Tracfone Discontinued $50 One Year Service Days Add On

Update: January 2020
I wanted to add an update. It appears that Tracfone completely removed the $50 One Year of Service Days add-on for some customers but not others. Customers that use BYOP smartphones such as myself report they no longer have the option. Customers that bought their phones directly from Tracfone report they still have the $50 option. Bottom line, check to see if you still have the option. Note that this option is hidden on the Tracfone site, see Add 1 Year of Service to Your Tracfone Account. If you no longer have the $50 option, consider adding four 90 plans for $80, See Tracfone $80 For One Year of Service

In January 2019 I heave from a few of my readers that they no longer buy the $50 Tracfone One Year (365 days) Service. I added one to my account last September and so I know it was still available last September. so I checked both the my account of and in Tracfone’s My Account App on my phone and yes indeed the option was no longer there.

For those of you unfamiliar with this service add-on. Tracfone used to offer the option to add an additional 365 service days to your account for $50. This add on did not include any minutes, MBs of data, or texts, just service days. I loved this add-on for two reasons and I wrote about them in the past. First, many people have a huge balance of unused minutes on Tracfone and that balance keeps increasing because people would buy additional plans with minutes to get service days. See Add 1 Year of Service to Your Tracfone Account. Second, it was a great for people who want to use an iPhone or Android phone who only occasionally need phone service. See Expensive Phone – Cheap Cell Service

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