Straight Talk Wireless Increases High Speed Wireless Data to 5GB!

I received a text message above from Straight Talk Wireless yesterday and it looks like they have increased the amount of high speed data on their $45 a month plan from 3GB to 5GB. This is amazing news and I know many smartphonematters readers are going to be very happy. Thanks to those of you who left comments to let me know about it to. I was performing maintenance on the smartphonematters servers that run this web site yesterday so I didn’t get a chance to write an article.

Now at 5GB of data, Straight Talk takes the lead in offering the most high speed data for the money. For many this can even change how they use their cell phone. with 5GB of high speed data you can now listen to streaming music or watch video on your phone without fear of using up your monthly allotment and having your data connection throttled.

I’d must admit though, I have recently been wondering exactly how much data my wife and I use per month. I have been considering moving both of us to a cheaper plan if I find we aren’t using all the data we are paying for. We’d most likely end up paying more per GB of high speed data, but lower our total bill.

So what about you? Are you ready to use up all this extra data? Just happy to know you won’t run out? Or thinking you are not using what you are currently paying for?

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  1. deb coder | |

    I received that text but apparently its a crock of crap. Im still only showing 2.5gb

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Deb,
      Apparently Straight Talk is only been offering this to BYOP customers, and not customers who bought their phones from Straight Talk. what type of phone do you have?

  2. Seth Martinez | |

    I have two ST phone and I payed for the whole year for both when or do we get to have 5g also?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Seth,
      From what I can tell the 5GB of high speed data per month only applies to customers using the Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) plan. If you bought your phone from Straight Talk, you still on the 3GB plan. And this should hold true regardless of how you decided to pay. So BYOP phone with one year service plan should be getting 5GB per month. A Straight Talk purchased phone with one year service plan would get 3GB per month.

      What type of phones are you using and where did you buy them?


  3. Steve Mills | |

    I actually hit the limit on a trip this month. Not common, but it does happen. Using a crippled phone until the next refills ugly.

    I’m considering the Simple Mobile 10 Gig plan for $5 more. It’s a sister company, so I can’t see much downside.

    Bob, have you looked into that?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Steve,
      I haven’t tried Simple Mobile. As far as I know, they only use the TMobile network. So if the TMobile network works ok for you, it might be worth trying. One thing to keep in mind is that if you occasionally run out of data, you can always re up your refill immediately. If you only had do to it once in a year, the difference would be $45 vs $60($5 x 12 months).

      I which Straight Talk and Net10 would just let you buy another 1GB when you need it.

  4. Doug | |

    Got the text same time as you did. I think its great.

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