Transferring Your Existing Net10 Wireless Service to a New Phone or SIM

A reader, Pat, asks…

I have a question. I have an AT&T iPhone 3 set up through Net10 Wireless right now. Have had it for over a year with no problem. Im looking to get a unlocked iPhone 5s and transfer the same number and account to that. Will this be a problem?

Hi Pat,
It should not be an issue. You’ll need to get a Net10 att nano SIM and then transfer your existing service from your current SIM to the new one.
Your current service should transfer over too. I’d do it near the end of your billing period, just in case it wants you to buy a new service plan in the middle of the transfer.

Transferring your service is easy (your number and remaining service is transferred from the current SIM to the new SIM)
Log in to you online account t on the net10 website
Create one if you don’t have one
Choose activate new phone or SIM card
Click activate under the picture of the sim
Select Transfer my Existing NET10 Service
Click continue
Enter the sim number for your new sim
Select your current product
Click submit…

That should be it. Or at least get you 99% there.
If have done this a few times it’s pretty easy.
Let me know how it goes.


  1. Gary Lindquist | |

    I got a new Alcatel smartphone recently and I need to change providers from Net10 to Tracfone Wireless, which makes my old Alcatel phone. I got locked out of my new phone and I’m trying to unlock it. What shall I do to transfer to the new service?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      I’m not following your question. The old phone is net10. The new one is tracfone. If you locked yourself out of the new phone, you’ll have to try to reset it otherwise you can’t use it. Once you have the new phone ready, sign up for Tracfone, and transfer your number. You may need your Net10 account number and PIN. Log in to to find out your PIN. Ask for your account number if you need it. You can do that via online chat. Use google to look up how to reset your particular model Acatel phone.

  2. DAVID CHAN | |

    I currently own a Net10 LG cell phone. I want to transfer all the information & the phone # to an RCA M1 Android phone. how do I do it ? thanks. David Chan

    • Bob Thompson | |

      Assuming they are both Net10 phones. Visit net10, and sign up for the service with the new phone. When you enter your phone number they will realize you are a net10 customer and transfer your service from one phone to the other. I think that is pretty much what I said in the article. As for transfering your information. Try the Tracfone Transfer Wizard app in the Google Play store. I haven’t tried the app myself. Net10 is a tracfone brand, the app should work for you. I am not sure it will transfer all your information.

      If the M1 is not a Net10 Phone, you’ll need a SIM for the network you want to use. If your current Net10 LG phone is on a basic phone plan, you’ll need to check with Net10 to see which phones are eligible for the basic plan.

  3. Bryant | |

    When I go to activate sim and enter the last 15 numbers of the att sim then I have the option of where to add it my phone (which shows up with a pic of the green network access card or my daughters line which just shows a pic of a sim and her phone number. All our phones are from V. Mine 5s my daughters on my Acct is 5c. I activated hers initially with the att card. And mine with the V card. I want to change mine to the att.

    • Bob Thompson | |

      I logged into my account. I see the same thing. So why don’t you just chose your phone and continue? What happens after that?
      I don’t want to go to the next step myself as I am not moving my service.

  4. Bryant | |

    I tried this today. I have a V iPhone 5s and moved it to ST. I went later and tried to add/activate the att sim and have had no luck. Is that because my initial activation was on the V?

    • Bob Thompson | |

      This article is about Net10. You left previous comments about Straight Talk. It’s not hard to activate an ST AT&T SIM. Can you explain what you mean by “no luck”.

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