Straight Talk APN Settings

Below are the APN settings for Straight Talk Wireless.

Straight Talk AT&T Network

The APN settings for Straight Talk’s AT&T Network are below. Enter these values into the APN section of your phone’s Settings app. Note that field names will be different on iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.

Field Setting
MMS_APN_TYPE default,mms,supl

Previous APN Settings

Straight Talk changes the APN settings periodically when they update their network. Sometimes the older APN settings continue to work. Sometimes they stop working. Below are some of the values they used in the past.

Field Setting
APN tfdata
MMS_APN tfdata
Field Setting
APN att.mvno

Straight Talk Verizon Network

The APN settings for Straight Talk’s Verizon Network are below. Enter these values into the APN section of your phone’s Settings app. Note that field names will be different on iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.

Field Setting
MMS_APN_TYPE default,dun,supl

Straight Talk T-Mobile Network

The APN settings for Straight Talk’s T-Mobile Network are below. Enter these values into the APN section of your phone’s Settings app. Note that field names will be different on iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.

Field Setting
APN wap.tracfone
MMS_APN_TYPE default,mms,supl

Previous APN Settings

Straight Talk changes the APN settings periodically when they update their network. Sometimes the older APN settings continue to work. Sometimes they stop working. Below are some of the values they used in the past.

Field Setting
APN wap.tracfone
PORT 8080
MMS_APN wap.tracfone

Straight Talk Sprint Network

I don’t have the APN settings for Straight Talk’s Sprint Network.

Additional Notes

What are APN Settings

Access Point Name or APN settings tell your smartphone how to connect to the Internet and send messages. If your APN is not set correctly, you may not be able to connect to the Internet using Cellular Data, Send or Receive MMS picture messages, or Send or Receive Group Text Messages

APN Settings will NOT fix problems making phone calls, sending text messages, get a 2G, 3G, 4G, or LTE connection.

Which APN settings Should I Use?

You can look up the APN settings for your Straight Talk account here: Looking up Your Straight Talk Wireless APN Settings.

Looking Up the APN Settings For Your Tracfone Wireless Bring Your Own Smartphone Account

In this video I show you show you how to look up the APN Settings for Tracfone ...

Note: This only seems to work for Straight Talk customers using the Straight Talk AT&T or T-Mobile network. If you are using Straight Talk’s Verizon network, try the APN settings above.

Your APN Settings May Be Hidden

On some smartphones, you may not be able to see the APN settings page in your phone’s settings app. ¬†For most phones using Straight Talk’s Verizon or Sprint Networks the APN page is hidden but the should be set automatically. For Straight Talk’s AT&T network, the APN settings on the iPhone are hidden.

You May Not Be Able To Edit or Delete the APN Settings On Your Phone

Some Android phones will not let you edit or delete your APN settings regardless of which network you are using.

Learn How To Set The APN on Your Phone

For iPhone

For Android Phones

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  1. Deborah Boggess | | Reply

    I didn’t have data or internet connection when I changed phones a couple of weeks ago, so I looked at my APN settings and I just knew they didn’t look right so I sent a text to 611611 to get the right APNs and they sent me the same ones, so I changed the Name, APN, and Mmsc fields to what I thought I could remember was right on another phone and my data and internet is working fine now, no thanks to Straight talk customer service 611611, I had to figure it out on my own and that was after I called Straight talk tech support and they are the ones who told me to text APN to 611611.

  2. Cottone John | | Reply

    Having trouble figuring out which APN settings are correct for me phone. I have an iPhone 7 that WAS a Verizon phone, then I moved it to t-mobile and now to straight talk. Would you help me find the correct update to install?

    Thank you!!

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Which Straight Talk SIM are you using ATT, T-Mobile, or Verizon?

