Should I switch from Net10 to T-Mobile?

A reader Jason, writes…

I’ve had Net10 with my iPhone 4s for months. Used an AT&T SIM card until Net10 told me that AT&T was going to start limiting data with companies like Net10 who used their towers. I switched to a T-Mobile SIM card and that worked fine for a few months. Then suddenly my data and MMS stopped. After 3 weeks of constant emails with Net10, we got my MMS working, but still no data. As in, no emails, web, online anything. Net10 is trying to tell me that it’s an Apple issue. I know this isn’t true and after that 3 weeks of no real service improvement, I’m sure that their tech team aren’t too tech savvy.

I’m thinking of switching from Net10 to T-Mobile, but work retail and don’t know if my current T-Mobile SIM card being used through Net10 can just be switched over to being used with T-Mobile or not.

Hi Jason,
I think you should consider changing to T-Mobile. You won’t be able to use your Net10 SIM with T-Mobile, but T-Mobile should give you a free SIM.  I used T-Mobile with my iPhone 5 and they gave me a free nano SIM. I also signed u two accounts on the $100 for 1000 minutes a year plan and got free SIMs with those. Sign up in a T-Mobile store, go when it isn’t too crowded and if they mention you need to pay for the SIM, ask for it for free.

Net10 offers the option of using an AT&T or T-Mobile network SIM card when you sign up for prepaid phone service. The catch is that if you take the AT&T network SIM your data is capped at 1.5 GB a month. Supposedly, after you hit the limit your data stops working until after your next billing cycle.

The key issue with using Net10 with the T-Mobile is how well does T-Mobile support the iPhone  in your area.  So I’ll ask you, are you getting 3G or 4G  with your iPhone with Net10 on T-Mobile?

I was a T-Mobile customer before I went to Net10.  In the outer Boston metro area, I repeatly got 2G (E) speeds and a very latent data connection.  But  T-Mobile is working hard to  improve there network and support for the iPhone.  I do remember that in certain areas closer to Boston, I had pretty good data.

It sounds like you are  heavy data user, but for others, one of the nice things about T-Mobile is a bigger choice of prepaid phone service with many affordable options. For example, T-Mobile offers a $30 a month plan with 100 talk and unlimited data! Jason, this is another option for you provided you are satisfied with the tmobile service you are already getting from Net 10. Try it out, you cam always switch back.

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