Total Wireless Deals and Promotions

Below are the Total Wireless deals and promotions for July 2018. If you are interest in signing up or buying a phone from Total Wireless check out the deals below and you could save some money.


If you want to sign up for Total Wireless and but you need to buy a phone check out the deals below. Sometimes you can get a great deal on a phone from Total Wireless. That said before you buy a phone from Total Wireless there are some things you need to know. See Buying Your Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S From Total Wireless

Phone and Bundle Promotions

For July 2018, you can save 40% off when you buy a phone and plan from Total Wireless. Enter the promo code TW40OFF in the cart. The maximum savings is $100. This offer is valid until July 31 2018 while supplies last.

iPhone Deals

Total Wireless has the iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6, and iPhone SE in stock this month. For July 2018 the TW40OFF phone and plan discount bundle code works with iPhone.

iPhone X with $25 plan for $924!
iPhone 8 Plus with $25 plan for $724!
iPhone 8 with $25 plan for $624!
iPhone 7 Plus with $25 plan for $594!
iPhone 7 with $25 plan for $474!
iPhone 6s Plus with $25 plan for $324!
iPhone 6s with $25 plan for $224!
iPhone 6 with $25 plan for $133!
iPhone SE Galaxy

Total Wireless also has the RECONDTIONED iPhone 6 and iPhone SE.

Reconditioned iPhone 6 with $25 plan for $115!
Recondtioned iPhone SE with $25 plan for $85!

Samsung Galaxy Deals

Total Wireless has the Galaxy S9+, s9, Note 8, S8+, S8, S7, J7 Sky Pro, and Luna Pro in stock. For July 2018 you can buy this phones with a plan and use the promo code TW40OFF.

Galaxy S9+ with $25 plan for $755!
Galaxy S9 with $25 plan for $625!
Galaxy Note 8 with $25 plan for $824!
Galaxy S8+ with $25 plan for $614!
Galaxy S8 with $25 plan for $524!
Galaxy S7 with $25 plan for $324!
Galaxy J7 Sky Pro with $25 plan for $85!
Galaxy Luna Pro with $25 plan for $61!

Bring Your Own Phone SIM Kit

TW BYOP SIMs starting at $0.99

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  1. David | | Reply

    Hi I saw your YT video. Great stuff!

    I am thinking about moving from Sprint where I got a great promo deal but sucko local coverage, to maybe Total Wireless (which uses Verizon the only good local coverage) but more likely Tracfone since I am a light user. But I would like to have an extra iPhone and the SE refurb looks like a sweet deal. I have read that locked phones from Tracfone owned MVNOs, such as Total Wireless will work on the Tracfone service.

    Tracfone and its owned companies will unlock a phone after 12 months of service, see:

    Question: Would Tracfone unlock a Total Wireless purchased phone after 12 months on the Tracfone network?

    (Yes I could call and ask Tracfone but my dealings with Tracfone staff in the past have been frustrating and I would not expect a good answer.)

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi David,
      I have both a Total Wireless and a Straight Talk iPhone SE. I am able to use my Straight Talk ATT and Tracfone AT&T SIM card in both phones. So for me it works. I have heard from a number of my readers and viewers that use Straight Talk iPhones with tracfone. However, to register a Total Wireless or Straight Talk iPhone with Tracfone you’ll have to check the serial number, the MEID, with tracfone to see if the phone is eligible. Otherwise you can activate the SIM. I think I checked the MEID of my phone with tracfone online and it said it was not eligible. Others have told me they called tracfone and have got their phones registered. As for getting the phone unlocked, that is a little less clear. If you use a Total Wireless phone with Tracfone for 12 months they may not unlock it because it wasn’t used on Total Wireless. Furthermore, even if they unlock the phone, you may find that the MEID of the phone is not eligible for use on the Verizon network with another company. That is the phone gets unlocked, you’ll be able to put an ATT, TMobile or even a Verizon SIM in the phone and it will work but activating the phone on a verizon network is a problem.

      My guess is they wouldn’t unlock the phone, but I have no evidence either way. As you say, their customer service is, well… I’ll leave it at that.

      Finally, while in my experience I have found I could you the phones across the brands, I have to say you do this at your own risk. It worked for me, it works for others. It’s not something I talk about in my videos as many of readers and viewers are not familiar with all this stuff and I do not want to be in a position where someone buys one of these phones and can’t use it. Based on your comment I’d say you are able to make an informed decision.

      The new iPhones come sealed in the original box with the MEID number printed on the box. I don’t know about the reconditioned ones. Its possible to order and check the MEID with TF and return the phone if you can’t register it. If you do order one, consider using my link. And I’d love to hear want you think of the phone. I didn’t order one, and I have two SE’s already.

      Checking If Your Smartphone Is Compatible With Tracfone’s Verizon Network

  2. Sanford | | Reply

    The TOTAL30 code did not work on refurbished iPhone 6 and Se

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi Sanford,
      The TOTAL30 code never worked for me on the refurbished iPhone 6. It only worked for me on the Silver iPhone SE with the $25 plan. I just checked it and it still works for me. It does not work for me on the space gray or rose gold. Try it again if you are interested.

      On an unrelated note, may I ask how you found this page? I just updated the links yesterday.

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