Signing Up For Tracfone Bring Your Own Smartphone GSM LTE Network

In this video I walk through the process of signing up for Tracfone using the GSM LTE SIM from the Tracfone Bring Your Own Smartphone SIM Activation Kit.

Click the link below to order a Tracfone Bring Your Own Smartphone SIM Activation Kit From Tracfone.

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  1. Dylan | | Reply

    I discarded it but the text said there was a 10% tax for pre paid cards. Pretty bummed might be just a California thing?

  2. Dylan | | Reply

    You notice the price go up near 10$ with ST. Very disappointed I got a text about a tax for prepaid. What are your thoughts Bob?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hey Dylan,
      How is it going? I checked a couple of phones and did not see this text message you refer to. Can I get a screen shot of it from you?
      My Straight Talk bill breaks down as follows.

      My 30 plan costs me $46.95 on auto pay.

      $45.00 for 30 days of service.
      $2.50 discount for auto pay
      Massachusetts State Sales Tax $2.66
      911 Service Charge $1.06
      Federal Universal Service $0.64
      Regulatory Cost Recovery $0..09

      It would cost me $47.82 if I bought refill cards in MA. I’d save $1.95 over auto pay if I bought cards in tax free New Hampshire.

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