Transferring Your Existing Tracfone Service to a new Tracfone iPhone SE

50% off iPhone SE 64GB with Plan Purchase. Was: $399.99 Now: $199.99

YouTuber, Dree, asks…

I have a iphone 7 from tracfone and i have cracked it and wanted to buy an SE 2nd generation from tracfone.The problem is i do not know how to transfer my service to the other tracfone phone . Also when you buy a tracfone phone from tracfone i want to just buy the phone it is just making me buy another service plan when i want to use the one from my iphone 7 and transfer my data and number please help!!! im so confused

You can buy the iPhone SE with a $25 plan from for $195. That is 50% off what Apple sells it for. Don’t worry about that extra plan just yet.
Visit, order the phone as a new customer.
choose the $25 plan with unlimited talk and 2GB of data.
in the Cart try promo codes SPRING25 or USI15 to lower the price.
when you receive the phone, visit and active the phone
somewhere along the way, you’ll be asked if you want a new number or to keep you current number.
choose to keep or transfer your number.
Tracfone will recognize you are their customer and transfer your number and service balance.
If you don’t already have an account on, I suggest creating one before starting this.
It will make it the process a lot easier.

Now, about that $25 plan. It includes 2GB of data and unlimited talk and text for 30 days. They may send that as a service plan card in the box or add it to your account when you activate. You can choose to add it or not. You already got a great deal on the phone and could just not use it. In my experience what happens when you add it is that you’ll have unlimited talk and text for 30 days, when it expires you’ll be back to using your fixed minutes again. That 2GB of data will be added to your account and carryover as long as you keep the phone active.

Also if your phone currently supports 3X minutes you might want to load up before activating the new phone as your phone may no longer qualify. And if you are not aware of it you can also add the $50 one year of service days with your new phone.
Add 1 Year of Service to Your Tracfone Account

I hope all this helps. If you decide to order a phone from Tracfone consider using my link below. You’ll help support and the YouTube channel at no additional cost to you.

50% off iPhone SE 64GB with Plan Purchase. Was: $399.99 Now: $199.99