro

    • Bob Thompson | |

      you are welcome. glad it helped.

  8. Jose ortiz | |

    I’m using the T-mobile straight talk sim

    • Bob Thompson | |

      ok. do you like their tmobile network?

  9. maggie rhodes | |

    210 N B***** Dr

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Maggie were you trying to ask a question?

  10. Breanna Chavez | |

    thank you so much! I have an iPhone 6 unlocked through t mobile and now I have straight talk a t mobile sim card. with the newest IOS and this worked for me !

    • Bob Thompson | |

      glad it helped

  11. Max | |

    I have a locked t-mobile iPhone 6. I put in a t-mobile compatible SIM card, activated my phone, got a new number, but it still says no service. I haven’t really touched the apn settings as I don’t really know which ones to use

    • Bob Thompson | |

      you would use wap.tracfone but it won’t work until you have service. try a network reset on the iphone and see if you get service. Log into your Straight Talk account and see if it says your sim is active, or if you need to confirm activation. You make want do an online chat with support to see if they can tell you why you have no service.

      I assuming you live in an area with T-mobile service since you have a t-mobile iphone.

  12. Jack | |

    For those on verizon network of Straight talk, what finally helped me is deleting the profile from settings->general->profile (since i can’t edit it), and while on wifi going to to install a new profile.

  13. Jim | |

    I have an iPhone 6s. From what I understand it isn’t locked to a network. It was previously an AT&T phone. The only APN profile that allows my “speed test” to work is “RESELLER”. I can’t get iMessage to work trying everything that I’ve seen online… Changing to airplane mode, resetting network settings,etc. It continues to say activation failed or activating. I don’t see any way to get to the APN settings with this phone. I used the sim swap method on my 4. This new SIM card allowed everything to work automatically on the 2 iPhone 5 phones that I had. This 6s has got me at my wits end. Please help

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Look in your settings general about? what does it say your carrier is?

  14. Mo | |

    Praise the lord! Praise you! Finally, jeeze. It only took 9 months to figure this out. I’m so happy.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      glad it helped.

  15. Trondell | |

    It works great thank you

    • Bob Thompson | |

      glad to hear it!

  16. Connor | |

    I do not have an option for cellular data network and trying to talk to these people over the phone on straighttalk is ridiculous they just run you through the same crap

  17. Jasmine | |

    Thank you SOOOO much! Hours of talking to Straighttalk reps got me nowhere, and this fixed the issue in five minutes.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      That is great news. Thanks for taking the time to comment. If you use social media, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. In addition to keeping up with latest updates at smartphonematters you would be helping us launch social media efforts. click here

  18. Jessica | |

    I swear I have all these instructions memorized. Is anyone else having problems with this every couple of months? The majority of the time my data works but every couple of months when my auto-refill goes through, it stops working even though my APN settings are all the same. I use the wap.tracfone. It’s not a big deal, as I said it works the majority of the time, but every so often I have to go through and erase my APN settings, reboot my phone, and start adding them again. Does anyone else have this issue?

    Every time I call straighttalk I get the “we are not compatible with iphone” crap so I never get an answer on how to fix my problem, but I’ve had their services with iphone for almost 3 years now so obviously that’s false.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Its a pain in the butt. Apple and Straight Talk have gotten their act together so that if your using the Straight Talk ATT network, your phone sets up the APN automatically. If your using the Straight Talk TMobile network however, the phone doesn’t set up the APN automatically an you have to do it your self. I haven’t tried the ST TMobile network in a while, I think the iPhone occasionally gets resets to the wrong APN and that’s what you need to fix it.

  19. Charles Ramsey | |

    I do not have the cellular data network option. I have a iPhone 5 with updated iOS 9.2.1 that was on att before I bought it. It is unlocked. I put a straighttalk sim and activated it. I tried to replace the apn from reseller, now I have no apn. Please help.

  20. Darrin | |


    Ever since I updated my IOS past 8.02 I have been unable to use MMS, Group, Place, or any other message types to users that is not in iMessage format. Basically, if it is not in an iMessage format, I can only send a message as an SMS. I have a Verizon iPhone 5 with a T Mobile Sim. I have set my APN exactly as you have shown here (wap.tracfone), tried to reset my settings, and do it all over again and nothing. I am beyond frustrated because Straight Talk has no idea how to help me. They just told me that my phone was not compatible with MMS messaging, but, I have trouble accepting this because it worked prior to iOS 8.02. Any insight or advice you can offer would be appreciated.



    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hmm. not sure what the problem is. A couple questions…
      Does the status bar show HOME, TMobile or something else?
      Did you try doing a Reset Network or Reset All Settings?

