Switching from Straight Talk to Net10

Ben from Palm Springs recently commented…

My wife and I just finished our contract with Sprint and wanted to try Straight Talk for the great price. Since they don’t sell the ATT sim cards anymore I tried the T-Mobile sim. What they don’t tell you is that they use the T-Mobile prepaid towers not their normal towers and reception was so scarce where I am. I switched to Net10 since it’s another company owned by Tracfone, but they have ATT sim cards, and everything other then MMS was working. I followed your “Method 2″ and used the “tfdata” settings and everything works now, Data and MMS. Thank you so much. I am in the Palm Springs area if that helps anyone with their setup.

Hi Ben,
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience.  You are 100% on target. I have been trying to spread that message here at smartphonematters.com for the last month that the using the T-Mobile network isn’t usually the best option for iPhone users. I wrote some articles about this earlier in the year, but recently have been seeing a lot of comments from Straight Talk customers reading  my How to Setup Straight Talk Wireless Data and MMS for your iPhone running iOS 6 guide.  And you have lived the through experience. What I really appreciate about your story is that:

  • you tried a prepaid service
  • you found out it didn’t meet your needs
  • you did some research to find a service that did
  • and you tool the action switched!

With Prepaid cell service from Straight Talk, Net10, AT&T, T-Mobile or whoever we are committed for just the amount we paid up front for, which is usually only a month.  I only wish that you had been able to find some of my articles earlier which may have saved you some time.

I wonder if I you would mind a few follow up questions?  Did you port your phone numbers? and if so, did you have any issues?  Finally, are you using iPhones and if so what models? Thanks for any info you can share with the readers.

Best Regards,


  1. Wood | |

    Hi, so I recently purchase a Samsung galaxy s6. The seller said it was unlocked, and they went from straight talk to net10. I know they are essentially the same network. Is it safe to assume that this phone is completely unlocked or would it be only to certain carriers?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hey. I am not sure I understand what you are asking but… If the S6 was purchased from Straight Talk the phone was likely locked. A locked Straight Talk phone would work with Net10’s ATT or TMobile network without being unlocked. So moving from Straight Talk to Net10 is not proof the phone is unlocked. If you already have the phone, borrow an AT&T or Verizon SIM from a friend, put it in the phone and then you will know if it is locked or not. If the previous owner used the phone for longer than 12 months on Straight Talk or Net10, they should be able to get the phone unlocked by Straight Talk for free. See ttps://www.tfwunlockpolicy.com/wps/portal/home/

      You did not say what model S6 you bought. If the phone was used on either Straight Talk’s or Net10’s Verizon network, the phone’s MEID will still be registered on their account. You may also find the phone is not eligible for use on Verizon. You won’t know unless you check the phone’s MEID (serial number). See Checking If Your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S Is Compatible With Straight Talk’s Verizon Network.

  2. Steph | |

    I am switching from straighttalk to net 10,will I be able to keep same phone number and phone?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Your number, yes. The phone, it depends to the phone model and the towers you want to use. Are you using ST’s verizon towers?

  3. Will | |

    I am looking at switching straight talk phones to net 10. I am on straight talk verizon network and am wondering if the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy Sky from straight talk will transfer to net 10?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      I’d think so. You’ll need to check the phones’ meid numbers. Keep in mind that both net10 and straight talk are both owned by tracfone. The only reason to switch is if the plans better suit your needs. You should also consider total wireless which is also a tracfone brand and even Verizon prepaid depending on your needs. I’d be happy to discuss this further, may I ask why you want to switch?

  4. Matthew | |

    Can I keep my straight talk phone number if I switch to Net 10?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      yes. but we aware Net10 and Straight Talk are virtually identical. They are owned by the same company. the Straight Talk brand is exclusive to walmart. Net10 is available from a number of retailers.

  5. Shelby | |

    Can I turn my straight talk phone on with net 10?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      It depends on the phone. These two companies are owned by tracfone so the service is identical. Why do you want to use Net10 Vs Straight Talk?

  6. Sarah | |

    Hi Bob,
    I am in upstate NY and saw a family plan offered on Walmart’s website, but we don’t have the towers to support it up here. I currently have a galaxy s3 with straight talk, and I need to get a phone for the kids. It doesn’t look like straight talk has a family plan, I was thinking of switching to net10, but I don’t know if my phone will transfer over. Would you happen to know? thanks for your help!- sarah

    • Bob Thompson | |

      You’ll be able to transfer your phone number from Straight Talk to Net10. Your account balance will not transfer. You may be able to use your current phone on Net10. Straight Talk uses several different networks. Your current phone is mostly using the Straight Talk Verizon network or the Straight Talk AT&T network.
      If your phone is using the Straight Talk AT&T network it should work on Net10’s ATT network. If your phone is using Straight Talk’s Verizon network, you’ll need to check if the phone is eligible for use on Net10’s Verizon network. You can check that here https://www.net10.com/byop_finder_regis/index.jsp Choose Other Carrier I Don’t Know.