  3. Chrys | | Reply

    Thank you so much for this, I was about to cry from frustration before I used these settings on the Strait Talk LG Stylo 3 for Verizon Network I bought yesterday at Walmart. Why in the world they wouldn’t pre- program these before shipping them or at least give the info to program them in the box. The Strait Talk rep last night didn’t even suggest this, she didn’t know what to do and eventually gave me a ticket number and said someone would check on it and that was that. I have $200 invested between the phone and the month in advance and had ported my number in, so I wasn’t ready to admit defeat and put Google to work and I used the
    AUTH_TYPE: None
    MMS_APN_TYPE default,dun,supl

    . It required me to put a title so I put Verizon, then saved, then slid to turn off mobile data for about 5 minutes and when I slid mobile data back on she was working.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      I’m glad it worked. I don’t know why they don’t publish the APN settings for the Verizon network on It maybe because in past all these devices that used the Verizon network automatically set the APN. This doesn’t seem to be the case anymorw. The phone support team appears to work from a support script and doesn’t vary from it. Enjoy your phone.

  4. M. Williford | | Reply

    The verizon settings worked for perfect for me! Thank you so much! I had already spent an hour or so on the phone with straighgttalk did 4 different troubleshoots and still had no luck but had to end the call for personal reasons. I had also tried 4 other website apn settings but nothing worked til i found this webpage & finally it was a success! Again THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  5. Mp | | Reply

    I bought a new LG Fiesta 2 and I am using my old SIM card from my previous straight talk, on Verizon network, phone that broke (had it for 4 months and it stopped working) and now picture messages will not send or receive on the new phone. 4G data does work and everything else seems to be working on the new phone. Just the issue with picture messaging. Do you have the full apn so I can create a new one? My phone wont let me edit the one that came on my new phone.

  6. bRad | | Reply

    THANK YOU!!!!
    Nexust 5x on Straight Talk Verizon

  7. Wayne S | | Reply

    My experience with bring your own phone may help alleviate someone else’s frustration with APN settings. I recently purchased a new, factory unlocked, Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime phone and when I inserted the SIM card (AT&T) from my old phone, a Blu Life X8, the Samsung automatically set up the tfdata profile. The Blu phone operated with the RESELLER profile. So I manually set up the RESELLER profile. However, the phone kept reverting back to the tfdata profile. Apparently the tfdata profile is still active and works. I called Straighttalk tech support and the person had me log on to the Internet – no problem there – and had me send a picture to myself using MMS. No problem there either. Since talking to Straighttalk, I’ve tested both the Internet and MMS numerous times and they seem to work just fine. So, I would say that if your phone won’t accept or work with the RESELLER profile, try the tfdata profile.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Wayne,
      thanks for the comment. Yes the old APN tfdata still works. And I have had the same issue with a BLU phone I have too. One thing I noticed on my phone is that I can edit the TFDATA APN and change the value to reseller and the other values too and they remain. I’m don’t think I’d recommend people change it if everything is working with tfdata. At one point though, maybe they will disable the older APN.

      The problem seems to be that for some reason the BLU phone is filtering the list of APNs being displayed. If you put an AT&T SIM in the phone, you’ll see a different list of APNs, including the reseller one you previously entered. The APN you created was saved but not displayed. I asked BLU about it once and they didn’t respond.

  8. ToniJ | | Reply

    I have never been soon frustrated with something as I have with this ! I have been a ST BYOP customer for 8+ years and have never had a problem with configuring phone. Brief history: I forgot my phone when I went out of town to assess an inherited house & property. Due to cost effectiveness, it was better for me to find a temporary phone to use for 6 weeks until we returned and I could get my phone. So, my son (gotta love him) RENTED me a phone for a month at a rent to own company (then helped himself to the remaining money and went to an LSU game). OK…….when I called rent a center they just keep telling me the phone is “unlocked”. When I called straight talk (over 6 hours total time on 4 separate calls) and asked them if I could use another SIM card that was in my BYOP activation kit. The MIA phone was ATT, but tech support told me that I could use the TMOBILE SIM that came in the same packet in this reunited GALAXY S7. Fast Forward to present…..BULLCRAP ! IT HAS BEEN 32 DAYS and I can’t even BEGIN TO GUESS how many APNS I have tried and NOT EVEN ONE was successful to access necessary functions on my phone. If a text message is rec’d and sent, then you can’t make calls only receive them. Mobile data ? What’s that? In 32 days I used less than 2G of my purchased 10G of data. Can someone PLLLEEAAASSSE HELP

    • ToniJ | | Reply

      Ah yes, lest we forget….sending and receiving pics? ABSO-DANG-LUTELY NOT !!