  21. Kris | |

    This worked for me thank god. I did everything even the ( I’m running iOS 9.2 iPhone 6s and the only step you left out is that you need to power of and back the phone but Idk if it’s because I’m iOS 9.2 or not

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Glad it helped. I’ll add a step to restart your phone. That used to be in an older version,ci guess I removed it. Some times it works without a restart.

  22. Uri | |

    Hey guys, kinda hopeless here and would really appreciate your help.
    I have iPhone 5s (A1533) originally from AT&T, unlocked, I have Straighttalk T-Mobile compatible sim – cause Tmo was my last carrier and because they have better LTE service where I live, I thought I should get it- anyways, since 2 week ago my LTE stopped working. After talking to the technical support eventually they told me I need to reset my phone, yup, *erase it* if I want to get LTE back.
    I changed my APN settings under Cellular Data, LTE Setup and MMS APN to: wap.tracfone – 3 times the same string under “APN”, it worked fine till earlier today when I lost my signal, and after I tried to delete and install the profile + change the APN settings, I get TLE with 5 bars but no real LTE service.
    I’d appreciate any advice,

    • Uri | |

      …I forgot to mention that this morning after updating to iOS 9.2 I saw “cellular update”, which I updated, maybe its related?
      Network name HOME
      Version 9.2 (13C75)
      Carrier T-Mobile 23.1

      Thanks again!

        • Uri | |

          And afterwards try downloading their profile again?

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Do you mean Carrier T-Mobile 23.1 or the APN profile from Straight Talk?

          • Uri | |

            Under Settings-General-About-> it says Carrier T-Mobile 23.1

          • Bob Thompson | |

            you shouldn’t need to reinstall 23.1 after a network reset

          • Uri | |

            Even if I want to do that I’m not sure if there’s a way. Anyways, tried to delete the profile, reset network settings, APN, and still nothing :/

          • Uri | |

            update: after speaking with StraightTalk for about 2 hours, they tried every tweak possible (most of them were irrelevant and useless) – now they told me they’ve been informed that there’s a general problem with TLE service in New York City and that it’ll be solved within 72 hours… I asked how is it possible I’m the only person to complain about this issue, after all, I’m probably not the only NYC customer, he wasn’t sure how to answer.
            I’m hopeless.

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Sounds fishy to me. Is the TMobile network in NYC better than ATT. You could try switching networks. Also if possible, can you try your current SIM in a different phone?

  23. Tasha carr | |

    I just bought straight talk kit for my iPhone 6. It keeps saying no service. I activated the card on another phone so it should work but it says I have no # when I try to call someone. Help!

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Which Straight Talk network are you using? What was the other phone? Does the SIM work in the other phone?

  24. Ryan | |

    I switched both my phone and my wife’s from Verizon to straight talk today. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Everything is working ok except MMS. I’ve tried just about everything I have come across on the web. Both phones are using T-mobile sims until the replacement ATT ones arrive in the mail. For some reason the cards that came in both starter kits were “no good” and they needed to send new ones. Both are “wap.tracfone” please help!

    • Ryan | |

      Ignore this. I’ve since figured it out. Not sure what the issue was on the wife’s phone but a simple typo caused a lot of headache on mine. “htpp” instead of “http”

      • Bob Thompson | |

        Glad you found the error. It’s easy to have a typo. Are you going to switch to the att network?

        • Ryan | |

          Yes, ultimately we want to be on the ATT network as the coverage is better in our area.

          Your site is very informative and easy to follow along with. Thanks for all your efforts!

  25. Shane | |

    Running Iphone 6 updated to ios 9 and shortly after all data stopped working. I have reset my cellular data setting and done a complete phonereset and re-entered the suggested APN settings and still cannot process data or send MMS

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Did you look up your APN and verify its wap.tracfone?

  26. Richard | |

    I have an I Phone 5 Model A1532 with the IOS 8.2 update. I have went thru 3 sim cards in the last three months. The first one worked for four months with no problems. I clear off the old version and load the most recent copy from Straight Talks website. MMS is working but not internet. When I go to Sttings, Cellular I do not see the Cell Data and Voice Data, Instead I sell Cellular Data and Enable LTE. Any help would be great. Please email.

  27. Sanne | |

    Forgot to mention, I also reset my network settings first and then also my whole phone, but nothing changed!

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Sanne,
      For the Straight Talk T-Mobile SIM, your APN is wap.tracfone. If your not getting data, there is some issue. Try using the web browser when Wi-Fi is turned off do you see HOME in the status bar? Do you see LTE, 4G, 3G, or E?

      • Sanne | |

        Hi Bob,

        I have been trying to leave comments with all the info but they won’t come through… Maybe they’re too large in size? Technology is letting me down everywhere these days!

        – Yesterday I tried to work through the normal Straight Talk settings for cellular (download profile, switch phone off and on, turn WiFi off, check if it works in Safari), it did not work and left me with a blue loading bar but nothing moved or happened.

