Should I switch to the Net10 T-Mobile SIM for Unlimited Data?

A reader, Jimmy recently commented.

I just moved down to the US from Canada and found Net10 for my unlocked Galaxy SII X rooted and custom Rom’d with CM10. I opted for the AT&T SIM card in the retail package from Wal-mart instead of the TMobile one.

I’m loving AT&T’s service in the area but I’ve recently developed a love for Pandora and I know for a fact I will easily exceed 1.5 GB of data in 30 days.

Is it a simple process of going through those activation process instructions on the SIM card booklet with the TMobile SIM card in instead? Will my current 30-day unlimited $50 plan transfer to the new SIM card? Will I have to get a new number or can I keep the same Net10 number I received when I activated the AT&T SIM?

Hi Jimmy,
Welcome to the USA! I actually don’t know the answer to your question, but here is what I can share.

  • Moving your current number from one Net10 SIM to another Net10 SIM should go smoothly.  I have never done it. I googled around and many Net10 customers switched from the AT&T SIM to the T-Mobile SIM when Net10 added the 1.5GB data cap back in March. But as usual, there are some horror stories out there about people losing their numbers. If I wanted to switch, I would just do it.  I’d use the the Net10 web site it looks pretty straight forward.
  • I have never had a Galaxy SII. I used to have a Galaxy Nexus though.  I would check to make sure that your specific model is fully compatible with all the T-Mobile GSM frequencies before changing.
  • Your experience with T-Mobile will depend on exactly where you live. I have had some Straight Talk customers get the ST T-Mobile SIM and they live in areas where there is little to no T-Mobile service. Their phones end up roaming onto other networks and have many problems.
  • Consider that Net10’s unlimited T-Mobile service may not cap, but there are rumors that they throttle.
  • If you are thinking of going to Net10 with T-Mobile, I’d just go checkout T-Mobile too. You might find a more affordable or better plan for your needs.  For example, if you don’t talk on the phone too much they have 100 minutes and unlimited data for $30 a month.  You will be able to get in store support. I have no proof but you might actually get faster data, at least with an 4G LTE phone.
  • Finally, you can always try it for a month and switch back. Or you could spring for an extra months service by activating a second SIM and trying it out without porting your number.

Let me know how it goes, I’d love to share it with my readers.





  1. Ahmed | |

    I bought net 10 SIM card and I used it in my iphone 5
    I need to transfer my number to t mobile service with the same number ( i don’t have 19 numbers on net 10 SIM card ) but I have 19 numbers in t mobile SIM card – so what I shall do ?


    • Bob Thompson | |

      If you want to transfer your service from the a Net10 ATT SIM to a Net10 TMobile SIM, i would log into the net10 web site and do it online. you shouldn’t need the serial number from the existing SIM.
      If you are planning to use the any T-Mobile service on your iPhone, I’d read Is Using Straight Talk Wireless With Your iPhone a Good Idea?


  2. Anthony | |

    I put in the wrong net10 serial number and don’t know how to change it some one help

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Do you mean you entered the Serial Number for the SIM card incorrectly or you entered the serial number for the wrong SIM card. Did you create an account on the Net10 web site? You should be able to correct that on the web site. Can you elaborate?

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