Tracfone Plans and Refills for Smartphones

I recently had a question, from Tyeshia, she asks…

If I use my iPhone 6s with tracfone do I have to buy the minute cards that labled “smartphones” on them or can I just get the regular tracfone minute cards…

Well Tyeshia, that is a good question and let me try to answer it. Let me start out buy saying I like tracfone, I think its an affordable way to use a high end smartphone if you have modest needs in a wireless plan. With tracfone, you can skip the unlimited prepaid plans if you aren’t going to use all that talk text and data every month and save that money after buying a high end smartphone like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S phone.

While the older triple or 3x cards should still work with tracfone. They are clearly steering customers with Bring Your Own Smartphones to the new smartphone-only plans. So I think these are your best bet. The prices aren’t really any better or worse. The challenge is to pick the card that meets your needs.

Hoverever, I do admit that I think its is hard to understand their different plans. They have a lot of options. I recommend that you start by looking at the refill cards online at Check the prices there before shopping in a retail store to see which are a better deal. I have found in the past that the prices online are often better.

Start by visiting From. the menu choose Shop, Air Time cards and service plans. On the right, you’ll see the option to View Plans for Basic Phones and Smartphones. Tracfone has been changing up there service plans recently. It used to be that tracfone offered plans that only had minutes. You’d use a minute of a minute of talk, and a fraction of a minute of text message and MB of data. When they started supporting smartphones and Bring Your Own Phone plans they switched to having cards with a number of minutes, texts, and MB of data. They also offered double or triple options with these refills so a 60 min,text, and data card becomes a 180 min, text, and data card. I always found this confusing though. I has never sure how many minutes I was going to get with a card like that.

Recently, they have switched over to these new smartphone only refills. These cards range in price from $15 for 30 days of service to $125 for 365 days of service. The minutes, texts, and data do not double or triple so you are getting what it says on the card when you buy the plan. These new smartphone only plans include different amounts of talk, text, and data so try and picj the plan that matches your needs best.



  1. Wille | |

    I don’t need the data plan. I currently have an active Tracfone regular phone still with minutes on it. So, my question is, Can I just use the regular Talk & Text cards with a Tracfone smartphone? Also, can my current minutes be tranferred onto a Tracfone smartphone?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Your minutes will transfer to a smartphone. I am not sure what the current state of basic phone refill cards in stores are or if you can add them to a smartphone. The basic phone plans listed here (choose basic phones) do not seem to be a good value (unless your phone triples). Do not discount the occasional use of cellular data with a smartphone. Tracfone works very well for this as long as you set up your phone properly. If you do switch, keep in mind you may lose the triple minute and $50 one year add-on options. You can however load up with minutes and service days before transferring

  2. Oxa | |

    You didn’t answer the question. Why don’t you just admit you don’t know?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      That question is two years old. BYOP smartphones can use either. With phones from Tracfone they are going to steer you to either the new or classic smartphone plans. I don’t know what will happen if you activate your phone with either smartphone plan and then try to add a basic phone plan or vice versa.

  3. Luis-Carlos Rodriguez | |

    I have an iPhone 7 model number MN9U2LL/A and would like to transfer my phone number from another track phone that I’m using right now for a total of 900 minutes on it. Can that be done with the iPhone 7?

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