Simple Mobile Deals and Promotions for December 2018

Below are the Simple Mobile deals and promotions for December 2018. If you are interested in signing up and buying a phone from Simple Mobile check out the deals below and you could save some money.


If you want to sign up for Simple Mobile and but you need to buy a phone check out the deals below. Sometimes you can get a great deal on a phone from Simple Mobile. That said before you buy a phone from Simple Mobile there are some things you need to know. See Buying Your Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S From Simple Mobile

Phone and Plan Bundle Promotions

ForDecember 2018, you can save 30% off when you buy a phone and plan from Simple Mobile. Enter the discount SMSAVINGS30 in the cart. The maximum savings is $100. This offer is valid until December 31 2018 while supplies last.

Even better for December 2018, you can use the SMSAVINGS30 discount code with all of the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models in stock.

Note that the 30% discount is off the price of the phone and not the phone and plan total cost.

iPhone Deals

For December, Simple Mobile is selling different iPhone models. Simple Mobile currently has the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus, and iPhone 6s. Simple Mobile does not currently sell Apple’s latest iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone XR.

iPhone X with $25 plan for $824
iPhone 8 Plus with $25 plan for $624
iPhone 8 with $25 plan for $524
iPhone 7 Plus with $25 plan for $494
iPhone 7 with $25 plan for $374
iPhone 6s Plus with $25 plan for $324
iPhone 6s with $25 plan for $235

Now which of these iPhones are a good deal? Apple no longer sells the iPhone X, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, or iPhone SE. Apple still sells the iPhone 8 Plus ($699) , iPhone 8($599), iPhone 7 Plus($569), and iPhone 7($449). With the phone and plan discount bundle you save $100 off Apple’s prices. The iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s are no longer sold by Apple, but the prices on these phones are a good deal if you don’t mind using a model from a few years ago. And the iPhone SE for $108 with a month of service included is a great budget phone.

Samsung Galaxy Deals

Simple Mobile has the Note 9, Galaxy S9+, S9, Note 8, S8+, S8, and J7 Sky Pro, in stock. For December 2018 you can buy this phones with a plan and use the promo code SMSAVINGS30 to save 30%, up to $100.


Galaxy S9+ with $25 plan for $875
Galaxy S9+ with $25 plan for $755
Galaxy S9 with $25 plan for $625
Galaxy Note 8 with $25 plan for $824
Galaxy S8+ with $25 plan for $614
Galaxy S8 with $25 plan for $524
Galaxy J7 Sky Pro with $25 plan for $102

Which of these Samsung phones are a good deal. That is more difficult to say. You need to compare the prices of the phone you are interested on or The price of these phones vary on those sites as they go and off sale or include free bonus items.

Bring Your Own Phone SIM Kit

Get a Simple Mobile SIM Card for only $.99.

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  1. SS | | Reply

    Hi Bob — thank you for replying so fast. I got an email telling me you’d replied and read your reply quickly as I was in a hurry Friday night but read enough to bum me seriously out as I’m still bummed-out.

    I’ve got a bunch of questions and things I’d like to say but I guess I can do that over time rather than getting you confused with so many questions.

    As of right now I live on a budget and only work part time but that will change so in the future I won’t be eligible for Safelink so I’m trying to find a phone I can see the screen outdoors on a sunny July day with no shade. Also I want a phone with a camera that takes pics with Optical Image Stabilization — and I would prefer a phone on a GSM network like Simple Mobile. Where I live and can pick-up all cell phone towers, that’s not a problem but if and when I have to have a smart phone and it be the only form of communication I have I’d rather be with Simple Mobile because they look to be the cheapest monthly — blah blah blah.

