Ting Mobile Latest Plans and Features for August 2021

ting.com offers prepaid wireless service for as low as $10 per month.

In this article, I’m going to take a look at the Ting Mobile Plans and Features for August 2021. Before going further, I want to point out that this is not a full review. I’m just going to look at what Ting has to offer.

Turns out I’ve haven’t ever reviewed Ting. Depending the response I get to this article and my YouTuble video,I’ll do a Ting Review. You can lean more about Ting on ting.com


Whenever you sign up for a prepaid wireless service it’s important to understand what network it actually uses. Most prepaid wireless companies use either the AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, or Sprint networks

Ting uses the T-Mobile’s 4G LTE and 5G networks according to the Ting Customer Representative I spoke with online. All Ting phones and Ting’s BYOP SIM kit use the T-Mobile towers.

But ting.com also offers service on the Verizon network “as a backup” for customers that are in areas that do not have T-Mobile coverage. At Ting’s discretion, Ting will offer to switch you from the T-Mobile towers to the Verizon towers if have poor or no coverage. You do not have the option to choose the Verizon towers immediately.

Previously Ting used the Sprint network.Ting has migrated or is still in the process of migrating long time customers from the older Sprint network to the newer T-Mobile network

You’ll Need a Phone

When You sign up for Ting, you’ll need a phone. You have the option to buy a phone directly from Ting or bring your own phone.

Buying a phone from Ting

Ting has a reasonable selection of phones. They sell a number of Apple iPhone models. They also offer Samsung Galaxy models. They even offer some Motorola Android phones too.

They sell expensive top of the line phones as well as less expensive value priced phones. Many of the phones Ting offers sell at full retail price. When I looked through the list, I saw the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini discounted by $100. The iPhone SE was discounted by $50.

They offer the options to pay the full price for your phone upfront or make monthly payments. The Ting customer service rep told me that all Ting phones are sold unlocked. If having an unlocked phone is important to you, always check with customer service yourself to make sure the phone is unlocked or you undertand their unlocking policy

Bring Your Own to Ting

You can also bring your own phone to Ting. Ting sells a $1 SIM Kit. Your phone will need to be compatible. Use the link on ting.com to check your phone’s compatibility if you are not sure.


Let’s check out the Ting plans. Ting offers five plans

Ting has two “Set” plans. Ting has two “Unlimited” Plans. Ting offers one “Flex” Plan

All Ting Plans include unlimited nationwide talk and text. You can make calls from inside the US to and other location in the US. Same for text messages.

All Ting plan prices do not include taxes and fees. Taxes and fees will difer depending on the state you live in

$25 Set 5 Plan

They call this the set plan because you have a fixed or “set” amount of high speed data.

Ting’s Set 5 Plan includes 5 GB of fast data. Use up your fast data and you’ll still be connected, but with 2G reduced 2G speed data. According to Ting, 2G speed is enough to stay connected but not sufficient for high-demand activities. Any plan data remaining at the end of the month does not roll over

Ting includes Mobile Hotspot. Mobile Hotspot lets you connect your laptop, tablet, or other WiFi device to the internet using your phone’s cellular data connection. Use can use all your 5 GB of fast data with hotspot.

$35 Set 12 plan

The Set 12 Plan works the same way as the Set 5 plan. It includes 12 GB of fast data, and reduced 2G speed data when that runs out.

You can use can use up to 8 GB of fast data with hotspot

$45 Unlimited plan

Ting calls this an “unlimited” plan. The plan includes 22 GB of fast data and 2G reduced speed data afterwords.
You can use up to 12 GB of fast data with hotspot.

Like other prepaid wireless carriers, Ting is calling plans with a large fixed or set amount of fast data, “unlimited”. Their reasoning is that the the plan includes so much fast data, that its effectively unlimited for most customers. While I understand their point, I disagree with this practice.

Many of my readers and viewers use 100s of GB of data. In the end what’s important is not what the carrier calls the plan. It’s whether or not you understand the plan terms and if it meets your needs.

$55 Unlimited Pro Plan

This plan comes with 35 GB fast data, and reduced 2G speeds afterwards
You can use up to 18 GB of fast data for mobile hotspot.

$10 Flex Plan

The $10 Flex plan includes unlimited nation-wide talk and text. However, no data is included with this plan

Instead you add data as needed and pay for what you use. You add data in 1 GB increments for $5. The add-on data can be shared across other lines on your account.

For example, two flex lines can use the same $5 1GB purchase. This plan is good for consumers with modest needs for data. I should have put my wife on this plan in 2020. See needed very little data because of DIVOC-91

$5 1GB Fast Data Add-on

Ting offer a $5 1 GB Fast Data Top Off. You can add more fast data as needed. Fast data can be added to all Flex, Set, or Unlimited Plans. Data add ons can be used for mobile hotspot. Unused data carries over once to the text billing cycle.

Other Features

Ting includes other features.

Wi-Fi calling

Ting offers Wi-Fi calling. Wi-Fi calling lets you make and receive phone calls and send and receive text messages using an active Wi-Fi connection rather than over the cellular network.

Wi-Fi calling is good for when you are in an area with poor or no cell coverage but have access to Wi-Fi. For example, if you are in an office building or traveling outside the country.

Ting has instructions to set up Wi-Fi calling for iPhone and Android in their Help center.

International Calling

Ting also includes international calling. International calling is when you call from the USA to countries outside the US. You can check the rates for a specific country on ting.com

They claim you can call 60+ countries for free but I could not find the list.

International Roaming

Ting offers international roaming for additional per minute, per MB, and per text charges. This means you can use your phone outside the US.

Check ting.com to see the rates
It was not clear to me how you pay for this. I assume you would purchase a credit from which these charges would be deducted.

Mobile Hotspot

As discussed earlier, Ting includes Mobile Hotspot. You can find instructions for iPhone and Android in the Help center on ting.com .

Visual Voicemail

Ting includes visual voicemail for supported phones. Check the help center on ting.com for more details.

What about you? Have you tried Ting? If not, are you thinking about it. Leave a reply below and share.