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Today I wanted to tell you about Sunshine Mobile. Sunshine Mobile promises a cell phone contract with no credit checks. With Sunshine Mobile, people with bad credit or no credit can get a premium phone and cellular service without a credit check. Sunshine Mobile offers premium smartphones from both Apple and Samsung.

Be advised though if you sign up for Sunshine Mobile you’ll pay a hefty price for a premium phone. For example, Sunshine mobile has the iPhone X for 52 weekly payments of $26.65 per week for a total price of $1385.80. Apple’s retail price for the same iPhone X is currently $999. In the end you’ll pay about $386 over the retail price for this iPhone X. That’s close to 39% over retail price. Worse, is that if you sign up for Sunshine Mobile, you’ll need to make 12 weekly payments before they even send you the phone. That’s three months and about $320.

Sunshine Mobile also has the Samsung Galaxy S9+ for 52 weekly payments of $22.66 for a total price of $1178.32. While the retail price of the S9+ is $890, you can often find this phone for less. Currently sells the S9+ for $740 and has it for $790. In the end you’ll pay $438.32 over the Best Buy price for this phone. That’s close to 49.2% over the retail price for the Galaxy S9+. And just like with the iPhone X, you’ll need to make 12 weekly payments before they even send you the phone. That’s three months and about $272.

As for phone service costs, Sunshine Mobile charges 7 cents per minute and text. Data costs 15 cents per MB, which comes out to $15 per GB. Sunshine Mobile doesn’t make it clear which cellular network your phone will use but simply says their SIM works with all the major networks in one SIM. This isn’t very clear as we are left wondering which major networks and does it mean the phone can switch between networks or you are assigned to one network when you sign up.

The website doesn’t provide any clear description of what happens if you decide to cancel your service either before or after you get your phone and instead just says to email them for more details.

As adults I think people are capable of making their own choices. If you really want a premium phone but have poor on no credit this is certainly an expensive way to buy one. On the other hand I think it’s a poor choice as if you have no credit or bad credit perhaps you could be spending your money more wisely. Either way, I’d hope people understand the cost and make an informed decision.

What do you think? Would you even sign up for Sunshine Mobile or recommend it to a friend? Leave a reply below and share.

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  1. Kyle | | Reply

    Their website is incredibly vague and that should scare you. How do they expect you to wait 3 months for a device if you dont have an unlocked device currently? The PAYG scheme would be nice for people who barely use their phone or are normally always on a wifi connection, but just wait for that month you are on vacation. Almost anyone would be better off saving their money for 3 months, buying an unlocked device, and signing up with Boost, Cricket, or Metro. Theres a website called decluttr (or something like that) that sells refurbed devices for very cheap and they all come with a 12 month warranty. Thats a far better option and youll know what network you’ll be using and be able to make choices based on that.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Adults need to make can make their own informed decisions. That said I’d never recommend sunshine to a friend or family member. Some people from the UK left comments in my video saying they thought it was a good deal. Whatever. I’d agree wit your suggestions or to by a cheap iPhone from one of the tracfone brands

  2. Latrice | | Reply

    Checking the status

  3. Andrew | | Reply

    R the phones locked

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