      BTW Straight Talk, Net10, an Tracfone are three brands owned by the same company, so the service isidentical. The offer different plans however, as you found out. Straight Talk is exclusive for Walmart. Net10 is for all other retailers.

      Another option to a family plan on Net10 is for you to stay on Straight Talk and put the kids on Tracfone. If you don’t want to give them unlimited talk, text, and data you can put them on a much less expensive Tracfone plan. You can pocket the savings or even spend a little more on nicer phones. A used iPhone with Tracfone can be a sweet deal, especially if they have access to WiFi.

      If you find out that you are using the Straight Talk ATT network or that ATT has service in your area, Cricket Wireless might be a better option for you. You could get a less expensive family buy choosing the right amount of high speed data you need.

      Finally, you were probably referring to Walmart’s Family Mobile plan earlier, it use the TMobile network and I would not be surprised to find out that there is little or no coverage upstate.


  7. Kenneth | |

    I have straight talk service just got a note 2 set for net 10 what can I do to make my phone work better

    • Bob Thompson | |

      What do you mean by better?

  8. Dan | |

    Can I buy a straight talk phone to use on my exsisting net 10 service?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Dan,
      I can’t say for sure.
      A Straight Talk ATT or Straight Talk TMobile phone should work with Net10’s ATT or T-Mobile network. I’d be wary of trying a Straight Talk Verizon phone with Net10. What phone do you want to buy?

  9. jessica | |

    I had a LG lucky phone(Verizon)net10 and it broke so customer service said they would send me a new one with a 50$ service card already on it because thats what i had on the phone that broke so now im tryin to figure out how to switch from net10 to straight talk.can u help me plz

    • Bob Thompson | |

      I don’t understand. Are you saying you want to use a net10 $50 service card with straight talk? Yo can’t do that. Or just the phone? The phone might works


  10. Michael Lee | |

    Can I use my Net 10 Smartphone on Straight Talk ? I was just wondering this cause I just got a phone from a friend and it has the same looking logo on it.. Please let me know asap ! Thanks..

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Most Likely. both companies are owned by Tracfone. What model phone?

  11. michelle | |

    I currently purchased an unlocked iphone4 for at@t from a friend who was using it for straight talk. I use net10 and i am wondering what sim to purchase so i will be able to save most of what i have on my phone and keep my number

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Michelle,
      Assuming you want to use the Net10 ATT network, you’ll need to by the Net10 ATT network compatible micro SIM. Once you have the new SIM, you can log into your account on the Net10 website and transfer your service from your current phone to the new SIM and then use that SIM in your iPhone.

      Transferring your service is easy.
      Log in to you online account t on the net10 website
      Create one if you don’t have one
      Choose activate new phone or SIM card
      Click activate under the picture of the sim
      Select Transfer my Existing NET10 Service
      Click continue
      Enter the sim number for your new sim
      Select your current product
      Click submit…

      That should be it. Or at least get you 99% there.

      If have done this a few times it’s pretty easy.
      Let me know how it goes.

  12. robert | |

    well i hate to admit it but you all missed his question he was wanting to port his number from straight talk to net 10 which is what i’m wondering about too so if someone could answer that it’d be great cause i don’t want to go through my contacts and let them know my new number either.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Robert,
      I think you should be able to port your number from Straight Talk to Net10. May I ask why you want to switch from Net10 to Straight Talk. I use both services and the are pretty much identical. They pricing is a little different but the service is the same. Net10 and Straight Talk are both owned by the same company.


      • AngelaR | |

        Where some people may not realize that Net10 & Straight Talk are “sister” companies & the service is practically the same, except for a small price gap; I personally choose to stay with Net10 because you can buy Net10 service cards just about any retail store (Wal-Mart,Dollar General,Kroger, Freds,etc) where Straight Talk can only be purchased online or at Wal-Mart.I buy mine at Kroger to get the points to save on fuel.

        • Bob Thompson | |

          Hi AngelaR,
          Thanks for the comment. You are right, I often remind people of that very point. If you rely on buying prepaid cards in the store, its nice to use a wireless company that sells their cards in a lot of locations.


  13. Tyler | |

    Currently have the iPhone 5 for straight talk and am trying to use my same number for net 10 to run off the AT&T towers 4g . Called and tried to switch my number over and they said they couldn’t switch it over cause it was already straighttalk and i would have to purchase a net 10 phone . If anyone knows any ways around that please let me kno

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Hi Tyler,
      Straight Talk and Net10 are nearly identical. You don’t need to switch your from Straight Talk to Net10 to move to ATT. You can order a Straight Talk ATT nano SIM. Log in to the the Straight Talk web site and transfer your service from the Straight Talk iPhone to the Straight Talk SIM. Put the SIM in the iPhone and you should be good to go.

      Your Straight Talk iPhone 5 is currently using Straight Talk’s Verizon network. When you are done you will be on Straight talk’s ATT network.

    • Tyler | |

      Wondering if they will have problems with keeping my same number cause that was a issue last time with going back to straight talk

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