Total Wireless, No Wi-Fi Calling, and Ineffective Customer Service

A reader, Rick, recently shared his bad experience, trying to sign up with Total Wireless.

First don’t believe their web site. Wi-fi calling will not work on Verizon phones on a BYO phone activation. It says it will. Your IMEI will say good to go but it will not work. I spent 3 hours on the phone to get the account setup and 2 phones activated. Got disconnected after an hour on the phone with first rep when I asked to speak with a rep that spoke reasonably fluent English.
After about 5 hours total phone time with customer support that could not get either phones wi-fi calling working I said I wanted a refund. They then lost the connections again. Another 30 min call I got someone and they said “so sorry – you used 300mb of your 22 GB data so we can’t refund your $$. I said the rep told me to go to google to see if data was working. How are you supposed to find out it’s not working if you don’t try it? Their rep told me to do it. I had to go back home and get the order number off the home PC email which is where the order was created. Then another hour on the phone through multiple people to get the address to send the sim cards back to to obtain a refund.
This is the most painful experience I’ve ever had with anyone anywhere. I would not recommend them to anyone.
Hopefully they will actually refund my $$$ when they get the SIM card back.

Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, that is unfortunate. Prepaid wireless isn’t for everyone one of the biggest complaints I hear about the Tracfone brands and prepaid wireless in general is the lack of prompt, effective customer service and support when there is a problem. Most of the prepaid wireless customer service departments I have spoken with seem to be located off shore typically in India or the Philippines. Prepaid wireless companies typically charge much less than the post paid companies, and I expect that customer service is one of the areas they reduce costs.

I’ve heard stories from other people about customer support issues with all the different prepaid wireless companies, typically with activation issues. It’s hard to tell how prevalent they are as most people don’t typically comment on line when everything goes smoothly.

I’ve used prepaid services for about seven years both personally as well as for reviews and have never really needed customer service or was able to resolve issues, so for me the tradeoff is worth it. That’s little consolation for customers that encounter a problem when signing up or a later time.

For customers that want to know they can rely on customer service and support, I recommend sticking with prepaid services from AT&T or Verizon. You’ll pay more, they generally support more features (like WiFi calling). One advantage with these two companies is you should be able to activate new accounts in one of their stores rather than do it yourself. Both companies, do however, have different phone and online support teams.

As I said in my review, Total Wireless does not support Wi-Fi calling. I’m not sure were you read that they do but if you have a link to a place on that says they support WiFi calling please share it so I can add it to my post. I know they discuss Wi-Fi calling in the terms and conditions of service here. and they link to a page to check / register your phone for Wi-Fi calling here. This later page is used for a number of tracfone brands, and interestingly enough doesn’t list Total Wireless at the top of the page.

I hope that you do get your refund, but if you are asking for a refund based on Wi-Fi calling not being available make sure can provide a link to their site that said they support Wi-Fi calling.

In the past my reader have had more effective support by contacting their Executive Resolution department. They list an address for that at
The address is
Total Wireless
Attention Executive Resolution Department
9700 NW 112th Avenue
Miami, FL 33178

They don’t list a phone number, the last one I has was (800) 876-5753 ext 3324.

I hope you will get a refund without following up with them. If not and you bought your plan with a credit card, you may want to dispute the charge.


  1. Joe | | Reply

    I had VoLTE and wi-fi calling on my Note 8 on Verizon but since I switched to Total Wireless, I have not been able to get wi-fi calling to work on my phone but their site does lead you to believe that they have it telling you how to enable it. I chatted with a rep from TW and she said that my number was provisioned and active for those features in their system. I’ve read that the SIM card has to support it so can someone tell me if that’s true or not. Maybe I just need a different SIM card.

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Joe,
      I don’t have a solution for you, but I’ll share my thoughts.

      First thanks for sharing this link with me, I had not seen that yet. Definitely wasn’t the case when I did my receive and wrote this article. Assuming that you did fill in e911 form to activate it I’d think it should work on your Note 8.

      A new SIM card, could help. It could be that the SIM card you have doesn’t support VoLTE. It could also be that the problem resolves itself during the process of deactivating your current sim and activating a new one. A new SIM is a dollar so cost isn’t an issue. You’d just be risking something else going wrong during the process. I’d order the SIM direct from the web site to get the latest SIM.

      You could also try your SIM in someone else’s phone to see what happens. Sometimes after you turn on WiFi calling you need to wait for it to switch over.

      The other thing is that maybe it will just start working in 2020 when Verizon turns off their CDMA network and they transition everyone to voLTE. I assume that the prepaid networks will then start to get access to the umbrella of HD Voice features on Verizon.

      I’d be surprised if the TW CS Reps are able to help you resolve the problem. Sounds like you got more information from them then I would have expected.

  2. monty varma | | Reply That’s link does not work. When I call totalwireless they told they don’t provide WiFi calling option. To order to advance calling working need active WiFi calling. I don’t think so even totalwireless don’t know how to fix it. It work unlock verizon galaxy s8 plus.HERE how , download shortcut master app from app store. Open that app, go to right on top and click on 3 dots pick app explore > ims setting >go to last option IMS SETTING Luncher activities>pick lunch > click 1st option Ims service switch> turn all option ON mode >back out of that screen >go to self provisioning >enable activated WiFi >enable provisioning>back out to main screen and last step restart your phone.

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