Transferring Your Straight Talk Verizon Service to a New Phone

YouTuber Paula asks…

I just ordered a new iPhone 11 pro unlocked, I currently am using iphone 6 but I am turning in my iphone 6 back to apple…I use straight talk with a Verizon base also…so can I just take my sim card out of my 6 iphone with the Verizon base and put it in my new iphone 11 pro? I am using the Verizon towers… will it mess things up when I try to add air time to the new iphone? Or should I just buy a new sim card? Straight talk costumer service is a nightmare…I could not even get them to send me a sim card without my serial and ime numbers….TIA

You don’t want to just move the SIM card. You need to transfer your service from the current phone to the new one. You need to register the MEID of the new phone with Straight Talk and will likely a new SIM card. Order one from Straight Talk on the web. It’s $1.

If you move the SIM, the phone will work, but it can cause problems later.

If you are picking up your phone in an Apple store, you’ll have several days to turn the old phone in for the credit.

You can read more about it here. There are two articles and videos with a lot of details. They are aa few years old and it many be simpler to just is go to the Straight Talk website and activate the new phone. when you fo transfer your phone number, Straight Talk will detect you are a customer and walk your through the steps to transfer your balance and number. during that process you’d supply the phone’s MEID and the new SIM number.

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