Tracfone and Visual Voicemail On The iPhone 6

In this video I talk about voicemail and Visual Voicemail for the iPhone 6 using Tracfone. In my previous videos I showed you that I could send and recieve text messages and MMS picture messages as well as connect to the internet using cellular data with my iPhone using Tracfone Wireless. I signed up for Tracfone using a No Contract 90 Plan and their ATT GSM LTE Network using the nano SIM provided in the SIM Activation Kit.

Now for voice mail. I do get voice mail on my iPhone with Tracfone, but not Visual Voicemail. I the video I show you that I’m able to dial into voicemail to listen to my messages, but I can manage messages using Visual Voicemail.

So if your using the Tracfone ATT GSM LTE Network with your iPhone you won’t have Visual Voicemail. Now, If I signed up for Tracfone and had uses the Tracfone Verizon CDMA LTE Network I MIGHT have Visual Voicemail. In the summer of 2014, I published my Use an iPhone for $7 a month video. In that video I took a used Verizon iPhone 4s and transferred and existing tracfone account to that phone. It uses the Verizon CDMA network. That phone is still in use and visual voicemail is working. When I first signed up, it did had voicemail but not Visual Voicemail.

Now I have never seen Tracfone advertise that they support Visual Voicemail, so if you sign up for their Verizon CDMA LTE network and Visual Voicemail doesn’t work I doubt you’ll have luck getting Tracfone to fix that for you.

So what about you? Are you using Tracfone and an iPhone? Do you have Visual Voicemail? Leave a reply below and share?


  1. Ray Courtney | |

    This has nothing to do about voice mail, just wanting to let you know how I was treated by Tracfone. I bought a Tracfone in Oct. 2001 and have bought a 1 year card with double min. on it. I don’t use a phone any more than I have too, due to not being able to hear. I got a letter last week telling me that my phone would not work after the end of this and I would have to get a different one. And if I would do by 5/24/2019 I could get a discount. I got on the computer to see if I could get a iPhone and move my time and min over to it. A guy on chat on the Tracfone web page told me I could I asked about using wifi without using my min, and he said I could. He said when I got my phone to come back on and they would activate the phone and move my Number; days and minutes over to the new iPhone 6s. When I got the phone from the Tracfone web site I went back on line and tried to change it over. After I had put all the information in a message came up that I would have to call and get it changed over. I called and gave her all the information again and was told it may be a few minutes to 24 hours The never started working so I called back after 24 hours and was told I had no time on the phone. I couldn’t get her to tell me what happen to the 2160.00 minutes and the years that was still on the phone. I asked to talk to her superviser and got a man That would keep telling me there were none on it His Name was Joner and he wouldn’t let me talk to anyone any higher. Thank you for your time.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Your first sentence pointed out that you wanted to share how you were treated by Tracfone. I can’t condone how you were treated. But prepaid wireless customer service never seems to be as good as postpaid support. If you want your service balance back, Try calling tracfone executive resolution at (800) 876-5753 ext 3324. Explain to them that you needed to migrate to a new phone because your old phone was no longer going to be supported. Tell then your account balance of minutes, text, data, and service days did not transfer with your phone number. Give it a try, be polite and remain calm.
      I haven’t used that number and extension in a while , hopefully it still works.

      It’s unfortunate that some tracfone reps behave this way. When they can’t solve the problem, they try to convince you nothing else can be done.
      Oh, and the fact that your old phone wouldn’t work any more and need to be replaced is legitimate and outside the control of Tracfone. The cellular network they use is being upgraded.

  2. Barbara Conlee | |

    I have an iPhone 5s and a TracFone ATT sim and get visual voicemail, but no VM notifications and TracFone said it was an iPhone issue and vise versa, so actually no one knows anything……………

  3. Lorna | |

    Hello! My iPhone 6 does not have the badge notification for voicemail with Tracfone. What is the seething for this, please? I’ve tried everything I’ve read on line but none worked.

  4. gina Rodriguez | |

    I have an Iphone 6S AND USE tRACFONE BIT NOT THE SMART PHONE CARD, THE REGULAR AND i DO NOT HAVE VISUAL VOICEMAIL The tech support at Tracfone after to talking to 3 differebt people there with mexican accents so heavy i couldnt understand most of what they were saying but no visual voicemail

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Tracfone supports regular voicemail, not visual voicemail.

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