Simple Mobile Deals and Promotions for March 2019

Below are the Simple Mobile deals and promotions for March 2019. If you are thinking about signing up for Simple Mobile and you need a new phone check out the deals below and you may be able to save yourself some money.

The Simple Mobile Deals for March 2019 have expired. Click here to see The Latest Simple Mobile Deals.

Phone and Plan Bundle Promotion

For March 2019, you can save 40% off your phone up to a maximum of $50 when you buy a phone and plan bundle. Use the discount code SPECIAL40 in the cart at checkout. If you buy a phone for $250 or more, you’ll save $100. Buy a phone less than $250 and save 40%.


If you want to sign up for Simple Mobile but you need to buy a phone check out the deals below. Sometimes you can get a great deal on a phone from Simple Mobile. That said before you buy a phone from Simple Mobile there are some things you need to know. See Buying Your Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S From Simple Mobile

Apple iPhone

For March Simple Mobile has both new and open box iPhone models in stock. You can use the SPECIAL40 discount code to save 40% (up to $100) off the price of a new iPhone when you buy a phone and plan bundle. The discount code however did not work for me with on the open box iPhones.

Open Box iPhones

Simple Mobile has great deals on previously opened iPhone X and iPhone 8.

Open Box iPhone X for $599
Open Box iPhone 8 Plus for $399
Open Box iPhone 8 for $299

These are great prices on the open box phones. These phones however are not new, they have been opened and repackaged. The phones come with a 90 day limited warranty. If you don’t mind buying open box you can save hundreds off what these phones normally sell for.

New iPhones

For March 2019, Simple Mobile has the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, and iPhone SE. I have noticed some model phones go in and out of stock during the month so if the phone you want isn’t available check back in a say or so. Note, the SPECIAL40 discount code did not work for me with the iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 6s.

iPhone Xs Max with $25 plan for $1025
iPhone Xs with $25 plan for $925
iPhone Xr with $25 plan for $675
iPhone X with $25 plan for $825
iPhone 8 Plus with $25 plan for $625
iPhone 8 with $25 plan for $525
iPhone 7 Plus with $25 plan for $325
iPhone 7 with $25 plan for $225
iPhone 6s Plus with $25 plan for $225
iPhone 6s with $25 plan $175
iPhone SE with $25 plan for $130

Samsung Galaxy S and Note Phones

For March 2019 Simple Mobile has a the Galaxy Note 9, the Galaxy S9+, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S8+, and Galaxy S8 available. You’ll save $200 off the Note 9 and Note 8 when you buy a phone and plan. You’ll save $100 of the S9+, S9, S8+, and S8 when you buy it with a plan. Not that when I checked I was also able use the SPECIAL40 discount code save even more off the price.

Galaxy Note 9 with $25 plan for $675
Galaxy S9+ with $25 plan for $655
Galaxy S9 with $25 plan for $525
Galaxy Note 8 with $25 plan for $575
Galaxy S8+ with $25 plan for $515
Galaxy S8 with $25 plan for $425

Samsung Galaxy J Series

Simple Mobile also sells a number of value priced Galaxy J phones. I am not familar with these models myself, but it you are looking for a lower cost phone you might want to check these phone out. Remember to use discount code DISCOUNT40 in the cart.

Galaxy J7 Crown with $25 plan for $75
Galaxy J7 Sky with $25 plan for $81
Galaxy J3 Orbit with $25 plan for $51
Galaxy J3 Luna with $25 plan for $33

Bring Your Own Phone SIM Kit

If you already have a T-Mobile compatible phone you can order a Bring Your Own Phone SIM kit to start using Simple Mobile.

Get a Simple Mobile SIM Card for only $.99.

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  1. SS | | Reply

    Hey Bob and all — I can vouch for that Samsung J7 Crown, it’s a pretty good phone IMO. BUT I didn’t buy mine from Simple Mobile I got mine from BB for $99.00 plus tax. Last time I saw it on Simple Mobile it says the J7 has 16 GB of storage space — that’s not true, the GSM/Simple Mobile J7 has 32 GB of storage space — it’s the CDMA versions that only have 16 GB of storage space — but the CDMA version does have a larger processor. It’s a 1.9 in comparison to the GSM/Simple Mobile processor that ships with a 1.6 processor.

    And I can also say now that I own an iPhone 6s Plus — the iPhone 6s Plus isn’t that much better than the J7 Crown. J7 Crown has a better battery – a very bright colorful screen (you can see the screen outside in a Kroger parking lot on a sunny day better with the J7 than the iPhone 6s Plus, and you wouldn’t know the screen was just a 720p in comparison to the 6s Plus’ 1080p) – and the J7 Crown also has a 13mp back with a 1.7 aperture which is better than the 2.2 aperture on the 6s Plus. But, the J7 Crown doesn’t have OIS on the cameras.

    BTW Bob, my Safelink sim works in my iPhone. But I’m still going to fire-up an AT&T tracfone BYOP account soon. I don’t wanna take the chance the T-Mobile BYOP tracfone sim won’t work like with your Straight Talk/Total Wireless iPhone.

    At first on my iPhone with the Safelink sim — in the upper left corner on the phone it said: “TFW 4G” but then I went to settings and changed it to “LTE” for web and voice. Is LTE better than 4G in your opinion as far as speed goes — or is it the same? I didn’t even have to change any APN settings. I’ve only sent myself a text as of now I just put the sim in last night and I received the text I’ll send off a few texts today and see what happens.

    I’m wondering if that T-Mobile BYOP tracfone sim will work ’cause this is a model A1634 iPhone? I don’t know if this iPhone has band 66?

    I wish I hadn’t clicked this add on because that iPhone 7 deal looks great. This 6s Plus is a big phone but has a decent battery when you shut-off a lot of notifications — locations — and things that run in the background. But I’d rather have a smaller iPhone — they just have weak battery lasting time from what I’ve seen.

    This will be the last phone I buy until the 5G mess comes out. And then I’ll go back to a budget 5G Samsung if the prices are fair. Do you think 4G/LTE will be faster when 5G comes out because of the speed demons wanting to be on 5G which will make 4G/LTE airways less congested. If that happens I won’t even buy a budget 5G phone — lol.

    Oh and I almost forgot — Simple Mobile didn’t send me my $25.00 refill card with my iPhone I had to buy when using the promo code so just a heads up on that for everyone.

    Thanks for all the advice and phone/carrier updates and promo codes, and keep up the great work.

    I do like my iPhone 6s Plus, even though she’s a big ol’ gal 🙂

    PS — thanks for deleting my number.

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