Simple Mobile $23.75 for 3GB Data with Unlimited Talk & Text – Feb 2019

In this article I am going to take a look at the Simple Mobile plans and features for February 2019. Before getting started I want to point out that this is not a review, just a look at the plans and features currently offered.

I reviewed Simple Mobile back in 2018, check out and my YouTube channel for more details. See Simple Mobile Review – Thoughts and Conclusions

If you want to sign up for Simple Mobile you can buy a phone directly from They have a large selection of phones and often have some pretty good deals. If you are interested check out my Simple Mobile Latest Deals page. If you want to bring your own phone, you can order a Bring Your Own Phone SIM kit directly from for $1.

Simple Mobile is a prepaid wireless service sold at Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and other retailers or online from Simple Mobile is one of the many prepaid wireless brands owned by Tracfone. Simple Mobile does not have their own cellular network, they use the T-Mobile network.


Simple Mobile offers five different plans. All of these plans include unlimited talk and text. Three of these plans include a fixed amount of high speed data, the other two plans include unlimited data.

All of the plans include unlimited nation-wide talk and text calling and text to and from the United States. They also include International calling to 69 destinations including Mexico and Canada. They include an additional $10 International calling credit for more destinations. They also include International Roaming to Mexico and 15 other Latin American countries but unfortunately not Canada though. I’ll describe more of the details for the international calling after the plans.

$25 Unlimited Talk, Text, and 1 GB of Data ($23.50 with Auto-Reup)

This plan includes unlimited talk, text, and 3GB of high speed data. The price of this plan drops to $20 when you sign up for Auto Reup, a $5 discount. This $5 discount is only valid for the first three months. After that the plan price is $23.75, or a $1.25 discount.

This plan is listed as a limited time offer and you must sign up by March 31 2019. After that the $5 discount and the amount of data on this plan may revert to 1GB, we’ll have to check back to know.

After you use up your high speed data, you’ll still have a data connection. Simple Mobile calls this 2G data, its really slow. You’ll be connected to the internet. You may be able to send and receive email, exchange messages, or browse the web really slowly. You won’t be watching Netflix or YouTube or listening to Spotify or Apple Music with 2G data.

If you use up all your high speed data, you can buy Add-On Data. More details about that after the plans. Any unused or remaining high speed data expires after the month. You can use Mobile Hotspot with this plan.
To sign up or learn more visit

$30 Unlimited Talk, Text, and 2 GB of Data ($28.50 with Auto-Reup)

The $30 plan works just like the $25 plan. No one would currently choose this over the $25 plan because it costs more and has less data than tthen $25 plan. Enough said.

$40 Unlimited Talk, Text, and 10 GB of Data ($37.50 with Auto-Reup)

The $40 plan includes unlimited talk, text, and 10 GB of high speed data. The price of this plan drops to $37.50 when you sign up for Auto Reup, a $2.50 discount.

Data works the same as described for the $25 plan except that you’ll have 10GB of high speed data, 7 GB more than the $25 plan.
To sign up or learn more visit

$50 Unlimited Talk, Text, and Unlimited Data ($45 with Auto-Reup)

This plan includes unlimited talk, text, and unlimited high speed data. The price drops to $45 when you sign up for Auto Reup, a $50 discount. Note that this plan is listed as a limited time offer until March 31 2019.

With this plan, you’ll have unlimited data. Video streaming is at SD quality also known as DVD quality or 480p. With this plan, you’ll be able to use up to 10GB of data with mobile hotspot. The mobile hotspot data is part of the limited time offer I mentioned early.
To sign up or learn more visit

$60 Unlimited Talk, Text, and Unlimited of Data ($57 with Auto-Reup)

This plan includes unlimited talk, text, and unlimited high speed data. The price of this plan drops to $57 when you sign up for Auto Reup, a $3 discount.

Before March 31 no one would choose this plan over the $45 plan, because it costs more but has the exact same features.
To sign up or learn more visit


I was impressed with Simple Mobile when I reviewed it, I like the plan prices and all the features they support. When I previously reviewed Simple Mobile, I found T-Mobile coverage to be very good. But for some people AT&T and Verizon have better coverage in their area than T-Mobile does. So I always recommend choosing a prepaid wireless service that uses a network with good coverage in your area.

More about Data

Simple Mobile does not enforce a maximum download speed on their high speed data. They do state however

During congestion, Simple Mobile customers may notice reduced speeds vs. T-Mobile customers.


For 2G data, they state:

At 2G speeds, the functionality of some data applications such as streaming video or audio may be affected. Please refer always to the latest Terms and Conditions of Service at

Add-On Data

If you run out of high speed data when using one of Simple Mobile’s fixed data plans, you can buy more. They offer 500MB for $5 or 1GB for $10. $10 per GB of data is an OK price for data. Unfortunately, any unused add-on data expires at the end of your current plan. It does not roll-over from month to month.

$10 Add-On International Card

The $10 Add-On International Card adds $10 of calling credit to your plan for calling countries not included in the list of countries you can call for free. You’ll pay as low as one cent per minute. Check this list of calling countries and the current rates. Before purchasing, make sure they support calling landlines, mobile lines, or both in the countries you want to call depending on your needs.

Visual Voicemail

Simple Mobile offers Visual Voicemail for both iPhone and supported Android phones.

Mobile Hotspot

Simple Mobile currently offers Mobile Hotspot with all its plans. Mobile Hotspots lets you connect your laptop, tablet, or other Wi-Fi device to the internet using your phone’s cellular data connection. Many people want this feature.

Wi-Fi Calling

Simple Mobile currently offers Wi-Fi calling. If your phone is compatible you can register it with Simple Mobile and then enable it on your phone.
With Wi-Fi calling, your phone can make and receive calls and texts using your Wi-Fi connection rather than the cellular network, You can use your phone in areas where you have Wi-Fi but have little or no cellular network coverage.