        – I tried your iOS6 guide afterwards, but this left me with the same blue bar, so I commented on your post.

        • Sanne | |

          – I called the Straight Talk helpdesk and they would just make me go through the same steps again that I already knew wouldn’t work as I had tried them myself 100x before.

          – I tried another guide, this one: Still a blue loading bar.

          – Finally I saw your reply to my comment and tried the iOS8 guide but it still doesn’t change a thing (it’s correct that you don’t need to install a profile in this guide right?).

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Some of your other comments were flagged as spam that is why you didn’t see them. I’ll approve them later. Did you buy your sim in Walmart? Do you have the byop kit with the other sims in it?

      • Sanne | |

        – I’m using an iPhone 6, iOS8 and the LTE sign is visible next to my provider (it says HOME).

        – I’m using the T Mobile SIM card as when I got to the US from the Netherlands, my phone showed T Mobile as current provider.

      • Sanne | |

        Hey Bob!

        There’s no reply button to your last reply cause it was already a reply I think, so I’m responding this way haha…

        Yes I bought it at Walmart and I still have the other simcards, for AT&T and for CDMA (?)

        • Bob Thompson | |

          I don’t know what the issue is with the straight talk TMobile sim in your iPhone. I assume you looked up the apn and verified it was wap.tracfone here Looking up Your Straight Talk Wireless APN Settings

          You told me you see HOME and LTE in your status bar which indicates you have a connection to the network. I assume you also tried resetting your phone. Resetting All Your iPhone’s Settings

          After resetting you phone, connect to a wifi network and go to general settings about. Your phone might prompt you to install an update. If so, do it. Either way check to see what your carrier is listed as on this screen.

          I’m also assuming you don’t have any profile installed from your European operator. You might want to try transferring your service from the ST tmobile sim to the ST att sim that came in the package. In the US, ATT is much bigger than Tmobile and the att network has better coverage.
          You can follow this article to transfer your service Transferring Your Existing Straight Talk Service to a New Straight Talk Phone or SIM

          I hope this helps.

          • Sanne | |

            Hey Bob!

            Just switched to the AT&T card and it works perfectly… Wanted to let you know for when you get cases like this asking you stuff in the future… Thank you so much for all your help, you’re the best!


          • Bob Thompson | |

            Hi Sanne,
            that is great news. Enjoy your holiday in the US!

  28. Caitlyn James | |

    alright i tried this i tried this and it still didnt work please help nothing is working!!!!!:(

    • Bob Thompson | |

      So you looked up your apn and it was wap.tracfone?
      Did you remove any apn profiles you installed?
      Did you try resetting your settings?
      Resetting Network Settings on Your iPhone

      When you turn off wifi and try to browse the web, what do you see in your status bar? HOME? LTE, 4G, 3g, E?

      Straight talk uses three apns. If you are using their T-Mobile sim your apn is wap.tracfone, and it is not working there is a problem some where and you’ll need to check a number of things to find the problem. Answer my questions, let me know and I will try to hel you if it’s still not working?

      • Caitlyn | |

        I reset my settings, it says home lte at the top, and my internet will just say could not connect to cellular data

          • Caitlyn | |

            Yes I have done both and still nothing I don’t know what else to even try

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Hi Caitlyn,
            I’ve asked 2 or 3 times what your APN is. I am going to assume that it’s wap.tracfone.

            If I were you, I’d check that the Straight Talk TMobile SIM is working by putting it in your tMobile phone and setting the APN to wap.tracfone. See if data works. If it doesn’t work, there might be a problem with the SIM or your service. I’d also try putting your TMo SIM back in the iPhone and making sure that data works in that phone with a TMobile SIM.

            It’s kind of hard to resolve these issues back and forth in comments. I usually give people one or two things to try and wait for them to follow up before trying to figure out the same step.

            Just to verify, you are using regular TMobile on your phone at the same location, right?

            Oh, and when you log into Straight Talk online does it show his number as active?

            Let me know

  29. kelly | |

    i have I phone 5 with straighttalk apn wap.trakfone and no cellular data network option I was with at&t previously having trouble since update ios8.4 please help

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Kelly,
      OK. You looked up your APN and the website told you your APN is wap.tracfone?
      Tell me a little more about your SIM? Do you know if you are using the Straight Talk ATT network? How old is your SIM? When did you sign up for Straight Talk (yesterday, last month, last year).

      It’s possible that you are using Straight Talk’s ATT network and your APN is wap.tracfone but that is really rare.

      Try this Resetting All Your iPhone’s Settings.
      then see if you can sell the cellular data network options. If so, set up the APN. If not test your data anyway.

      If it doesn’t work. Go here Tap the wap.tracfone button. This will get your data working but not your MMS.
      Let me know and then you could try to fix your MMS if needed.

  30. Fabrice abraham | |

    I don’t have cellular data option what should I do ?

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