    Straight Talk Galaxy s7…

    Now, as I said in my last post I can afford the Tracfone $25,00/60 day/500min plan if need be, for now. So the question I have is, do you think this phone (Straight Talk Galaxy s7) is any good? In the reviews the only complaints I see besides complaints about zip code numbers, is the battery getting too hot or having not as long a life as people expected. I know the phone is running off Verizon towers but do you think I’d have any problems getting them to REBRAND this phone to Tracfone so I can do the $25,00/60 day/500min plan — or better yet — would a Tracfone/BYOP/Verizon sim work so I don’t have a Straight Talk sim in my phone? I don’t want anything to do with Straight Talk, their monthly plans are too expensive. Also I know you said you put a Tracfone/BYOP/T-mobile sim in OR your Simple Mobile sim in yours and it didn’t well could that be because you can’t receive T-Mobile towers well?

    Also on this s7, the model number doesn’t match any s7 numbers at this site that shows if a phone is compatible with any given carrier/network — and even says it might not work well with Straight Talk or Tracfone:

    And another important question: How can I find-out if this Straight Talk Galaxy s7 has VOLTE? I’m assuming it would but there has to be a reason why this phone is so cheap. I’m thinking it’s a reburb which is ok by me — if I get a bad one I’ll just take it back to Walmart.

    Here’s the Straight Talk $199.00 s7:

    And one more question — if a person buys a new iPhone that is an older model like the Simple Mobile iPhone 6s Plus, do we have to get a new battery for it? ie: is it even worth buying older model iPhones?

    Thank you very much for the fast reply the other night and I’m sorry for all the questions.


    PS — I’m keeping my Safelink sim the way it is and not going to try and have it rebranded which I know they can do or have my account rebranded to Straight Talk. Safelink says to buy Tracfones and they’ll change your account (I’m assuming) to the Tracfone sim in the phone regardless if it’s a cdma sim or gsm. If I get this s7 from Straight Talk I’ll try and get it rebranded to Tracfone and it would be nice if I could use Tracfone’s BYOP/Verizon sim rather than Straight Talk’s. Do you think they can do that?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      1. The S7 you sent me a link is a Verizon version of the S7. You can see carrier compatibilty here
      As I stated in my last post, my Verizon S7 didn’t work correctly with Simple Mobile’s T-Mobile towers.

      2. The phone you sent me a link to is a Straight Talk phone. I’ve never tried a Straight Talk android phone with tracfone or safelink’s t-mobile sim card. I have tried my Simple mobile, Total Wireless, and Straight Talk iPhone SE and it did not work. The Simple mobile sim worked, the Tracfone SIM did not.

      3. The phone you are looking at is new. The price is discounted because its an older model and Straight Talk is discounting the phone to sign you up for service.

      4. I have a used Verizon S7, the phone works well, the battery life seems short to me. I can’t tell if that is because I am comparing it to iPhone or if the battery needs replacement. I drop it on a wireless charger to keep it topped up.

      5. I realize that Safelink recommends buying tracfones. I don’t know what or how they handle letting customers use them with SafeLink. Keep in mind that may only be for a subset of the phones that tracfone sells. And they make not claims for Straight Talk phones.

      6. The S7 does support VoLTE. In my experience, Straight Talk, and tracfone don’t officially support VoLTE. Straight Talk voLTE worked for me on my iPhone on their ATT towers. Others may have a different result. I don’t use Straight Talk anymore.

      7. When you buy new older model iPhone’s the batteries are fine, no problems. If you by a reconditioned iPhone you may want to ask the seller about the state of the battery.

      8. In regards to OIS, I’d go into a store try whatever iPhone or Galaxy models are there and take some photos to see if you think the picture quality is good for you to see if the OIS is in fact a benefit.

      9. If you need to pay for service in the future, check out Safelink’s paid plans. Watch the cheap service / expensive phone video on my channel to see how to maximize service days with tracfone.

      10. If you are interested in Simple mobile, the $20 auto pay deal expires on 12/31. Going to cost you about $22 or so bucks a month depending on where you live. It will go up to about $27 next year.

      gotta run for now

  2. Dmitriy | | Reply

    SMSAVINGS30 promo code does not work (

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      It looks as if they pulled the codes early this month. Some of the deals listed since I updated my page look better, but the code didn’t work for me either.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      The code appears to be working again for some phones…. Tried it with the iPhone 6s for example… maybe not for some of the other deals.

