Speed Test Results: SIMPLE Mobile, Total Wireless, & Straight Talk

I finally had a chance to run some speed tests for SIMPLE Mobile. I ran three tests using my iPhone 6s. Here are the results. Note, you can click on any of the images for a larger view.

If you don’t know SIMPLE Mobile uses the T-Mobile network. The download speeds are pretty impressive. The upload speeds were adequate if you don’t upload large amounts of data.

For comparison, I also ran three speed tests with Total Wireless in my iPhone 6s. Total Wireless uses the Verizon network. Here are the results.

These results where not quite as good. Very poor upload times.

While I was at it I also ran two speed tests for Straight Talk. Straight Talk uses several different networks. My Straight Talk number uses the AT&T towers. I had to use my iPhone X to run these tests. Here are the results.

The results here are in between the Simple Mobile and Total Wireless. I generally prefer the AT&T network for coverage.

Finally, here is a comparison of Straight Talk, Simple Mobile, and Total Wireless.

Check out my video, if you’d like to see me running these tests.

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