Total Wireless EPIC DEALS: Dates: 7/12-7/18/2022

If you are looking to sign up for Total Wireless you’ll need a phone. With Total Wireless you’ll have the choice to Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) or buy one directly from Total Wireless.

On this page, I’ll share the latest Total Wireless deals and promotions for . With some of the deals here you could save $100 or more on an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or other Android phone.

Current Promo Codes

This month Total Wireless is offering:

July Deals:

DATES: 7/1-7/31


DATES: 7/12-7/18

iPhone Deals and Promotions

$50 off iPhone XR 64GB. Now: $249.99 with Plan Purchase

Samsung Deals and Promotions


LG Deals and Promotions

Save $30 on LG Stylo 3. Was: $129.99 Now: $99.99

Other Tracfone Brand Deals and Promo codes

50% off Nokia G300 5G. Now: $99.99 with Plan Purchase

50% off TCL A3X. Now: $39.99 with Plan Purchase

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  1. Finn | |

    Hello There and Thank You for All of Your YouTube Videos, Splendid Online Advice, Comments, Thoughts, etc., especially on Total Wireless — I Really Appreciate Your Time and Efforts (and I’m So Happy that I came-across Your YouTube Channel even in the first place [just today] as I was further researching if I should even ‘Stay With Total Wireless’ since Total Wireless’ Website has been Extremely “Glitchy” lately, and Their Customer Service (and Customer Service Reps) have been Very Very Inconsistent on Every Phone Call that I made to Total Wireless [thus wasting a lot of my time], Very Uninformed, Not Properly Trained to even answer Customer’s Basic Inquiries which cannot be found on Total Wireless’ Website, etc., — so that all has been very “draining” to bear on-top-of Everything Else Currently Going-On In Our World). 

    So — I do (currently/still) have Total Wireless (I’ve been with them for about 1 1/2 Years Now, and I’m a “Good Customer” At All Levels I think — I even have done “Auto-Refill Pay” since Day 1 When I Started With Total Wireless)…however, (not even once and yet) has Total Wireless even emailed me directly about any Total Wireless Deals, Special Offers, Promo Codes which is very surprising (as I am looking to purchase a New SmartPhone and I’m debating whether I should buy directly from Total Wireless or not…yet, I’m considering buying my next SmartPhone from Total Wireless directly in case I could get ‘Reward Points’ [as one Total Wireless Customer Rep told me just a few days ago], and then if I could qualify for [any] Extra Total Wireless Perks, etc.,) — especially since I’m a Long-Standing Total Wireless Customer at this point. 

    I was (On Contract) with Verizon for many years (until I switched to Total Wireless because I wanted more flexibility as a Wireless Customer), and right after The 1 year Mark With Verizon — Verizon provided Very Good Service & Customer Service, and Verizon was always doing what They could to “Retain Me As A Customer” by sending me Special Deals & Offers as I was their Long-Standing/Existing Customer and it was all 100% Accurate/Legitimate and done with Very Good Customer Service as well (which has Definitely got me questioning if I’m going to keep Total Wireless for much longer and therefore — do I even really want to/should make an Expensive SmartPhone Purchase through Total Wireless in the first-place currently since My Customer Confidence In Total Wireless Has Definitely Plummeted as of late…). 

    Yet : If You have any thoughts, ideas, advice on what I need to do and how (best) via Total Wireless — so that I can be “opted-in” to receive Total Wireless Special Deals To Existing Customers — I’d really appreciate You pointing me in that direction if/when You know, and I’ll ‘Test Out’ Total Wireless until June 30th, 2020 (Max) [which would be ‘The End’ of my current ‘Billing Cycle’ I think], and then, I can go (and will go) with a Different Phone Carrier Service all-together if need be — do You have any Good Recommendations regarding that perhaps…? 

    For now — I am currently though still very much shopping around for a Decent Deal On A Decent Motorola SmartPhone (at the earliest possible) — would You perhaps know of any Total Wireless Promo Codes out there that I can ‘input’ into The Total Wireless Shopping Cart for a Good/Decent Discount on a Motorola SmartPhone to see if that works on Total Wireless…(?) — or perhaps now that July 4th Savings are starting to happen or will happen very soon here — if You even know of other Well-Established Websites that I could buy an Unlocked Decent (i.e. Mid-Range Price) Motorola SmartPhone — I’d definitely be open to that too. 
    I’ve always been An Android User (yet I have been Very Fascinated/”Tempted” by The iPhone, Apple, Mac Devices/Gadgets as I “Grew-Up On Apple” and One Of My All-Time Heroes is The Great Steve Jobs) yet, I just got so used-to My Motorola SmartPhones (and other Android Devices) for many years now…however, since ‘You Do Know Exactly What You’re Talking About’ — and if You think that I should give The iPhone a Proper Test Drive so that I can Experience The iPhone (and The IOS) First-Hand Personally, I would definitely give-it-a-shot/A Very Good Go At It.

    Thank You For Your Time — now and in advance;

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Total Wireless, along with Straight Talk, Net10 Wireless, Simple Mobile, and several other prepaid wireless brands are all owned by Tracfone.

      While all these brands offer less expensive wireless services they simply do not offer the level of customer service and customer support that AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint offer their customers. These tracfone brands need to lease service from the big four and provide sales, service, and support to their customers. It’s a challenge because they charge less for their service and still need to make a profit. It’s clear that one way they do this is by cutting costs on customer service and support.

      As consumers, we need to decide whether this is acceptable or not. We can choose to pay for more expensive service and get the better customer experience. In 2020, the prepaid wireless business is competitive, and other prepaid wireless companies are beginning to offer better customer service and support than the Tracfone brands. The level of service still isn’t as good as that of the more expensive big four post paid services, but better than the Tracfone brands.

      If you want to stay with Total Wireless, recognize this. If you sign up for Total Wireless emails here I also post the latest deals on here My page contains affiliate links.

      If you want to explore other prepaid options, Verizon prepaid and Visible both use the Verizon network like Total Wireless and are worth checking out.

      If you are thinking of trying iPhone, the new iPhone SE is the best deal out their today. You can buy one for $305 from Total Wireless today using the promo code on my page. Other prepaid wireless carriers are offetting incentives on that phone too. It’s more expensive than the older model iPhones, but will last you for years. Thew promo code should work with the G7 from Total Wireless too. You can also buy the G7 directly from Motolora unlocked. Check deals on Moto, Amazon, B&H, and even Costco, BJs, and Sams if you are a member.

      I prefer iPhone to android, but I have an Android phone too. I currently have a Pixel 3. I like the Motorola phones, I used to talk about them more but I found that people just were less interested. Samsung’s Galaxy A series phones appear to offer a real value too.

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