Total Wireless Latest Deals and Promo Codes for May 2020

Signing up for Total Wireless? Before buying Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S, or other phone make sure to check out the latest deals and promo codes. By taking advantage of the latest Total Wireless Promo Codes you could have hundreds of dollars off the purchase of your new phone. Please note that these phones can only be activated with Total Wireless, but that the company will unlock the phones for you after you meet their unlocking requirements . See Buying Your Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S From Total Wireless

May 2020 Total Wireless Promo Codes

First, for May 2020 Use the Total Wireless promo code, SPRING15 to save 15% off your order, up to a maximum of $100 when you order a phone and plan bundle. Choose your phone and plan and apply the promo code SPRING15 in the cart. Note that SPRING15 expires May 31 and list a limited time offer valid while supplies last. See the photo below showing how to apply the promo code.

Next, Total Wireless currently is offering a 25% discount or promo code welcome discount for customers that sign up to receive deals by email. This discount or promo code here is unique for each customer, so sign up when you visit Note that with this discount, exclusions apply. Look for the box below when you visit

I recommend that you check both the Phone and Plan bundle promo code and the email discount to see which one saves you the most on the phone you are interested in.

iPhone Recommendations

For Apple iPhone, I currently recommend either the current iPhone 11 or the new iPhone SE (2nd Generation). the iPhone 11 retails for $699 and the new iPhone SE retails for $399. I recommend trying to but these models in months when you can use a promo code to save $100 or more which brings the prices down to $599 or $299. Both of these iPhones use Apple’s latest and best internals and will last you for years to come. Apple has an excellent record of delivering iPhone software updates and these phones will be powerful enough to take advantage of new features.

If you can’t afford the iPhone 11 or iPhone SE (2nd Generation). Your next best options are either the iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 models. These iPhones should receive updates for at least one more year. I do not expect the iPhone 6s or original iPhone SE models to receive updates after September 2020. Please note as Apple doesn’t publicly state how long each iPhone will receive updates, this is just my opinion.

Samsung Galaxy Recommendations

Coming soon…

Total Wireless Advertised Deals and Promotions for May 2020

Below are advertised Total Wireless Deals for May 2020. Note that while I am sharing these with you here, this is not a specific recommendation to buy any particular model phone listed below. The right phone for you depends on your specific needs and budget. If you have any questions about a phone choice, leave a reply below and I’ll try to answer them for you.

15% off phone + plan purchase when both are bought in a single transaction. Use Promo Code SPRING15 in the cart at checkout. Cannot be combined with other promotions. Max Discount $100.

Save $30 on LG Stylo 3. Was: $129.99 Now: $99.99

Save $50 on iPhone 7+. Was: $399.99 Now: $349.100

Save $50 on iPhone 6s+. Was: $199.99 Now: $149.99

Reconditioned Samsung Galaxy S5 now $69.99! Valid while supplies last at

Save $50 on iPhone 6s 32GB. Was: $149.99 Now: $99.99

Save $250 on iPhone 8 +. Was: $699.99 Now: $449.100

Save $50 on iPhone 7. Was: $299.99 Now: $249.100

Save $250 on iPhone 8. Was: $599.99 Now: $349.100

Bring Your Own Phone SIM Kit

If you already have a phone, you may be able to use it with Total Wireless. You’ll need to check to your phone’s compatibility on If you phone is compatible, order a Total Wireless BYOP SIM kit.

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