      • Bob Thompson | | Reply

        Hi Toni,
        An AT&T Galaxy S7 should also be compatible with the T-Mobile network. If the phone works at all with the SIM card in it then it doesn’t appear to be locked. The Straight Talk APN for the T-Mobile network is wap.tracfone. If your data is slow or not working, it could be that you are using your phone in an area with poor T-mobile coverage. If you know the AT&T network works well where you are, order a new Straight Talk AT&T SIM ($0.99) online. Contact support via online support after you get a the new SIM, tell them the T-mobile network doesn’t work in your area and you haven’t been able to use your phone for X number of days. Transfer the service to the new AT&T SIM and ask them to credit your account for the days you were without service.

        I don’t know if you or your son are making monthly payments on the phone, but consider an inexpensive Android phone (BLU, Moto G5) or even Straight Talk’s iPhone SE ($129) instead of renting. Also if you use a lot of data, consider buying a Samsung phone from Straight Talk to get unlimited data for $55 per month (ask them which network it will use it your area).

        Just curious, when you turn off Wi-Fi do you see a 2G, 3G, H, H+ or 4G LTE in your status bar? I curious if the issue is no T-Mobile coverage in your area.

        Let me know how it goes.

    • R. Zinds | | Reply

      I just had to chime in on this no service issue, I recently signed onto TMobile with their $85 totally unlimited plan with hotspot and tethering, etc..

      I was able to log onto the web the first night but it was constantly dropping, then the next day I couldn’t even get a signal to register any bars. This was how it was for the next 4 days, I cancelled my service. In 1 week I was only able to use 259mb of dats out of my 32Gb of guaranteed 4glte data.

      If you are setting up a BYOP through ST make sure you use the AT&T SIM. I did a BYOP on ST with a BLU STUDIO X6, I got both AT&T and TMobile SIMs and I didn’t even bother with TMobile, their service is a farse, it’s a sham, it doesn’t exist. That’s why they offer so much because you’ll never be able to use even a fraction of what you are paying for.

      AT&T Service was still much slower than the regular trscfone service that is running on Verizon, if you have an unlocked phone it will be GSM and not all unlocked phones can or will be able to get a 4g LTE signal, that was the case with my BLU which I promptly rrsold the day after I tried it out.

      You’re way better off just picking up an older used Verizon 4G lte phone, I’m selling a fee for $10 to $20 , I transferred my SIM and they worked without even setting new APN. Just a little bit slower than new Quad core phones but worked fine.

      I thought that unlocked was going to be the best way to go until I found out that you will never be on Verizons network if you’re working with a GSM provider, I would never give up my Verizon service though ST, I bought a ST phone and always have web at all times, day or night.

  9. Trina | | Reply

    I had my APN settings working perfectly, I had to factory reset my phone and I cant remember the settings I had, I have tried over 20 different setting types and nothing is working. It’s just sending pictures I’m having problems with, what am I doing wrong?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      What type of phone do you have and do you know if you are using Straight Talk’s AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint networks…

      • Trina | | Reply

        It’s a Blu Vivo XL and it’s running on the AT&T Straight Talk.

        • Bob Thompson | | Reply

          The APN is reseller. did you also set the APN type to default,mms,supl

          • Trina | |

            Yes, I’ve tried all that, I meant to put the only problem I’m having is that it isn’t sending pictures. I know it can take some wait time until it’s actually working, however, I’m still not having any results.

          • Bob Thompson | |

            btw.. are you able to receive pictures…

          • Trina | |

            I sent them to you, did you get them?

          • Trina | |

            So I gave it a few days and it’s still not letting me send out MMS messages.

          • Bob Thompson | |

            did you try my previous suggestions from 9/7?

          • Trina | |

            Yeah. I followed everything step by step.

  10. Harb | | Reply

    Yes!!! It worked. I just picked up a ZTE straight talk phone from Walmart for $30. I really like it but I had no G (data?). I used the settings above for Verizon network because that’s what I’ve heard we get around here if we are on Verizon. As soon as I set the last value 4G LTE showed up on my instantly – thank you so much!

