Tracfone Latest Deals and Promo Codes for July 2021

Current Promo Codes

This month Tracfone Wireless, Inc. is offering a phone and plan discount bundle. Make sure to try promo code SUNNY2021 to save Sho off your order, up to a maximum of $100. This offer expires July 31,2021

20% off phone + plan purchase when both are bought in a single transaction. Cannot be combined with other promotions. Max Discount $100. Exclusions apply.

iPhone Deals and Promotions

Make sure to try promo code SUNNY2021 im the cart to save Sho off your order, up to a maximum of $100.

Save $35 on iPhone 6s 32GB. Was: $174.99 Now: $139.99

Save $325! iPhone 6s Plus Rose Gold 32 GB was $549.99 now $224.99! Valid while supplies last at

Save $35 on iPhone 6s+ 32GB. Was: $224.99 Now: $189.99

Samsung Deals and Promotions

Make sure to try promo code SUNNY2021 im the cart to save Sho off your order, up to a maximum of $100.

Save $50 on Samsung Galaxy S7 with Plan Purchase. Was: $199.99 Now: $149.99

Other Deals and Promotions

Make sure to try promo code SUNNY2021 im the cart to save Sho off your order, up to a maximum of $100.

Free-Standard Shipping-with-any-TracFone-Wireless-Phone Purchase

Shop Tracfone Phone + Plan Bundles

Other Tracfone Brand Deals and Promo codes

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  1. Bob Thompson | | Reply

    You don’t need to cancel anything. I bought one, activated with the 30 day. Then I added another non unlimited plan, and the $50 one year of service days option. That worked for me. In that case I started with a new number.

    The combination of all the different tracfone plans and phones as well as BYOP vs Bought from Tracfone gets confusing, and I haven’t tried all the different combinations. I tend to rely on my own experience and encourage others to share their experiences here too. I don’t rely on the responses from Tracfone customer service as they can be inaccurate.

    You could buy that iPhone for $199. Use the promo code and save another 15% off the phone. When you get the iPhone, activate it from When you Get to the part about getting a new number or transferring an existing number, choose existing number. Tracfone will recognize your existing number as being from tracfone and transfer your balance of minutes, texts, data, and service days as well as your current number. At this point the 30 day plan with unlimited talk should be applied on top of that. After 30 days, the unlimited talk and text should expire, and unused data from the 30 day should carry over to your balance. Moving forward, you phone should revert to your transferred balance.

    One commenter here said they never received the credit for the 30 day plan they bought with the phone when they transfered there number. I don’t know the resolution of that. Even if you eat the the lost of the 30 plan, you bought with the iPhone, you are still getting a fantastic deal here.

  2. PAUL | | Reply

    I currently using a 360 day Tracfone smartphone card with my Moto e5.
    Can I buy a Iphone SE from Tracfone without purchasing a monthly plan and use the NOV25 discount?
    Thanks Paul

  3. Brian james burdeau | | Reply

    You never sent it to my email. But you guys are usually so conveinant I been with your company for almost 5 years now! Have a great day!

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hey, is an independent website, it’s not owned or operated tracfone. This site has nothing to d with unlock codes.

  4. Wanda S Hensley | | Reply

    All I want is talk and text. I want to buy my own time and minutes, I don’t want a monthly plan. Which tracfone should I buy

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      The monthly plans are just like 30 day cards, no difference really. you need decide if you want a basic phone or a smart phone

  5. Jo S | | Reply

    Do you know if a TracFone smartphone plan can be converted to the new unlimited carryover plan and keep the balance of data I already have?

    • Bob Thompson | | Reply

      Hi haven’t tried it but I think so.

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