StraightTalk and the iPhone

I recently setup my niece with the iPhone 5 and StraightTalk Wireless.  I bought the StraightTalk Bring Your Own Phone Kit at Walmart for $65. The kit included a $45 Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data Nationwide Anytime card for 30 service days and three SIM cards: one full size T-Mobile SIM, one full size AT&T compatible SIM card and one AT&T compatible microSIM card.

The process of getting the iPhone working for StraightTalk is essentially the same as Net10. If fact, Net10, StraightTalk, and Tracfone are all prepaid mobile services owned parent company América Mvil.

I’ll do a full guide on setting up StraightTalk with the AT&T compatible iPhone soon. But I wanted to do a post to comment that the setup process is almost identitcal . One thing I noticed is that the StraightTalk is cheaper, its $45 a month rather than $50 a month.  That’s 10% cheaper, $60 a year, or even an extra 1.3 months of service.  I’m not sure why I should stick with Net10 when I can get the essentially the same service cheaper.

Also, unlike Net10 advertises that they offer the iPhone. You can go to Walmart and buy an iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, or iPhone 5 and sign up for StraightTalk service. I’ll have a post about this as well.

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