  11. Tyranis Firemord | | Reply

    I have been a straight talk customer for quite some time (5 years). I have the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4. Used the BYOP packet. Had the phone for a little over 2 years. Apn settings up to date and everything. However my data is super slow. Before throttle I have 5mb/s (that’s not the issue) but after throttle I only have 8 kb/s (that’s the issue). This is way below the advertised 64kb/s after throttle. Dial up is faster then my phone. How do I fix this. It has beem slowly driving mad.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      I agree with you that throttled Straight Talk performance. Sometimes I think the problem with their throttled service isn’t the speed by the latency.
      I have never heard of anyone really being able to fix it. How did you measure 8kb/s? You might be better off looking at two other options if you want to be on the Verizon network. See Two Other Options: Verizon Wireless Prepaid and Total Wireless

      • Tyranis Firemord | | Reply

        My galaxy s4 can tell me the current download/upload speed of my data. It generally stays around 8kb/s when throttled. I have no issue with them throttling it. However you are supposed to be throttled to 64kb/s and I have never gotten that. I can work with 64kb/s but 8kb/s is ridiculous.

        As for verizon, honestly I hate verizon with a passion. But that is where my phone is originally through and if I put an AT&T card in it I only get 256kb/s before throttling and no data at all afterwards.

  12. DZ | | Reply

    Straight Talk Verizon is TRACFONE.VZWENTP
    not TRACFONE.VZENTP that is shown here.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Thanks for pointing out the typo. I corrected it.

  13. jermaine | | Reply

    my huawei h8921 smartphone will not connect to data when i connect to wifi its fine but no data. it dosnt even show the icon though every so offten (like a week or so) it will turn on for about 3 mins and then nothing.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Are you saying you never see a 4G LTE indicator in the status bar? Does data ever work? Did you set up the APN?

  14. alex | | Reply

    For Straight Talk t-mobile, the MMSC server is on port 80. For iPhone, this is the entry:
    apn: wap.tracfone
    MMS proxy : leave blank

    Tested as of 08/21/2016 on an iPhone 6s. Hope it helps!

  15. Kevin J | | Reply

    My APM settings will not upload from the web site. Iphone 5 (verizon) keeps blocking this. Happened once before last year, when Straighttalk tried to upgrade the APN.

    Only thing that will work is

    1) Backup photos and contacts and applications. You will not do a restore, but will instead set up a new phone. and then reinstall everything.

    2) Pull your STRAIGHT TALK 4G chip out of your Iphone 5 (verizon) and put the Verizon chip back in.

    3) Do a full erase to factory settings. set up as a new iphone 5. DO NOT RESTORE. Upload the APN settings from with teh old verison chip in the phone (while on wifi of course)

    4) switch to your actual Straight Talk 4G chip for verizon (CDMA). Your data should be working.

    5) Start reinstalling all the applications. Again DO NOT RESTORE or your APN will be over written with the old APN that can not be written over.

    Its all a PITA but this will work. Straight Talk will be clueless about getting this to work.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      try, see if that works. Seems to be a newer one.

  16. Sarah White | | Reply

    I’ve contacted straight talk and dealt with supervisors up to corporate with my issue. I have the iPhone 5s and for some reason my cellular data will not update. One of the reps sent me a link through text and when I went to it, it did change my profile. BUT, it connected me to a cellular profile that expired November 19, 2014!! It says “not verified” under “signed by”. It’s supposed to be on the “tfdata” cite/profile thing… but I can’t find a recent website that gives me the link to install. I’m not good with technology, but I do know that my phone is not acting right and that there HAS to be a more recent link to a profile that isn’t almost 2 years expired. Please, please respond to me ASAP. This is my only means of communication and I’m a stay at home mom of 5. My phone is a necessity!!

  17. Ms Aaron | | Reply

    Ok I found the APN info but I can’t find where to set up a new APN in her straight talk Samsung Galaxy core prime phone. When I go to settings > more networks > mobile networks > and I have the option of changing the network mode from LTE/CDMA or CDMA. Under mobile network option I have VPN but I don’t see APN anywhere

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