      • Dmitriy | | Reply

        Thanks for the information!
        Yes, I also have a code for 6s. I tried on iphone 8 64gb, the code did not work.

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          It should work for the new iPhone 8 but not the open box iPhone 8

          • SS | |

            I just tried the December code for the iPhone 6s Plus and it didn’t work either.

            Hey Bob — remember that Youtube you made some months back where you put your ATT-Tracfone sim card in that ST/TW iPhone SE and it worked? If I buy this Samsung s7 through Walmart/Straight Talk will it work with my Safelink/T-Mobile sim which is the exact same sim card as a Tracfone BYOP sim? I know the phone is CDMA but it has the GSM technology too. I also know they can rebrand some of these phones and that would be OK if I got to use my Safelink/BYOP/T-mobile sim, but I think they’ll rebrand it with the Straight Talk sim and I don’t want to do that — if I have to get stuck with a carrier I can much more afford Simple Mobile or Tracfone’s 60 day 500/min/data plan. I don’t want to have a phone on Verizon there is about to be issues with Verizon and VOLTE according to Howard Forums
            and that Straight Talk Samsung s7 ad doesn’t give enough specifics as to the model number other than it’s a “V” and “v2” which I don’t even know what the “v2” stands for. There are several model numbers for the s7 where this website can tell you if a phone works for a carrier/network and the s7 looks like it would run better on Simple Mobile even better than Straight Talk and Tracfone.

            Last year I bought a Simple Mobile J3 Luna Pro at Best Buy for $29.00 on black Friday and when I got the phone I took the Simple Mobile sim card out and replaced it with my Safelink/BYOP/T-mobile sim card in and then turned the phone on and it has worked great, so I know my Safelink sim will work with these Simple Mobile phones but Simple Mobile no longer has the Galaxy s7.

            What I’m trying to do is get the cheapest phone I can with a good back camera that has Optical Image Stabilization like the s7 and iPhone 6s Plus. I’d buy the iPhone 6s but it doesn’t have OIS. I have a busted hand and can’t hold a phone steady very well — If I could I’d just buy the Moto g6 — but the Moto g6 has a very slow shutter speed and no OIS on the back still camera and I know I’d take blurry pics with it. And I’m gun shy about buying and unlocked refurbished s7 or iPhone 6s Plus through the mail for fear of what I’d get — they don’t tell you what’s wrong with the phone and I don’t want to have to send the phone back to southeast Egypt because they sent me a phone with a messed-up screen or worse.

            If you buy a phone from Walmart that is “sold and shipped” by Walmart and you don’t like it at least you can take the phone back to Walmart within 14 and not have to deal with some company in Egypt over the phone, etc… and I have a feeling that s7 from Straight Talk is a refurb even though they claim it’s new.

            Any info you can give me would be appreciated and I’ll keep checking the promo codes and hope that Simple Mobile will have that s7 again.

            Thank you,

          • Bob Thompson | |

            Hi Steve,
            While I have discussed using a straight talk phone with tracfone it’s not something I recommend to my readers because there are too many permutations. I have bought Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, and Total Wireless iPhone SE phones and my tracfone ATT SIM worked in all of the phones. I saw able to move a my total wireless and simple mobile sims between all three phones too. However my tracfone BYOP t-mobile SIM did not work in any of the three phones, and showed the activation lock screen. The safe link t-mobile sim would be most similar to a tracfone t-mobile sim at least.

            I was surprised the tracfone mobile sim didn’t work in the simple mobile iPhone. Perhaps it would work with different android phones as it did for you.

            Based on my experience with my TF T-Mobile SIM I’m reluctant to recommend an iPhone from Straight Talk, Total Wireless, or Simple Mobile. If you send me a link to the phone on walmart, i can take a look at it. I can tell you my Verizon S7, did not work well with Simple Mobile, it barely worked, so be careful buying a Samsung phone without knowing the model number and compatibilty.

            A locked T-Mobile phone would work for you, or perhaps a metro pcs phone. I’ll follow up with you if I can think of something.

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