Transferring Your Existing Net10 Wireless Service to a New Phone or SIM

A reader, Pat, asks…

I have a question. I have an AT&T iPhone 3 set up through Net10 Wireless right now. Have had it for over a year with no problem. Im looking to get a unlocked iPhone 5s and transfer the same number and account to that. Will this be a problem?

Hi Pat,
It should not be an issue. You’ll need to get a Net10 att nano SIM and then transfer your existing service from your current SIM to the new one.
Your current service should transfer over too. I’d do it near the end of your billing period, just in case it wants you to buy a new service plan in the middle of the transfer.

Transferring your service is easy (your number and remaining service is transferred from the current SIM to the new SIM)
Log in to you online account t on the net10 website
Create one if you don’t have one
Choose activate new phone or SIM card
Click activate under the picture of the sim
Select Transfer my Existing NET10 Service
Click continue
Enter the sim number for your new sim
Select your current product
Click submit…

That should be it. Or at least get you 99% there.
If have done this a few times it’s pretty easy.
Let me know how it goes.

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