International Calling

Simple Mobile supports both international direct dialing or using their access number and mobile app for international calling. The free international calling lets you call up to 20 unique numbers per month. Make sure to check their list to see if free calling is available to landlines and mobile phones in the countries you need to call.

International calling is available for calling from the United States to the list of supported countries.


  1. SS | | Reply

    Hey Bob, I just received my Simple Mobile iPhone 6s Plus — it’s on charge with no sim card in.

    Would it be too much to ask you to call me at: 1-###-###-####

    I’m a slow typer.

    And if ya could, delete that number 🙂

    • Bob | | Reply

      Hi Steve,
      While I am happy to answer reader questions in the comments, I am not able however to provide support by phone for a couple of reasons. And yes of course, I’ll edit the number out of the comments. If you have any questions about your phone, leave a reply and I’ll try to answer them over the weekend.

  2. SS | | Reply

    Hey Bob — I want to thank you for posting all the promo codes for these carriers.

    I’ve been checking back-and-forth at Simple Mobile over the past several days chomping-at-the-bit wanting an iPhone 7, 6s or 6s Plus. I was going to ask you about your iPhone 6s you had that you traded in for your Pixel phone and ask about the battery life and how good the back camera was without OIS which I swore I’d never buy another phone without OIS and today Walmart sent me an email stating that the Family Mobile iPhone 6s was on sale for $149.00! So I checked it out and then I went here to this sight and checked at Simple Mobile to see if they were knocking down the price and as the day went on they did as well as Tracfone, Straight Talk, Total Wireless. I also saw at Straight Talk they have two iPhone 6s Plus’ — one brand new and refurbished for $199.00. I kept going back to the Simple Mobile website to see if maybe they would knock-down the iPhone 6s Plus like the 6s and sure enough as the day went on they did. They knocked off $100.00 from yesterday’s price of $299.00 to $199.00! I also saw where Straight Talk had knocked-down their “new condition” 6s Plus to $199.00 also. Long story short I just bought the Simple Mobile iPhone 6s Plus with your promo code and of course I had to buy a $25.00 plan — the promo code knocked off $50.00 so grand total was with tax, $193.00.

    And earlier I did the promo thing for the 6s and it came to $137.00 – lol. I almost bought it but I waited to see if they’d knock-down the 6s plus also which they did later.

    Sooooo, what do you think the catch is? I asked a customer rep if the phone is new and he swears they are. I’ll bet the phone will come from the Tracfone return center — I don’t know.

    Now, before I get ahead of myself I’d like to run this phone off of Tracfone. I know you said your Total Wireless SE wouldn’t run off a Tracfone BYOP/T-Mobile sim, but since Simple Mobile is GSM/T-Mobile configured — do you think if I fired-up a Tracfone BYOP/T-Mobile sim it will work in my new iPhone if I immediately take the Simple Mobil sim out before even turning the phone on or do you think I may be wasting a Tracfone refill card? I have a $25.00/60 day Tracfone refill card and the Tracfone BYOP sim packet.

    Also, do you think Apple has notified these carriers that they won’t be slinging out many new updates for the discontinued SE, 6s and 6s Plus and that’s the reason for the huge mark-down in prices? And what if let’s just say we get ios 13 for example and that’s the last update — how long can an iPhone last when it nolonger receives updates — do you know?

    Hey Bob, thanks again for the info as well posting those promo codes and this website and wish me luck opening the box to my new iPhone and it’s in good condition — lol.

    Thanks again,

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hey Steve,
      Congratulations on your new phone, glad you were able get yourself a good deal.
      First, I think what you will find is that your SIMPLE Mobile iPhone will work with Tracfone’s AT&T SIM or their Verizon SIM, but not the Tracfone T-Mobile SIM. You can verify this with a one dollar BYOP Sim kit. Set uo the phone using Wi-Fi before activating service, you’ll find that you can get past the activation server with the ATT and Verizon Tracfone SIM but not the T-Mobile one. The SIM need not be active. At least, that was the case for me, there is a possibility that it has changed. since I have tried it.
      You won’t be able to activate the Simple mobile iPhone with the Verizon SIM because it requires verify the phone’s serial number with tracfone, and they know its not from Tracfone.

      As for your iPhone, there isn’t really a catch. The phone’s sold as new, are really new from Apple. Otherwise they are listed as reconditioned, refurbished, or open box. If you look at you’ll see they are still selling the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 at reduced price because they need to offer more affordable phone . No one talks about this, but I suspect, that Apple is still making the iPhone SE and iPhone 6s models and even iPhone X specifically for the prepaid carrier market. Apple doesn’t want to give up the prepaid market user base to Android and what wireless carrier doesn’t want to offer its customers iPhone. All the prepaid companies market these more affordable older iPhones at even more significantly reduced price to attract customers. you are getting a discount to lock you into using their service for a year. That’s why the Straight Talk, total wireless, and Simple Mobile iPhones are generally less expensive than the ones from Tracfone, because tracfone customers spend less money on service.

      Unlike Android, where updates are created by Google, but up to the carrier to deliver all iPhone’s iOS updates come directly from Apple, the carrier is not involved. With iOS 12, Apple stopped updates for the 32 bit iPhone 5. I can’t say how long Apple will continue to support SE, 6, and 6s, but they but effort into iOS 12 to make these older phones run faster. I’d expect them to be supported for iOS 13 and 14 . You can continue to use a phone even once the updates stop. You can still install apps. I still here from people using the iPhone 4s with iOS 9. We have an iPad at home still using iOS 9 too. At 137, if you were only to get 24 months of use, it comes up to $5.80 per month.

      Let me know how it goes.

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