Spigen Rugged Armor and Glas-tR for iPhone SE

I wanted a case and glass screen protector for my iPhone SE. I decided to pick up the Spigen Rugged Armor case and Spigen Glas-tR screen proector. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money because I only paid $129 for the the phone, see Straight Talk Is Selling the iPhone SE for $129.

I bought both items off Amazon, the Rugged Armor was $12 and the Glas-tR was $6.50. If your going to buy the Glas-tR consider the 2 pack or 3 pack also available on Amazon for $8 and $10 respectively.

The case is black with faux carbon fiber accents on the back. It has the usual cut outs for camera, mute switch, headphone jack, lightning port, speaker, and microphone. It covers the sleep/wake and volume up down buttons with a thinner layer of molded case material. The corners of the case are reinforced. The case has a slightly raised edge along the front side that will offer some screen protection. The iPhone SE’s buttons all work well with the case on.

As for the Glas-tR screen protector, I have been using one of these on the phone already for a few months and it seems to work well. For more details, check out my video.

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